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Old 09-19-21, 09:15 PM  
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I had zero side effects with both, not even a sore arm.
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Old 09-19-21, 09:42 PM  
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The shingles shots were worse for me than the Covid shots, especially the second one. My arm hurt quite a bit and I felt flu-ish with a slight fever. By the next day, though, the flu symptoms were gone.
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Old 09-20-21, 03:38 AM  
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Originally Posted by bfit View Post
I'm supposed to get the Shingrix vaccine this coming Friday. How bad are the side effects? How does it compare to the COVID vaccine? I've heard horrible stories from others, but I really don't want to get shingles so I need to go through with it. This is my first of the two Shingrix shots. Is the first or second worse, or are they both bad?
i had to re-read my responses.

regarding Shingrix:
Originally Posted by bzar View Post
my 2nd shot was 2 months after the 1st. i was shocked they (Walmart pharmacy) called me so soon because it seemed like i was on the waitlist forever for the 1st shot (6+ mos).

and i felt slightly feverish, body aches, and fatigue both times. i'm usually OK with vaccines, but these were nasty.

actually, i recently took the 1st of the 2 available pneumonia shots. that one gave me some irritability come to think of it. so in summary, the 2 shingrix shots and #1 pneumonia were unpleasant. i recommend taking off the day after any of these, or schedule it near a weekend or long weekend.
Shingrix was worse than my 2 Pfizer covid vaccine experiences. Both Pfizers were a walk in the park compared to Shingrix and pneumonia shots.

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Old 09-20-21, 08:09 AM  
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I had zero side effects other than arm soreness. The first shot physically hurt like hell and my arm was sore the next day, but I didn't even feel the second shot and had no pain.
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Old 09-20-21, 08:55 AM  
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I had zero side effects from Shingrix (both shots). I had moderate side effects from my Pfizer covid shots (fatigue, headache, chills).
- Laura

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Old 09-20-21, 10:09 AM  
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I only had a sore arm.
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Old 09-20-21, 04:44 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2004
My first Shingrix was fine, just a little sore in the arm.

My second dose was awful, arm hurt worse than a tetnus shot and I got sick, felt like I had the flu for about 3 days and this was 2 years ago before COVID.

No side effects from Covid vaccine other than a sore arm for about 2 hours.

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Old 09-21-21, 07:48 AM  
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I have been on the fence about getting the Shingix vaccine. I typically react to every vaccine to some degree or another. Flu vaccine - can range from achiness, tiredness to full on feeling like I have the flu. COVID - Pfizer - first shot was fine - but about a week later I had dizziness and nausea for three days - not sure if it was related, but thought it might be - I thought I had vertigo! 2nd Pfizer shot - laid up in bed for a whole day - didn't start feeling better until mid-day the following day.

All of this makes me worry about getting the Shringix vax!

I also had Shingles already and I know you can get it again - my case was fairly mild and honestly, it seemed better than the side effects from the vax that some describe. I didn't miss a day of work other than to go to the dr and get anti-virals. I think my case was mild b/c I acted so quickly on going to the dr and getting on meds right away.

So, I'm still on the fence. That said I'll get my flu shot this year and if I need a COVID booster I will get that as well. Just not sure yet about Shringrix.

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Old 09-21-21, 10:11 AM  
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I had side effects, but not extreme. For me, temporary side effects are better than potentially long term nerve pain.

I think I mentioned in the older thread that one friend got it on his face and nearly lost his vision. A friend of a friend got it in her lady parts and was in excruciating pain. Um, no thanks!
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Old 09-21-21, 10:58 AM  
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My mother and two of my sisters got shingles so I think the tendency for shingles may run in my family. I got the Shingrix vaccine during COVID as there was finally supply available.

I felt funky the day after and had a terribly sore arm for two days. Felt better after taking it easy for a day. The second vaccine was about 3 months later. Had another sore arm and worse symptoms such that I stayed in bed most of the next day. However, a good night's sleep and I was good to go again.

COVID was very similar for me. Not so great after the first dose, worse after the second, but bounced back quickly.
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shingles, shingrix, vaccine, vaccine reactions, vaccines

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