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Old 04-19-21, 09:39 AM  
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Cataddict...please keep us posted on your leg. It's good to just have peace of mind. I always try to avoid these visits too because often the symptoms come and go. I also miss instructors using the beat of the music. It used to drive me crazy but it seems the norm now. Cathe definitely is one that branched away from using it. I wish on the DVDs where there is more thought and time that she didn't always go off beat.

Nathalie...our weather is hit and miss but definitely enjoying all the blooming trees...beautiful! I need to do more yard max. We have leaves everywhere and they are actually hindering some of our bushes from blooming. Need to get on that this week.

Kittybug...nice schedule of workouts. Yes my legs were definitely feeling it today after 20 miles. And now you and Kim have given me another show to check out.

Manleym and Fanofladyvols...thanks for the balance tips. Really an area I've been neglecting.

Bee...Happy Birthday to your son! Hope it was a fun celebration!

Today was a mish mosh. I'm on the Last week of the Heather Rotation.
Day 1: Leg Day // Warm Up Routine (7 minutes) + HIIT Booty Bootcamp (29:30 minutes)...I forgot to do the warm up but the beginning of the booty workout was a nice easier start using the bands to get prepared for the next 2 circuits. Circuit 2 really challenged my balance. Three repeats really helped me get better each round since I was really wobbling in the beginning. The last cardio circuit was a nice finisher. I decided to try Kat's new power step express which clocks in just over 30 minutes. Fun stuff as always! And I agree Cataddict that she is incredible maintaining the beat--even when my back is turned I am in sync. I added on some yoga fusion from Heather since I was feeling tight from my 20 mile cycling class yesterday. I see she has three different routines so I tried a new one. Just did the first 15 minutes since she repeats the exercises. It flowed nicely. Nothing too intense. Exactly what I needed.
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Old 04-19-21, 10:03 AM  
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I’m sure you all got the announcement about Cathe’s new workouts with bundle package options. Exciting!
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Old 04-19-21, 11:04 AM  
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Hi All! Cataddict, sorry to read about your leg, and I do hope you figure out what's going on. As Chele said, it's nice to have peace of mind!

kittybug, I laughed out loud at your workouts! I particularly don't like that FACM!!

Very exciting news from Cathe!!! I like the look of those bands/loops and it didn't take much to convince me to be all in.

Yesterday I walked with my friend and then planted 12 tomato starts. Not really very hard work, except that it was hot out there. It took me three hours to plant 12 plants and I was exhausted when I was done. When we were talking about it at dinner, my husband was so lovingly (NOT) saying that my workouts don't really do anything to help me with outdoor chores. My son jumped to my defense, which was nice, but then they were both just mad at each other. I really think it was the heat more than anything that got to me.

I have to check out those Brit shows you guys mentioned. Those are the kinds of shows I really like to watch to wind down at the end of the day.

Today's workout was Total Body Giant Sets. I think this may be my favorite Cathe total body. It's a good one, for sure!

I'm off to pick up groceries (I still order on line and pick up -- I have a friend who really missed going into grocery stores and looking at everything, but I love not having to shop!). Hope everyone has a beautiful day!!
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Old 04-19-21, 12:07 PM  
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Hello All!

I received the Cathe email that discusses the new Cathe workouts. She said that she completed filming them and she is hoping for an end of July release. The bundling options seem nice. I wonder why she did not make the announcement when she was ready to start the pre sale? I would love to see clips especially since the workouts are already filmed.

I also really like Total Body Giant Sets. Most of the time that I order online and pick up there is something wrong with the order, so now I shop every ten days or so and do it early in the morning.

Cataddict- How is the leg doing?

Have a great Monday
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Old 04-19-21, 01:45 PM  
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Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
I’m sure you all got the announcement about Cathe’s new workouts with bundle package options. Exciting!
Keep us posted so we can all jump!!
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Old 04-19-21, 04:01 PM  
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Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
Another one I really like is Escape to the Chateau. It’s about a British couple that buy an old French chateau and fix it up, turn it into their home, and a place for weddings and weekend food lover getaways. The family members are funny and endearing.
I saw it in my TV schedule but nerver watched it. I shoud take a look at it.

By the way, I learned today that there will be another Downton Abbey movie. I should come out around Christmas!!!
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Old 04-19-21, 04:05 PM  
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I'm not fan of bands workouts (I never get the tension right!) so I'm going to pass on this one. It's really great that the workouts are already filmed. I think it's a first for her. I wonder why they're not available earlier. Maybe, it's because the bands aren't?
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Old 04-19-21, 07:31 PM  
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Well I don't have any inside info on the difference in Cathe's announcement but I do wonder if it had to do with making sure she could get DVD distribution lined up.

I notice we haven't heard boo from KCM on new DVDs so it does make you wonder if they are having to find different channels because of covid?

Plus she's been feediddling so long with getting the yoga mat rollout that ALSO makes me wonder if it's a boondoggle getting the bands lined up.

I think it's a slugfest right now getting things out of a factory.. rolling off a boat... and in a warehouse.
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Old 04-19-21, 09:13 PM  
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Hi Watulans!

My dr. appt is tomorrow afternoon, and yes, I'm keeping it. I want to rule out something serious, and hopefully that's what my visit will do. Even if it's something circulatory, which I'm concerned about, it will need treatment. So it is a feeling of tightness in the belly of the calf muscle that varies in intensity but is worse when I've been sitting for any length of time. Ironically it feels better the longer I use it--whether in a workout or just walking and doing my every day things. Meanwhile, DH has his 2nd follow up on Wednesday including an X ray so we will know how his healing is progressing. I appreciate the good thoughts!

Saturday I was tempted to do Cathe Live #111 as inspired by Nathalie but decided to do a non cardio upper body workout instead to give the calf a rest. I did #70 Strong Upper Body Express. It did repeat each exercise twice but there weren't a ton of reps so I was okay with it. She then did a "finisher" for each body part using the band except for one round of pushups.
Yesterday the calf was stiff so I decided to just do a little walking and not push too much. Today it felt much better when I got up. I did Cathe Live #87 Gloved up and Ready. This set up was similar to #82 Rock It Sock It but different enough that I didn't feel like I was doing the same workout again. I followed it with Anna's 30 minute low impact no equipment workout. I modified the heck out of this one since it had core moves that I had just done and I wanted to raise my heart rate so my moves had more impact and were higher intensity. That said, I liked having the beat of the music and the timer and I would use moves that were similar to hers but to the Power of 2 or 3, to use the terminology from Paul's 4 x 4. I finished with Sydney Cummings' 15 minute band stretch. This is a goody! I like her style so I plan to try some of her other workouts since all I have done is the foam roller and band stretches.

I'm all in on the new Cathes! I also was wondering why the estimated shipping wasn't until July when the workouts are already filmed but that's only a part of this whole package. There's the DVDs themselves, plus the manufacturing of the bands. Anyway I plan to order the DVDs, the downloads and the bands at this point, but I may just get the DVDs and bands depending on the cost.

Escape to the Chateau sounds good. We are so behind in "regular" TV watching since baseball season has begun that who knows when we will catch up on all the things we want to watch!

Cats and DH competing for my attention---more catch up hopefully tomorrow!

Waves to all!
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Old 04-20-21, 07:39 AM  
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Happy Tuesday to All

Cataddict- I hope that all goes well with your leg. If you get the new Cathe DVDs, you can make your own downloads from the DVDs. I often do that and with downloads, you do not get the premixes. I am going to get (I think) the DVDs of the new Cathe workouts. I have a ton of bands so unless Cathe bands are substantially different than the ones that I have, I will pass on them.

If anyone likes Hemingway (I do) currently there is a wonderful two episode special on PBS.
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watulan check-in

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