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Old 01-05-22, 11:05 PM  
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OT: Wetsuit and yeast infection?

This is kind of a sensitive topic so I hope I don't offend anyone. I have a yeast infection, and I just started using a 7 day over the counter treatment. I've also contacted my doctor to see whether there is anything else she wants me to do. Lately (the past couple of weeks) the weather has been extra cold and my swimming routine involves swimming laps in a warm indoor pool in a wetsuit in which I get pretty hot and then moving to the outdoor pool to do a water fitness class which is where I really need the wetsuit. I am in the wetsuit for about 2 hours in the water plus some driving time to and from the pool. Could this have contributed to the yeast infection? If so, I guess I need to bail out on the warm pool . . .
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Old 01-06-22, 04:00 AM  
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sorry about your YI. i've had a few of them after pregnancy so i know what a bummer they can be.

the perspiration "down there," lack of ventilation, and the length of time wearing the wetsuit are ideal conditions for fungi to proliferate.

is there any possible way for you to change and ventilate the area between sessions? i would even consider using a hair dryer to help get rid of the moisture. or how about baby powder to dry that area? i remember how Ammens powder was promoted to athletes to avoid chafing in the groin area. i don't know if it's irritating for women's privates, though.

baby powder made from corn starch might be a possibility.

this article deals mostly with wearing regular swimsuits and yeast infections, but wet suits really up the ante if you're wearing them for >2 hours straight.

I also found this advertisement for a cleaning product for washing wetsuits to kill the bacteria. i don't think you need this specific product, but the point about fungi living in the fibers of the wetsuit caught my attention:

a diving forum mentioned using Hibiclens to wash wetsuits - it's designed to be used on human skin in hospitals, but people have used it to wash their wetsuits. some of the reviews mention using it to combat folliculitis on their skin (used as a wash):

it's also important that you thoroughly dry the inside of your wetsuit by hanging it inside out each day.

another thought - can you wear moisture-wicking underwear between your skin and whatever you wear, be it your bathing suit or the wetsuit?

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Old 01-06-22, 07:31 AM  
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A few years ago I was getting yeast infections pretty regularly and I think it was because I was lazy about getting out of my workout gear after working out right away so would be in them in for a few hours. This is going to sound strange but I started drinking 1 tablespoon of ACV (diluted in water) twice a day and no longer have issues. Maybe it was a coincidence that this happened but I did try to stop taking the ACV and noticed the YI creeping back in. YMMV!
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Old 01-06-22, 09:53 AM  
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I would get out of that wetsuit as soon as you can. Also find some safe powder to use in the area to keep it dry. When you wash the wetsuit throw in some germ killing detergent into the wash water. You may need a special product specifically made for wetsuits, I'm not sure.

My MD told me to always use germ killing detergent when washing my regular underwear just to make sure to get all the yeast. You can get reinfected from your underwear if you don't get it all.
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Originally Posted by jldx2in2000 View Post
This is going to sound strange but I started drinking 1 tablespoon of ACV (diluted in water) twice a day and no longer have issues. Maybe it was a coincidence that this happened but I did try to stop taking the ACV and noticed the YI creeping back in. YMMV!
In addition to this, I also suggest you try probiotics. There are some that are made especially for women that balance the 'inner flora'.
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swimming, wet suits, yeast infections

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