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Old 10-07-21, 11:50 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Texas
Is 45 too early for menopause?

Its been a while since I posted here in VF though I visit the forum now and then. I have a question about menopause as some of us here have gone through it or getting there.

I just turned 45 and my periods was like clockwork. Never had any issues , neither heavy nor light periods. After taking covid vaccine I had one periods and it stopped completely after that for the past 4 months. Not sure if it was related to the vaccine or just a normal process for my body.

Had my blood work before few days. Having low estrogen (17), high FSH/LH (133/55) suggests I have hit menopause or getting there. Doctor said I may or may not get my periods back.

My question is will this happen all of a sudden without any peri menopause symptoms? I am having some hot flashes past 2 months now and then , once every few days. Other than that no other symptoms I can think of.
Is 45 little early to get menopause? I heard the average age is 51. My doctor said HRT is not needed unless I get menopause related symptoms like heavy frequent periods, frequent hot flashes or any other symptoms which hinders normal life.

Will early menopause cause any complications long term ? Is there a way to reverse it naturally? What kind of natural supplements we can take for hormones ? I have been reading about Evening primrose oil, black cohosh, Red clover etc. will that help?
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Old 10-07-21, 12:00 PM  
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Both gyn I visited to get different opinions on mine kept telling me I was too young. They were wrong. All the symptoms were there, they just ignored me.

So the short answer is yes, it can be that early. I know of women who had it occur somewhat abruptly as well. Not everyone is the same as far as range of Peri symptoms.

However, I can't speak to whether yours was brought on by a reaction to your covid protocol so that is something, if it were me, I would do further investigation.

ETA: I would also highly recommend the podcast Hit pause not play as they delve into the latest research especially how important the timing is of various HRT to the onset of meno symptoms.
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Old 10-07-21, 01:04 PM  
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i asked my mom and older sisters at what age their meno started. of the three, i was a few years earlier (early 50s) than my sisters. i didn't ask my mom at what age hers began, but i wanted to know what symptoms she had (she had none!). it took 5 years (!) before my hot flashes stopped.

similarly, you could find out your family history on the female side at what ages they started.

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Old 10-07-21, 01:07 PM  
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51 is the median age, so about half of women go through menopause before that age. I was told by my doctor, who specializes in women's health that most women go through menopause between ages 45-55 with 51 being the median.
So you're right in the age range for most women.
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Old 10-07-21, 01:17 PM  
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My periods started getting lighter and more infrequent around 42-43. By 50, they had stopped altogether.

Posters here have recommended the Menopause Barbie you tube channel. She is a wealth of information. There are other reasons for HRT other than the ones listed by your doctor.
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Old 10-07-21, 01:31 PM  
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I know someone who had a similar experience, where her period stopped for about 4 months after the first covid vaccine. It has restarted since then, but at 48 it could totally be natural hormones and not the vaccine. I don't know if there is a way they can tell or not as I know very little about this stage of life (but I need to be learning!).

I am almost 46 but have taken birth control continuously (no placebo week, done bc I always had such heavy painful periods) for about a decade now so haven't had a period. I will be asking my doctor at my annual how I will know if menopause has started considering this. I think I have started having mild hot flashes in the past year.

My mom had a hysterectomy before menopause but I remember her having hot flashes and she would open pretty much every window in the house.
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Old 10-07-21, 01:36 PM  
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45 is not too young. Perimenopause started for me at 42/43 and then really got worse by 45. And I'm still cycling fairly regularly now at nearly 48. My symptoms and weight gain are the worst they've been. But I'm having a lot of irregularity in length of cycles and days of flow, which makes me think it may be a few more years (or not, who knows?!). I've gained at least 35 pounds (which won't budge and continues to go up every month), and I've gone up three clothes sizes, since 2018. I get terrible nerve issues and digestion issues. I'm constantly injured from working out. My mom was completely done with menopause at 44, they just stopped for her and didn't cause much problems. I'm the complete opposite, it's like my life has been completely turned upside down because of it. My estrogen is really low but my FSH is still somewhat low, so who knows what else is store for my body.

I can't take HRT because of blood clotting issues, so it's just natural alternatives for me. I do acupuncture every other week and use magnesium spray. I also use a vitamin D lamp a few times a week to keep that up. I've tried many other supplements and nothing has worked.

My period got really heavy after the covid vaccine. I've had five really heavy cycles since then (April) but this month was lighter finally and only 4 days instead of 9 days last month.

I'm really ready for this rollercoaster to be over but after 3-4 years already, I think I still have more time left. It's affected every facet of my life and I just long for my old life back. But alas, that's not happening.
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Old 10-07-21, 03:09 PM  
Jane P.
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I certainly had a lot of menopausal symptoms in my forties. I can't remember when they first began, but it was definitely during that time period.
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Old 10-07-21, 03:09 PM  
Sue B
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Location: Maryland
I was in my late 40's when I hit menopause. You don't know for sure until there hasn't been a period for a year, and periods can be less frequent and way off schedule for awhile before.

A good book that covers everything you need to know about menopause is The Menopause Manifesto by Dr. Jen Gunter. I looked up what she said about the supplements you mentioned. Black cohosh: no benefit and linked with liver damage. Evening primrose oil: no data showing any benefit. Red clover and other phytoestrogen supplements: little to no benefit even though they appear safe. With any supplements, unless you grow it yourself, there's zero regulation and no way of knowing how much or even if there is any of the promised ingredient. I'd say don't waste your money.
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Old 10-07-21, 03:31 PM  
susan p
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45 is a tad early, but within normal limits.

I was convinced I was done at 49. I went 11 months without a period, and then....

A PERIOD. And I had to start counting all over again. Yes, I cried. However, after that period, I did go a full 12 months and was done.

I did all-natural menopause. My mom had been on HRT for years and told me to NOT go there, she said all it does it put off the inevitable. She had to go off HRT at 72 and said it was just like going through menopause all over again and she was so mad!

That said, I'm sure there are better products and better protocols for HRT now than there wree 20 years ago.

however, if you're mostly asymptomatic, I'd skip it.
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