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Old 01-28-22, 01:37 PM  
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Hi you guys..another quick checkin.

So far radiation and chemo pill treatment going fine. Side affects are less intense. Nausea, tiredness.

This week was mostly Cathe Live (379 - great, 22 - excellent, 378 - totally fun) and then one Focus T25.

Missed a couple afternoon Yoga practices so getting ready for a nice long Yin practice. Travis has a free one from PY108 on YouTube.

GROUP HUG to you all! I'm thinking we ALL need it in one form or another.
Stay fierce!! You KNOW you can do it!

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Old 01-29-22, 06:19 PM  
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Kim thanks for the feedback re: CS. I think the same would happen to me - I would buy several seasons and not do them very often. Or do just a couple. I'll keep my eye out for them at a great price - too good to pass up kind of deal. In the mean time I need to do the ones I have.

Horusosiris sorry to hear about your surgery! Hope you are feeling better. Wishes for a speedy recovery. And yes, that coin toss made the difference in the game. This has been a fun playoff season. I'm counting down the days to Feb 3rd!

Kittybug I'm SO SORRY to hear you've got covid! UGH! Glad you're case was mild and hoping symptoms are gone! Hope your hubby gets better soon. It it my FIL alot harder than my MIL. He was on oxygen for 7 weeks and she had mild symptoms. FWIW, our neighbors had covid. Again, her symptoms were mild but he was hospitalized for pneumonia. Anyway, when my hubby had covid, her advice was to make him get up and move. She said she regrets not making her hubby get up and move. My SIL's doctor told her the same when she was diagnosed - get outside, be active and move. Hard to do when you feel like crap, but interesting to note the same thing being said by multiple people.

Bee YAY on the negative covid results! So glad you had a sweet and fun time with your sister. Just what you needed. Sisters are great for that.

Kate great news that side effects are less intense and so far treatments are going well. Or as well as they can be. Cancer treatment is never fun or good. Hang in there! You are fierce and such a support to your son!

Cataddict did you get any snow? I thought of you because on the news the other night they mentioned VA Beach getting hit. My niece in Georgia got a light dusting this AM but nothing much. I think you east coast friends are getting hit hard. Hope you're feeling better.

ChelePA joining a FB is a great idea. Sounds like they offer a great variety of classes. You are doing so well with your workouts!

to ALL!! We all need it!


Wednesday: Jessica Smith Mobility Exercises: The Cozy Sweater Weather Warm Up or Under The Weather and Sore Muscles Session + Yoga with Kassandra 10 min Morning Yoga For Hips & Lower Back – Day #19 (Hips & Back Morning Yoga) + Caroline Girvan 5 Min Full Body Warm Up + Pumped Up Arms & Core Workout - Dumbbells EPIC Endgame Day 18. This was a good UB workout, but maybe not a fav. There is a 3 minute pushup variation sequence ˝ thru workout/end of arms and it was tough after having done all the weighted moves. I did them on my knees. + 20 minute Cardio Workout Full Body Sweaty Complexes - No Equipment. It was a good cardio workout but not much fun. It's 2 minutes alternating 2 different moves. I subbed some different moves just for variety. + guided by angie 10 Min Cool Down + Stretch- end your workout right! (FAV!)

Thursday: Yoga with Kassandra 30 min Yin Yoga for Hormones - Yoga for Adrenal Fatigue & Thyroid Issues + CDornerFitness #183 45 Min Fast Basic Step aerobics Cardio Workout. This was fun and had good music. + Essentrics 12 Min Hip Stretch for Hockey Players

Friday: Mr & Mrs Muscle Full Body Warm Up 5 Min Modifications Included + Caroline Pre-Exhaust Dumbbell Full Body Workout EPIC Endgame Day 19. LOVED this workout! FLEW! + 30 Min Constant Cardio Workout at Home - No Repeat, No Jumping, Low Impact. GREAT add-on! + Studio Jibby 5 Min Full Body Cool Down Stretches Post- Workout For Flexibility

Saturday: CL #68 For The Love Of Cardio. Perfect cardio! Little bit of everything. Not too much of anything.
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Old 01-30-22, 07:15 AM  
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Manleym…I might try that Yoga class. I liked Kassandra when I did her challenge. I have thyroid and adrenal gland issues The title intrigued me.

Bee…sounds like your visit was exactly what you needed. I’m quite close to my sister too.

Kate…glad side effects are minimal.

Tried peloton boxing classes. I actually attempted 10-15 minutes of 3 different instructors and I just couldn’t get into the workouts. Lots of instruction which is fine in the beginning but it was too much. Then with boxing, you stay on your dominant side for the whole routine. I like to work both sides with even amount of reps. Cathe is still my favorite for this type of class. I might have to pull out one from her intermediate series and see if I can modify.

Today I have a premix from Cathe’s mobility workout planned plus a fun bike ride.
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Old 01-30-22, 09:16 AM  
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So we’re big tennis fans in our house too. Not sure if anyone caught the men’s finals this morning. Of course my husband woke me up snoring so I caught more of it than I expected. Incredible!
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Old 01-30-22, 03:12 PM  
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Hey All......

Chele, I did see the news about the tennis but didn't watch it. Sounds like it was fun for you guys! My son is watching football today -- it's all he wanted to do. This is sort of new for him. He's been a huge basketball fan for a while, but I think it's just this year that he's suddenly really enjoying football.

manleym, thanks for that covid info about keeping moving, etc. Makes sense, though I agree that it may be tough if you're feeling awful. I've definitely heard not to lay on your back a lot if you've got respiratory issues. I guess your lungs have to work harder that way.

kittybug, how is your hubby? I hope he's feeling a bit better by now.

Kate, I hope your son's treatments continue to go well.

Yesterday I did CL Buff Upper Body -- was a good one and I was sore! Today I was back to TBP and decided to look for an older one to see how it was. I didn't like the set as much and it was pretty repetitive, but ok.

cataddict, how's your pain doing? Mine still comes and goes and I'm not sure I can really correlate it to anything. The PT did advance my exercises -- instead of the foot slide outs, I have my knees up and touch down feet/toes one at a time, alternating. Hope that makes sense but if not I can send you the video. She said the most important thing is to have abs braced -- if you can't keep good form, don't do it, she said (take a break and try again later). And then she has me doing bird/dog with a band -- held in opposite hand/wrapped around foot. I think she's trying to work on my core and glute strength.

Ooops, suddenly need to run. Waves to all!!
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 01-30-22, 04:57 PM  
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Hi Watulans!

I've done two heavily modified Cathe Lives---#125 Cardio Boxing and #380 Cardio, Upper & Core Circuit---plus plenty of walking. My pain hasn't gone away and today it's really, really bad and I'm having a giant pity party about it. I sent a message to my dr. so hopefully he gets back to me Monday or Tuesday with some suggestions. It just gets discouraging.

Sooo enough complaining. It will get better, I'm sure, I'm just tired of it and it's annoying when something like this dominates your world as this is doing for me, at least today.

bee, glad your pain seems to be getting better. And yes, I would appreciate you sharing some additional PT exercises. I wonder if the dr. will suggest that I go to PT.

horusosiris, hope you are recovering from your surgery! I can't imagine how tough it is not to be able to use my dominant hand. Sending healing vibes!

manley, we only got a couple of inches of snow this time around. It was kind of funny since the weather reports all this week were predicting 10 to 17 inches of snow so BE PREPARED IT'S COMING SO STOCK UP ON MILK, BREAD, AND ALCOHOL!!! Then a whole lot of nothing. lol.

Kate, glad that the appointments are going well.

FN1, sooo sorry both you and your husband are suffering from Covid! I hope you are feeling better!

Chele, too bad that the Peloton boxing classes aren't your cup of tea. I don't think I would like them either and just for the reasons you mentioned. I will never understand why Cathe does (IMHO, of course) excessively long warmups for boxing/kickboxing workouts when she usually does maybe 3 minutes for other cardio or strength workouts.

Kim, Olly is definitely easy to snuggle with although he can get squirmy if he's there too long. 100% kitten for sure! He is just a little love bug.

BabyW, healing hugs to you! I love seeing the vintage workouts you post about--definitely a trip down memory lane!

Gentle hugs and waves to all! So many of us are facing different challenges right now, but we are Fierce Watulans and we got each other.
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

Watula, Cheeto, Charli, Lux, Merlin, Rudy, Finley, Hobbes and Winston Fan Girl!
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Old 01-30-22, 08:18 PM  
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Hello Watulans!!!

I got my second shingles vaccine on Friday. The first one didn't really affect me, but I've heard that they can give you flu-like symptoms so the recommendation is to get the shot on a Friday (so that you have the weekend to recuperate). Well, the second shot really knocked me for a loop. Mostly just tired, but achy joints and a headache. I took ibuprofen and slept most of the day. I woke up today like a new woman!!!

With all the extra rest from yesterday I had lots of ambition so my husband and I hung the pictures back up that we removed for the painting project. I'm glad that job is done. He hates putting nails in the walls so I knew he was dreading it. But it had to be done. Oh, and I rearranged my DVD collection again. I brought up from the basement a bookshelf that I used to use, moved some stuff around, and retired a CD stand that I was modifying for DVDs. It looks a lot neater now and I love it.

Tonight I chose another new workout. This one was Leslie Walk the Walk Firm Walk. It's a faith-based workout with simple, straightforward, single joint moves. It was really nice and a very pleasant workout.

Horusosirus I hope your pain has subsided from the surgery.

Bee I'm glad the physical therapist is giving you exercises that are helping.

Cataddict I'm sorry you're still having trouble with your leg. You're right, it's very discouraging to have it continue for so long.

Kittybug I hope you're feeling better. (and your husband too).

ChelePA we're not tennis watchers, but I'm glad you enjoyed the match. And that you spent your time after being woken up by snoring in an enjoyable way. Haha

Manley great name for the Cathe Live workout - For the Love of Cardio - it made me smile when I read it.

I started watching The Guilded Age on HBO. The first episode just aired. Julian Fellows, the creator of Downton Abby is involved in this one. I liked the first episode, but I can't say that I loved it. I hope it will grow on me. I think I'm trying to compare it to Downton Abby, which I thoroughly loved. It's hard to make anything better IMO.

I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for you people. I think of you guys often and want you to know how much you all mean to me. Have a great week everyone.
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Old 01-31-22, 11:45 AM  
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Happy Monday, people! (? )

Kim, I agree whole heartedly on the gratefulness for this group and thinking of you all often. I need to get the shingles vaccine and yes, I've heard that second one is a doozy. I'm glad you're feeling better now! It's so great to get things organized -- especially things you love like workout videos!!

Wow, more football upsets yesterday, eh? How are you football fans feeling about the super bowl?

I have to check out that CL For the Love of Cardio. This morning I ended up with another TBP -- one of the "Beats" ones -- I don't know what "beats" really means to them, but this one had a different feel than their normal cardio -- I liked it! There were some unweighted squats and lunges involved and it made me realize that I'm really neglecting my lower body -- out of necessity, but still. I think I will see about adding in some unweighted lower body and see how it goes.

Hope your weeks are off to a great start!
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 01-31-22, 07:23 PM  
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Happy Monday, Watulans!!

Sooo I thought the multi-day fever/headache/nausea was it for me last week but nope, six days later of nothing and now I have URI symptoms (and cannot taste my freaking food at all!!!!) so the fight lingers on. My poor husband, geez, his is lingering on more, BUT he sounds SO much better. I was worried because he has a tendency to develop pneumonia. Manleym, that was really helpful info on keeping moving, thank you! He's thankfully kept relatively active despite feeling crappy, and I too have been walking and doing yoga in lieu of my normal workouts. I hope to get back to them soon but don't want to push too hard and make myself worse!

Bee and FN2, the sciatic thing SUCKS. I know how debilitating and frustrating that is. When I hurt my back in 2015, I thought things would never, ever improve. And really, it didn't until I completely stopped doing yoga for a while and started going to a spin class at the gym in 2018. And even now, as you all know, the pain can come back if I'm not careful or if the stars align just right or the voodoo chicken bones get to shaking, because it never makes sense when it happens anyway!! Sending healing wishes and huge hugs to you two.

ChelePA, you have come so incredibly far with your workouts, my goodness!!! Oh, I would feel the same way on the uneven boxing though. Glad you joined the FB group and hope you find it helpful!

KateTT, yay for Justin's treatment with fewer side effects!!! How much longer for that treatment?

Kim, please come over and organize my stuff, would you? Hah! I bet having all that new paint and new organization feels awesome. Glad you're feeling better after your shingles shot. Oh, but oh, I watched Landscapers on HBO because of you and was....what was I, horrified? Enthralled? STILL wondering what on earth really happened??? Good show! I'm also going to watch The Gilded Age because I'm a sucker for that stuff!

Oye, Watulans, the fatigue is real, I'll say that! Waves and hugs to our whole group because I think we need it! Stay fierce!!
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

Also apparently Fiercely NUTS?!!

Word for 2022: Courage

Thrilled to be a first-time STS grad, Nov '20 - Feb '21!!
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Old 01-31-22, 10:43 PM  
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Kittybug...I am so sorry to hear about the return of the Covid symptoms. This virus is so crazy and affects everyone so differently. Please take care as well as your husband. My dh also has developed pneumonia in the past and as you know nothing to fool around with, so I understand your concerns. Gentle yoga sounds like a good way to keep moving. Hoping you both feel better soon

Bee...I did try a TBP cardio punches workout. Can't remember the name. It was mostly upper body with some compound moves thrown in. I really like Daniel and find him very motivating. Alex not so much I never signed up for a membership, so I am using whatever is free on YouTube.

Kim...glad you recovered from your shot and felt well rested. I never hang pictures because I am known for multiple holes. My husband, the engineer is so precise, so he has taken over that duty. My walls are probably happy about that...haha.

cataddict...Olly is such a cutie!!! Sorry about the pain. I was having a pity party for myself today. Progress is sooooo slow. Hoping your doctor can help.

manleym and horusosiris...I'm assuming you caught the football games. Another exciting weekend!!! My mom is a Bengals fan...not sure how that happened since the rest of our family likes the Steelers But she is quite happy about the surprise win.

I decided to try a new Sarah Beth Mobility Workout before going downstairs today. When I wake up in the morning, I am so stiff that I have trouble maneuvering the steps and have to go down slowly putting two feet on same step as I descend. It is so discouraging to start my day this way. I feel like I am never going to improve. Like I said to cataddict...having a woe is me day. I realize I need to continue to try new things to increase my strength, range of motion, mobility, etc so that's why we'll see if this new type of rotation I am trying helps in these areas. I love the bike, but I know that alone will not get me to where I want to be. So today was 10 minutes core then 30 minutes lower body. I do not use weights and modify like crazy for the standing work. 10 minutes treadmill and ended with 10 minutes slow flow yoga plus 10 minutes foam rolling. I like you can mix and match instructors as well as types of workouts to get a nice variety for the day.
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fierce watulans, watulan check-in

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