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Old 05-15-22, 11:10 AM  
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Whatís your current workout plan?

I am looking to change things up and need some ideas.

Whatís your current workout routine?
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Old 05-15-22, 12:52 PM  
Join Date: Jul 2017
Location: Florida
My workout routines change often. One month I might focus on Margaret Richard then another on Ellen Barrett, theFirm or Pilates etc. I think mixing things up more often has helped me to avoid overuse injuries.

This month I am going to try to do more kundalini yoga. I hope to do it 2 or 3 times a week. When I first tried this type of yoga, I thought it a bit strange. However, I persisted in doing the workouts and discovered that it brings me to a state of bliss -not what one expects from a workout. Kundalini also helps a lot with spinal mobility and back issues.

I don't think I would make kundalini my primary focus though because I like to use weights too much. I also think cardio and other types of yoga are important.

Kundalini works more on rejuvenating one's spirit through breathwork and spinal moves. It doesn't do a lot for physical strength or endurance.
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Old 05-15-22, 02:05 PM  
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A few days ago I searched Catheís rotation vault and ran across the original Intensity Series rotation.

Intensity Series Advanced Total Overall Body Blast Workout
Muscle Endurance
Cardio & Weights
Pyramid Lower Body + first 5 intervals of Imax2
Pyramid Upper Body

I plan to stick with ME, PLB & PUB each week (for at least 6 weeks) and sub in other similar workouts depending on how I feel.

I wonít be taking a rest day after BC, so will do a steady state or kickbox workout.

I will be adding a day of yoga/stretch fusion after PUB and the 9th day will be a rest day, adjusting and adding rest days as my energy level dictates.

I completed Day 3 today and it has been great revisiting this series. Prior to this rotation I did 6 weeks of Gym Styles.

Iím also in the middle of a Lee Holden 30 Day Challenge, just completed Day 15.

Tomorrow will be an IMAX day, still undecided if it will be the original IMAX, IMAX2, or other.

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Old 05-15-22, 02:06 PM  
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Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
I'm focused on building muscle mass, so I'm doing paper workouts every third day from New Rules of Lifting. I've been following the weight workouts with the stretchy relaxing portions of Yee's Yoga for Energy, which is one of the first VHS tapes I ever bought so my love for it runs deep.

The two days in-between I do barre (Sleek, Barre24, Les Mills) and mobility (BASE, Yin Yoga, Lastics, Bendy Body). This is what I'll be doing for the next couple of months.
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Old 05-15-22, 02:20 PM  
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I was just thinking about this! Iím more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of exerciser, I just do what I like. I fell off the wagon (again!) recently due to injuries and life, but now Iím just trying to build back consistency so Iím doing what is appealing rather than what is challenging at the moment. Iím picking up beginner to intermediate workouts so I donít feel discouraged and can just enjoy moving. I always have barre in my loose rotation though, but will supplement with Firm, Pilates, yoga. Powerstrike and Bodystrike workouts are on my up-coming plan to build in.

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Old 05-15-22, 03:34 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: TarHeel country
Iíve been going ham on the hand-to-mouth program. (Snacking my way through the pantryÖ)

But Iíve also been exercising. M/W/F/Sa = row 6k meters. (Approx 35 min because Iím slowwwwwÖ). The other two days are where Iím fumbling. For the longest time, I was lifting heavy with Kaleigh Cohen or CeeÖbut Iíve lost the desire/motivation/energy. I need something to fill that gap. Iím thinking Powerfit Harmony? Maybe.
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Old 05-15-22, 07:31 PM  
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Location: Midwest
Since April, Iíve been weightlifting 5x week and subscribing to a fitness app that promotes progressive overload. Itís the first time ever Iíve lifted with this concept and I canít believe how much my strength has increased. I walk daily and make sure to get 10+k steps daily.
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Old 05-15-22, 09:22 PM  
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Location: Iowa
I'm starting something different this week.

Zone 2 training aka Aerobic Base Building. I'll do a couple weight workouts a week but my primary workout will be walking either treadmill, outside or with Leslie and crew keeping my heart rate in Zone 2.
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Old 05-15-22, 09:43 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Western WA
I had a minor spinal injury in 2020 and havenít really been able to move throughout 2021 however things are getting better.

I just signed up at the Y to do water aerobics mostly and then if I get to be a better swimmer I might do that.

I like zone two workouts also and thatís probably my level right now.

And then I am trying to do T-Tapp Senior Fit. Iíve been working up to it and it seems to be working at the moment. I have a lot of T-Tapp workouts and I will work them if I can. Right now I will try it and then I have other options if I think itís not helping me.

Iím just really trying to get restarted from my lowest physical condition ever.
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Old 05-16-22, 05:29 AM  
Carol K
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Chicago, IL
I do a mix of FIRM and BeMax workouts 6 days a week.
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