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Old 05-10-20, 12:29 PM  
summer breeze
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Oh that's so annoying how selfish people can be! I read about countries in Europe that are slowly but cautiously re-opening with a lot of testing and contact tracing and it's working for the most part because people are careful. I said to my DH that would never work here because people are too selfish and just do what they want to do with no regard for anyone else. That "rights" crap is really wearing thin too. They may have a "right" not to wear a mask, but what about my "right" to be able to go to the store and not get a deadly virus? It's just a simple matter of wearing a mask to save lives and staying home when you're ill. No one wants to do it but it's for the greater good of all of us. I wonder how that selfish woman at the party feels now that she seriously infected several people?
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Old 05-10-20, 01:20 PM  
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We’re all bored, need hair cuts/color, and wish things were normal. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. I agree about the selfishness and idiocy of these people who refuse to recognize this is a public health crisis. Like drunk drivers, they endanger everyone with their reckless behavior.
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