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Location: Michigan

1. Jenny Ford Walk Across America Ohio, Cathe Perfect 30 Pump Lower Body Bonus and Extended stretch[/B].

2. Catheís LITE Pyramid One Set Each Exercise Premix.

3. Jenny Fordís Walk Across America Vermont and the first stretch from Catheís Total Body Stretch.

4. Rest Day

5. LITE Pyramid Scrambled Total Body premix which alternated upper and lower body. I did 2 sets of each exercise.

6. Jenny Ford Walk Across America New Hampshire and IDTV Mama Yin for a stretch.

7. Jenny Ford Walk Across America Maine.

8. LITE Pyramid Pump Lower Body Up premix. Ugh, Iím so out of shape.

9. An hour walk outside.

10. LITE Pyramid Pump Upper Body Up Pyramid and Extended Stretch #2. Then later in the afternoon, I went for about a 25 minute walk outside.

11. 2 very short walks...probably only totally about 30 minutes.
Iíve been wearing my glasses since Thursday for my up coming eye doctor appointment this Thursday. I canít see well enough to drive with my glasses on and it is seriously making me crazy and crabby! I just canít wait for this appointment to get here and be done so I can wear my contacts again!

12. Jenny Fordís Massachusetts Walk and the lower body portions and stretch of Catheís Push Pull. During the stretch portion I hit pause so I could hold the hit stretches longer.

13. Perfect Pump Upper Body skipping a few exercise that I felt were overkill for me.

14. Never ended up doing a workout. I was to tired before WW to exercise and thought I would go for a walk or something later in the afternoon but it was to chilly outside.

15. 4DS Low Impact Step Weight Circuit premix....skipping the blasts and core but adding another set of rows and chest presses and doing bicep curls instead of wrist curls because that was what I felt I needed to do.

16. No workout. I had the eye doctor appointment early. Afterwards we got some errands done. I slept crappy the night before so by the time I got home a workout wasnít happening.

17. Jenny Ford Walk Across America Connecticut and the Firewalkers and Barre section of XTrain Legs.

18. 30 minute outdoor walk

19. Workout was a quickie....LITE PHA2 one set each exercise premix.

20. Imax 4 step Combos Only premix and LITE Cardio Party Timesaver #1 Calorie Crush premix and the LITE Extended Stretch #2.

21. Yoga 30 For 30 Yin Yoga

22. I skipped a workout because I had things to do and I didnít want to take any chances of tiring myself out. Yesterday about noon, I go SO TIRED from the vaccine I COULD barely do anything but lay on the couch most the day. Today was much better.....just a sore arm still.

23. Jessica Smith Jog & Jive and Catheís Fit Tower Lower Body workout.

24. KCM Sculpting RX workout 2

25. Walk outside but it was colder than I thought so only ended up being about 20 minutes.

26. Jenny Ford Florida Walk and Cathe XTrain Legs...standing portion. Stretches on my own.

27. All the upper body from KCM Sculpting RX and a 15 minute Leslie walk. Also a 30 minute walk outside this afternoon since it was 74 degrees out! ☀️

28. An hour walk outside

29. KCM Sculpting RX

30. Nothing
"You're not going to get the butt you want sitting on the one you have!"
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Thumbs up

Made it!

1. Daily cardio Walk w Livelyladies; quick pilates-bosu routine
2. No w/o
3. Heart walk w Livelyladies 35 mins; Fast ball Slow ball w Amy's Beach fitness 20 mins
4. Daily Cardio walk w Livelyladies 25 mins
5. No w/o
6. No w/o
7. Active stretch session
8. Weight loss Cardio w Livelyladies (1/2); balance-stability work
9. Cardio-box + dowel toning w Amy Neurautor 35 mins; 5 mins on fan Bike
10. Brisk Walk w Livelyladies
11. Late night neighbourhood walk 75 mins; 15 min walk+upper body Bob & Brad Tv; lower back work like swimming
12. No w/o
13. Daily walk w Livelyladies 25 min; calves add-on
14. Leg targeting cardio w Erin Himmighoefer 22 mins; stability work
15. Fun cardio w Livelyladies 30 mins
16. 2 mile Walk w Livelyladies
17. Late night outdoor walk 75 mins; cardio-upper body toning w Livelyladies 25 mins; quickie inner thigh burn w Fit Body by Ashley
18. Late night outdoor walk 70 mins
19. Late night outdoor walk 75 mins
20. No w/o
21. Short walk + standing core w Livelyladies
22. No w/o
23. Happy cardio w Livelyladies; very quick Barre for Quads
24. No w/o
25. Energy boost Walk w Livelyladies
26. Fast walk outside

27...... Onwards: mainly doing moving stuff. Packing, heavy box lifting, pushing, lots of cleaning etc. 'See' everyone perhaps at the end of May.
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✨✨ April 2021 ✨✨

Focus: Tonique, Barlates, Bosu + Weights

1 - Bike ride (30 mins total). Still too busy with work to get much more in. Also, had a session with my physio and he confirmed my shoulder twinges are from overuse - probably all of Caroline's pushups + KB snatches. So I need to take it easy with those exercises for just a bit. It's going to be LB-based cardio and stretching for a week or two!
2 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
3 - Cardio Coach vol 4 on elliptical (Challenge 1+2, total 35 mins), Growingannans' HIIT it Harder Day 25 (1 circuit only). Was excited to revisit Cardio Coach, which I haven't used since my rehab back in Sept/Oct. I was really pleased at how much stronger I was through the intervals, and then disappointed to find the playlist on my phone was missing the 3rd challenge. I shrugged, figuring a shorter workout gave me time to do another add-on, only to discover the one I wanted to do, Heather Robertson's band work, wasn't loaded on my iPad. At that point, I just messed about with one of Anna's, did my own stretching and called it a day.
4 - Tonique Premier, Sydney Cummings' Transcend Day 6 20 minute Legs and Glute Stretch. I think I've only attempted Premier once or twice before and could only do one section before I tapped out. Now it's a perfect match for my current level. I did the whole thing, dripping sweat and loving it. I rested my elbows on the step in table position for the final mat work section and it worked well, no shoulder twinges at all.
5 - Barlates Bosu Total Body Fusion Bosu Cardio, Bosu Total Body Fusion Bosu Abs. Both workouts were a lot faster-paced than I was expecting and included less instruction. I should have realized Linda's from the DVD generation, so she's probably expecting her audience to repeat the workouts. She doesn't waste time with a lot of setup, and I'll have to try it a few times before I know whether I really click with these. I totally skipped some of the moves in Bosu Abs, which isn't like me. But I was impatient and just couldn't face stopping the workout, figuring it out, and rewinding to try it again. I probably will try it again because it hits a lot of angles, and the moves that I got on the first try were super challenging. I like the 'I'll grow into it' feeling.
6 - Bike Ride (1 hour total). Carolina Girvan’s EPIC HEAT Warmup, Sydney Cummings’ Transcend Day 4 Upper Body Pull, Transcend Day 13 Upper Body & Neck Stretch. Sydney's workout was good straightforward weight work, and she gives enough time between sets to change weights up or down as needed. I especially appreciated that all of Sydney's chatter was about how you can get stronger, choose to enjoy the set, do it for yourself, etc. Tonique Premier had waaayy too many references to how your body will look in a bikini.
7 - Bike ride (45 mins total). Otherwise, too busy/tired.
8 - Tonique Mat. I was tired, and when I'd previewed the workout the other day, I saw it was mostly lying down. Dare I say, it wasn't too bad. It wasn't the most fun workout I've ever done, but I'm working my way up in Tonique. Now I know this is do-able, on to the next.
9 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
10 - Bike ride (1.5 hours total), Yvette Bachman's Bosu Cardio with Leg and Back Circuits, Dakota Durant's 8 min Bosu Ab Part 1, Growingannanas' 10 min Neck & Shoulder Stretch HIIT It Harder Day 14. Yvette was a totally fun sweatfest, and a delightful confirmation of my increased fitness level. I started conservatively choosing weights that were around 80% of what she was doing, but by the end, I was matching. When it finished I even had enough gas in the tank to add on some more ab work. Woo hoo!
11 - Mr & Mrs Muscle 5 min WARM UP Workout Lower Body & Glutes, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 37, Bulgarian lunges, Bodyfit by Amy 10 Minute Bosu Core Workout For Strong Abs, Cathe STS Extended Stretch. I was psyching myself for a whole workout of Bulgarian lunges but surprised myself to find it all quite doable. Of course, she uses 10kg and I use 12.5 lbs. But boy howdy, the bodyweight exercises feel so easy when I put those down. Since I use my Bosu as the support for the back leg, so it seemed to make sense to keep it out and add on a core workout. Bodyfit by Amy's was a good thorough workout that didn't wipe me out.
12 - Rest.
13 - Tonique 2.1, Mike Donavanik's Cool Down & Stretch, Heather Robinson's 12 Min Abs Stability Ball Workout. Very proud of myself for doing all of Tonique, mostly at Sylwia's pace. It was a cardiovascular challenge for sure, but the muscle burn only really kicked in during the last 10 mins. When I do it again, I might try slowing my own cadence just a bit so I go deeper into each movement. This was my 2nd time using this abs workout, and I really like it because playing with the ball distracts me from how much my abs are burning. Guess I'll keep relying on toys like the Bosu and stability ball to build a strong core.
14 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Ultimate Yogi Cross Train. Today I tried yoga for the first time since I realised I need to rest my shoulder. Took it easy on the vinyasa’s, and skipped a few at the end, choosing to massage ball roll out my shoulder during that sequence instead. On the whole I think it helped.
15 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
16 - Bike ride (45 mins total). Wanted to work out when I got home but I was just exhausted from the week.
17 - Rest. Unexpectedly nabbed an appointment to get the COVID vaccine that afternoon, so we rushed over there and got our jabs. Then I felt tired and had a nap. Could be from the vaccine, or I could just be tired. Who can say. Anyway, I'm glad we got it.
18 - Fitness Fusion Dreambody, Growingannanas Full Body Stretch Mobility Routine. Yup, the original Dreambody with the popups and the testimonials. I've had it for years and never tried it because it was advanced. But hey, now I do Tonique so why not try it? Of course I did at my own pace, with pauses, and whatever modifications I needed. Boy, it's something, that's for sure. I'm vaguely interested in the style but for sure this isn't going to be heavy in my current rotation. I'll try the Dream body 5 workout set I bought on sale, and look for similar Barlates workouts.
19 - Rest. Juggling a lot of things right now, working out just didn't fit into my day.
20 - Sydney Cummings' Burn Day 25 Lower Body & Abs. I liked the way she alternated LB and core exercises, it didn't feel like the 'eat your spinach' exercise of willpower that I often need to draw on for 10 minutes of straight core work. But I miss Caroline's intensity. I didn't preview and I felt like it even though I tried to lift heavy, it was upper-intermediate at best. I guess I just really like workouts that are too hard for me and I modify down, not trying to figure out how to make it more intense.
21 - Travis Eliott’s Beginner Yoga Flow - Yoga Basics #1. The gentlest yoga practice ever. No heat, no sweat. Just moving and breathing.
22 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
23 - Rest. So very tired from my week.
24 - Fightmaster Yoga Hatha Yoga for Happiness Day 1. Just discovered this channel and her soothing emphasis on the basics is exactly what I need, emotionally.
25 - Mr & Mrs Muscle Full Body Warmup 5 Mins, Precision Kettlebells' Intense Cardio Kettlebells Workout 10.2, Heather Robertson's Abs & Booty Band workout (1 circuit of Abs only, 10 mins), Slim & Limber. Finally had time and energy for a full workout. I loved the KB workout, a fun cardio burner. I tried to take it easy on my shoulder by subbing swing-clean-press instead of swing-high pull-snatch. My PT would be horrified at the overhead press, but I hope I got away it. Will try to do my PT exercises & extra shoulder stretches later.
26 Bike ride (1 hour total), Heather Robertson’s [B]Leg Day Warmup[/B, HIIT Booty Bootcamp, Brutal HIIT Workout // Legs, Glutes & Thighs, Jan Chuan Fitness How to Stretch after Leg Day. I was feeling energetic after sleeping a lot over the weekend, so tried 2lazy4gym’s YouTube rotation - day 1 of the Heather Robertson week. Nicely put together and good for my level, think I’ll keep trying her combos.
27- Rest. No formal workout but had a PT session with some exercises. Now I’m cleared for push-ups and overhead weight work. Hooray!!
28 - Rest.
29 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Heather Robertson’s 40 min Pop Workout, Heather Robertson’s Inner & Outer Thigh Workout, Funk Roberts’ 10 Minute Post Workout Stretch Routine.
30 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
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Post Awesome in April!

Cardio Total: 33.6 min/day (last month 28.5 min/day; PR = 55.4 May '20)
Strength Total: 10.7 min/day (last month 11.2 min/day; PR = 17.2 Aug '20)
Yoga/Meditation Total: 19.5 min/day (last month 21.4 min/day; PR = 47.7 Mar '20)

Word for the Year: Flourish

1 7 min dance party, Jessica Strength and Balance (Stride and Strength), 4 min PT, 12 min meditation
2 14 min dance party, Body Groove Workout of the Day, 4 min PT
3 Jessica 5 Mix and Match Miles (Brain Training, Energy Boost), YBB Goddess Abs, 12 min PT, 17 min meditation
4 4 min PT, 12 min meditation
5 13 min dance party, Jessica 15-Minute Fast Blasts (Power Pick Up, Dance Party), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation, Blissology (Monday Meditation)
6 7 min dance party, Gina B. 10-Minute Latin Walkouts (Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Cool Down), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
7 7 min dance party, Jessica 5 Mix and Match Miles (Jog and Jive, Waistline Work, Cool Down), 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
8 Jessica 5 Fat-Burning Miles (Boogie Down, Brain Booster, Cool Down), 19 min PT, 12 min meditation
9 Jessica Walk Strong 3 (Cardio Hit), Body Groove Funky Friday class, 4 min PT, 12 min meditation, PREVENTION Easy Healing Stretches (Chest)
10 4 min PT, 16 min meditation
11 Leslie Mix and Match Walk Blasters (Fun Walk), Ellen 7-Day Challenge (Power 15), 4 min PT, 12 min meditation
12 10 min dance party, Leslie 5 Mega Miles (Miles 1 and 3), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation, Shiva Rea Meditations (Lunar Meditation 1)
13 7 min dance party, Leslie 5 Mega Miles (Miles 5, 2, and 4), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation, Nicky McGinty Ballet Yoga (Workout 3), Shiva Rea Meditations (Body Blessing)
14 8 min dance party, Leslie Walk Off Even More Weight (Fast Walk), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation
15 Leslie 5-Day Slim Down Mile Each Morning (Miles 5, 2, and 3), SHAPE Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink Slimdown (Butt and Thigh Sculptor), 4 min PT, 11 min meditation, Shiva Rea Meditations (Pranayama with Chanting)
16 Leslie Ultimate 5-Day Walk Plan (Red and Green Miles), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, Nicky McGinty Ballet Yoga (Chair), Blissology (Friday Meditation)
17 Leslie 5-Mile Fat Burning Walk (Miles 1 and 2), SHAPE Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink Slimdown (Total Body, Flat Abs), 4 min PT, 17 min meditation
18 Leslie Ultimate 5-Day Walk Plan (Blue, Purple, and Yellow Miles plus Stretch), 18 min PT, 10 min meditation, Blissology (Weekend Meditation)
19 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Delaware), 4 min PT, 11 min meditation, Shiva Rea Meditations (Lunar Meditation 2)
20 7 min dance party, Leslie Mix and Match Walk Blasters (Upper Body, Lower Body, Tummy), PREVENTION Get Your Body Back (Arms, Glutes, Abs), 4 min PT, 12 min meditation, Blissology (Tuesday Meditation)
21 14 min dance party, Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Pennsylvania), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, Shiva Rea Meditations (Savasana)
22 14 min dance party, Jessica 5 Fat-Burning Miles (Power Posture Walk), Jessica 3 Weight Loss Walks (15-Minute Walk), PREVENTION Get Your Body Back (Pyramid, Total Body, Core), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
23 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (New Jersey), 4 min PT, 12 min meditation, Shiva Rea Meditations (Healing Meditation for Women), PREVENTION Easy Healing Stretches (Hips)
24 Jenny Ford Checkout Workout (Marching with Moves, Total Body Strength), 4 min PT, 16 min meditation, Shiva Rea Meditations (Mudra Meditation)
25 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
26 PREVENTION Get Your Body Back (Fat Blast Intervals, 60-Second Slim Down, Metabolism Boost, Stretch and Tone Yoga), 4 min PT, 11 min meditation, YBB Guided Meditation
27 Jessica 10-Minute Quick Walk Mix (Dance Walk, Power Up, Happy HIIT), Jessica 5-Day Fat Burn (Healthy Back), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, Shiva Rea Meditations (Solar Meditation 1)
28 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Georgia), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
29 Leslie Mix and Match Walk Blasters (Light Walk, Flexibility Walk), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
30 Body Groove Young at Heart (Workout 3), 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
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April -

1 - Jessica Smith WS 1.0 - Prehab, Trifecta Pilates - Core Small Ball Class
2- Jessica Smith WS 1.0 - Interval Mix; Jessica Valent Pilates - Herniated Disc routine, short outdoor walk, Jessica Valent Pilates - Sciatica routine
3 - Trifecta Pilates - Balance & Strength Pilates; outdoor walk, Trifecta Pilates - Pilates Stretch Class
4 - Pahla B - April Playlist Day 2- Total Body Get Fit Workout at Home, Trifecta Pilates - Mat Flow Workout; 2 outdoor walks
5 - Pahla B - April Playlist Day 1 - Cardio Workout to Lose Weight, Yoga w/ Kassandra - Morning Yoga Movement day 1; Caroline Sandry 30 days to flat abs Pilates Day 1, herniated disc routine, outdoor walk, Yoga w/ Kassandra - Evening Yoga Challenge Day 1
6 - Jessica Smith - 30 Day Program - Toning Walk, Yoga w/ Kassandra - Morning Yoga Movement Day 2; Blessful Body - Love Your Core - Day 1; outdoor walk
7 - Jessica Smith - Cardio Flow, Blessful Body - Love Your Core - Day 2; outdoor walk
8 - Jessica Smith - 6 Mile Mix - Lower Body Toning; CS 1124; outdoor walk
9 - CS 1125; Blessful Body -Love Your Core Day 3; Jessica Valent - Creative Resistance Loop Workout
10 - Jessica Smith - Cardio Dance Sculpt - Body Balance DVD; CS 1126, outdoor walk
11 - Ellen - Fat Burning Fusion 2; outdoor walk
12- CS 1127; Pahla B - Dumbbell Strength Workout (Day 7 of April Playlist), Ellen - Moving Meditation
13 - Jessica Smith - 30 Day Set - HIIT Walk; Jessica Valent - Full Body Stretch and Release; outdoor walk
14 - CS 1128; Pahla B - Cardio for Strong Abs (Day 6 of April Playlist), Jessica Valent- Herniated Disc Practice (1st half) Sciatica Practice
15 - Jessica Valent - Barre Pilates - Full Body; Back Routine; outdoor walk
16 - Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Scoliosis practices (PT day)
17 - CS 1130; Jessica Valent - Pilates Challenge with Weights; outdoor walk
18 - Ellen - Core Yoga (from 7 day set), outdoor walk
19 - CS 1129; Ellen - Lifted and Lean, outdoor walk
20 - Ellen - Power Fusion; short outdoor walk
21 - Jessica Smith - 6 Mile Mix - Steady Burn & Speed Walk; Jessica Valent - Hip & Hamstring Release
22- Jessica Smith - Body Balance - Sole Sculpt, Jessica Valent Herniated Disc Routine
23 - Ellen - Affirmative Flow, Quick Tone; Pahla B - Knee Friendly Power Walk
24 - CS 1201, Jessica Valent -20 Min Gentle Pilates, Sciatica Routine; short outdoor walk
25 - Jessica Valent - Pilates for Prolapse, Jessica Smith -Pyramid Power Wak; Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners - Lying Practice for Flexibility/Guided Relaxation; short outdoor walk
26 - Jessica Smith - WS 1.0 - Barefoot Fusion Sculpt; Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc Routine, Part 1; short outdoor walk
27 - Caroline Jordan - 10 Min Calorie Burning Interval Workout, Best Exercise to Reduce Diabetes (10 min), Abs for Bad Back; short walk
28 - Caroline Jordan - Low Impact Cardio; Recovery Day workout; short outdoor walk, Jessica Valent - Hip Pain Routine
29 - Caroline Jordan - Diabetes Home Workout, Diabetes Exercise for Weight Loss, Diabetes Low Impact Cardio, Jessica Valent - Gentle Pilates; short walk
30 - Stephanie Huckabee - Power Fit Harmony - Upper Body, Jessica Valent - 10 min Upper Body, Hip Pain Routine; Pahla B - April Day 4 - Cardio that Tones Your Arms
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31. P.M. Yv2: SS (1st half)


1. JNL: Total Body Transformer + Yv2: SS (2nd half) + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 1. Enough core work in TBT for me to count it as one of my weekly core workouts.

Recovery Week

2. Yv2: MYB + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 2
3. ZUMBA: Zumba Max + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 3 + TAE BO: Insane Abs (Standing only)
4. Yv2: WISI + Yv2: RIO + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 4. Was able to catch up on my podcasts. Watching Invincible on Prime. Itís an adult cartoon and the surprise is that I like it. Itís a Robert Kirkman series that is really enjoyable. Steven Yuen voices the main character, Sandra Oh, Walter Goggins, JK Simmons are some of the other talent used this series.. P.M. Yv2: SS
5. rest day.... Ordered my Cathe round yoga mat.
6. rest day...
7. ZUMBA: 20 Minute Express Workout + LH30DC: Day 5 + Day 6
8. LH30DC: Day 7 + Day 8.
9. rest day.... My yoga mat should be delivered today! Looking forward to hanging with JNL. Jane - the key for me is to not be able to hear what theyíre saying Ďcause I know it would annoy if I could hear the words coming out of their mouths.


10. JNL: Biceps Builder + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 9 + Qi Gong Day 10 + Ellenís Super Slimdown: Standing 1 & 2 + Body Groves Hiit 1 - Workout 1. Love Catheís mat. Love the Cathe logo storage bag. The mat is easy to roll and put away.
11. JNL: Lean Legs + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 11
12. JNL: TKO Fat Blast + KS: Tummy Trimmers: Pilates Abs + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 12
13. JNL: Upper Body Transformer + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 13 + Yv2: SS (15mins)).
14. Yv2: SS (2nd half) + JNL: Ballistic Backside + KS Tummy Trimmers: Standing Abs + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 14
15. JNL: Crazy Cardio Circuit + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 15. I think Iím done with JNL for now. Not enough heavy weights for me. As a rotation it has too much cardio for my goals. Good as transition workouts, recovery week workouts, add-on, or even a workout here and there.
16. LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 16


17. P30: Lower Body, Lower Body Bonus & Core Bonus + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 17. Good to be back with Cathe. The set is so refreshing, and energizing, after months and months of dark sets. Cathe didnít schedule any rest days in this rotation. Thereís a perfect flow day scheduled each week but I personally feel like I have to take a complete day off for it to feel like a rest day to my body. So, the 8th day will be my official rest day. P.M. Yv2: MYB + Yv2: WISI
18. XTRAIN: AOLIH + Core 1 premix + BODY GROVE: Hiit, Workout 2 + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 18.
19. P30: Pump Upper Body + Yv2: RIO + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 19. I had forgotten about those sweaty knees, now Iím intrigued again. P.M. Yv2: SS
20. XTRAIN: Cardio Leg Blast + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 20. Snowed for about 5 hours today. It was beautiful - big, fluffy snowflakes.
21. P30: Mobility Basics + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 21 + Ellen Barrett 7 DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE: Day 4 - 15 min Quick Cardio. P.M. Yv2: MYB + Yv2: WISI. Time to start boosting my step count again.
22. P30: High Impact Hiit + WW Ultimate Dance Party: Total Body Blast + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 22. P.M. Yv2: SS
23. XTRAIN: Hard Strikes + WW Ultimate Dance Party: Easy Grooves + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 23. I kept Hard Strikes low impact, I could not do another jumping jack or moving scissors. Warp speed abs. Love Ultimate Dance Party, definitely a sleeper hit! .


24. XTRAIN: Chest, Back & Shoulders + WW Ultimate Dance Party - Cardio Club + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 24. P.M. Yv2: RIO
25. P.M. Yv2: SS + Yv2: MYB. DD & I got our first Pfizer jab this morning. P.M. XTRAIN: Biceps & Triceps (Rounds 1 - 5) + Yv2: WISI + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 25
26. rest day...
27. P30: High Impact Hiit + LH30DC: Qi Gong Day 26 & Day 27. P.M. Yv2: RIO
28. XTRAIN: Legs (Standing, Firewalker & Bonus Barre) + Yv2: SS (1st 15 mins)
29. P30: Strength & Flexibility Stretch Timesaver, 20 mins + LH30DC: Day 28 & Day 29. P.M. Yv2: MYB + Yv2: WISI
30. P30: Low Impact Hiit + ZUMBA: Rush + LH30DC: Day 30

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
- Motivational Sticker
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I signed up for BOD on April 1 and cancelled today April 6. I got to looking at my DVD collection of 300++ plus numerous sets I just couldn't justify the expense.
My best results were with Cathe and Turbokick so I'm back to that.

I'm not a typical grandma!

Body by Cathe, Chalene and Dr. Niccole

A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Well-behaved women seldom make history
-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Women are Angels
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly....on a broomstick...we are flexible like that
-White Witch

Gotta love Maxine:
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I had started Jessica's Lift and Shift which does have some very nice exercises in it which include mobility. I tell myself I should do more mobility, but.... I have gravitated back to isolation exercises which seem to work better for me. Cathe, I'm back Lol.

Today I did 4Dsplit, chest/back/shoulders premix. I haven't done this one in a really long time and forgot how effective it is. I'm already feeling DOMS, but in a good way. I'm planning to pair these shorter workouts with a lot of walking.

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Originally Posted by ealakey View Post
I had started Jessica's Lift and Shift which does have some very nice exercises in it which include mobility. I tell myself I should do more mobility, but.... I have gravitated back to isolation exercises which seem to work better for me. Cathe, I'm back Lol.
Iím sort of the same way!
"You're not going to get the butt you want sitting on the one you have!"
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bex, take care of the shoulder! It's so frustrating when we're really enjoying an instructor/rotation and are sidelined with an injury. It sounds like you have a "Plan B" though.

For my "Plan B" with my arthritic heel of my hand, I've been replacing regular bicep curls with hammers or sweeper curls which don't seem to add extra pain. Also, yesterday at Marshall's for $5, I found a short little thick mat (intended for kneeling in yoga), but I plan to use it for my hands as an extra cushion. I'm hoping this flare-up will pass when warm weather is here for good!

Beth, Glad to hear the move went well. Bummer about being quarantined, but if it had to happen, probably the best time as any, since I'm sure you have lots of work that needs to be done with moving. .

Cindy, was that your first time to sign up for BOD? I just don't have any interest in Beach body programs any more...Autumn pretty much took care of my desire. Good move in being cost efficient! I need to pull out TurboKick again! It was so fun!!

T2B, glad you're enjoying your recovery week! Always fun to find a GOOD show you're interested in on Prime. We finished watching a few weeks ago 'Your Honor' with Bryan Cranston....excellent!! I didn't want it to end, though! They better put out another season!!! Are you watching TWD? Last week was all about Negin that really showed a totally different - compassionate side of him. Season finale is coming up awfully quick!! Then FTWD! //Enjoy your Cathe Round Mat!!

Cher, When are you going to FL? I remember T2B asking if you were taking a trip in the spring a few months back. Will COVID have any set-backs for you? Did you receive your 2nd shot yet? I get mine next week. Good job with your Jenny Ford workouts this month. I bet that would be fun walking in different states, etc. while brushing up on your geography!

ETA: amg, sounds like you had a great vacation!

Really enjoying this fantastic weather!! It's supposed to cool down, though, in the next week. Eighty degrees for 2 days already was a bit soon!

Hope everyone is staying well!
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just the workouts

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