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Old 07-28-20, 11:57 PM  
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Originally Posted by Jane P. View Post
Just remember that we're all built differently so what one person can do, another person can't even with training and effort. Just do what you can, and yes, getting off the floor is important.

For posture, you can always do the old trick of walking around with a book on your head. In cultures where people (tho it's usually women) carry things on their head, have gorgeous posture.
Jane, you are so right. We are all different. Iím older than KCM and Kelly and can still do plenty of impact. I consider myself lucky and thank my genes. The instructors do obviously work at it more than I do as a Ďregularí person, but I think they also have the genetic makeup that affects what they can do.
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Originally Posted by suzannaerin View Post
Cathe is a year younger and I'm KCM's age. I could never understand how Cathe could keep the high impact like she's still in her 20s.
Her studio flooring is wood and is on approximately 1" foam blocks. Very, very forgiving. Watch some of the high impact DVD's and you'll see the flooring flexing. Having been to her gym a couple of times, it makes a huge difference. The cushion landing and the rebound up makes it all seem so easy.

You can buy the flooring from Stagestep or you can make it yourself. There have been instructions posted in her forum before.
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