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Old 03-07-21, 08:52 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
Hi Everyone,

I switched things up today and did a workout w/Ellen:

Ellen - Sleek Sculpt Express
Trifecta Pilates - Hip Stretches

Both were good routines. Ellen's - wow - I forgot how high my HR can get w/ the overhead movements w/ weights. Not shoulder friendly, though. But, my shoulders are pretty terms of no issues w/ them.

I also enjoyed Beth's hip stretches.

Yesterday DD and I walked after her eye appointment and today we will likely walk again - nice day out - sunny but chilly/windy - but better than it has been!

Carol - I guess w// those prices I should not complain about streaming costs!!!

I think we have a studio here, as well. I wonder how it held up during the pandemic?

Not much new to report, I like the look of Ellen's weekly rotation this week so I may do her workouts w/ Pilates and it looks like the weather will be mostly good so I hope to get some dog walks in, too.

So...I downloaded Jessica's program guide, I can't help but feel tempted, but I know it isn't for me, at least right now- it may never be - b/c i prefer to mix things up more....but you know, FOMO and all... LOL!

Hope everyone has a good day!

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Old 03-07-21, 08:55 AM  
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: TX Panhandle
Saturday ended up being mostly a rest day - I've got something going on with my ankle (the one with the damaged cartilage) plus I'm out of one of my arthritis meds and waiting for a refill (mixup with the doctor's portal - they answered my question about whether to continue taking the med, but I didn't get the response), so I'm extra achy all over. Today will be another gentle day. I ended up doing:

Jessica Valant Pilates - Pilates for Stress Relief - 13 minutes

This was a nice stretchy routine with a little bit of traditional pilates work in it - I remember doing single leg stretch and double leg stretch.

I started to do one of Robin's Challenge videos; I lasted 5 minutes before I quit. That's all it took. Now I am safe from falling victim to re-subscribing to her site.

I did subscribe to Karen V's Workout Hotel site just to see what it was about. It looks like that there are a few routines posted there that are not on her YouTube channel. Most of her YouTube workouts are a little shorter than the Define & Align DVD routines, so I may mix them in with the DVDs for the rest of this month so that I don't overdo - I've been feeling like I am overdoing using just the DVDs. I really love her take on pilates and barre. Ellen is also tempting me - I think she would work well with Karen's stuff.

I've given the Club Pilates people my email and cell phone number - supposedly they will contact me to set up my free 30 minute class when they open. This will be a first for me - I have never gone to the gym for a group fitness class - unless you count the YMCA in my small town years ago or a Jackie Sorensen Aerobic Dance class held in a local church (also years ago). And paying $200 monthly for a gym membership - not going to happen in my world, for lots of reasons.

Donna - Good job! It's been windy here as well - but that's not unusual for March (heck, it's not unusual here most of the year). I am also slightly tempted by Jessica's new set - I know it's just FOMO, because I will not use those workouts. If they had all been fusion type workouts, I'd have been all over it, as long as they weren't longer than 30 minutes or so.

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Old 03-07-21, 09:02 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
Carol - glad you are safe from Robin, LOL! Jessica is always a good choice! I hope you get your prescription filled soon....

Karen's Workout Hotel subscription is on my list of things to check out as well!
Maybe once my Trifecta membership ends. I'll probably do a month only. And then, maybe when Robin's membership opens up again I'll join that one for a month - I seem to do better w/ hoping around unless the deal is so good or it is something I know I will want to use fairly regularly - Jessica Valent and Ellen definitely fit that category for me. They usually make an appearance at least once a week.

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Old 03-07-21, 03:55 PM  
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Location: Modify City, State of Fierce
Dana, lol was Oliver singing in your ear? I routinely get songs stuck in my head...but not waking me up at night, lol.

Carol I hope you get your arthritis meds soon. I hate feeling achy.

Donna I'm not tempted with Jessica's stuff. It's too expensive for me since I wouldn't want any emails or accountability and since I'm not on Facebook it wouldn't have been anything I could take advantage of anyway. It's also too problematic trying to figure out all the purple player stuff, etc. I'm good with the sets of hers I have. I would have considered if it was a dvd set but definitely not at that price point.

Today was more single leg deadlift and XFST #7. Whew what a toughie. I will take a rest day tomorrow.

Waves to Brenda and Christine!!
Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

Never give up on your body!-- Miranda Esmonde-White

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Old 03-07-21, 07:30 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2009
Today was a rest day for me. I was waiting for Robin's email about the Sisterhood, but she still hasn't sent it (her previous email said the challenge subscribers would get a link to join on Sunday). I know she's on West Coast time, but it's 7:30PM here now and I go to bed early, lol. Guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Dana, that's so funny - and annoying! I've had songs stuck in my head, but never in the middle of the night.

Carol, I hope your ankle feels better, and that you get your medication soon.

Linda, I'm not really into traditional strength type stuff, but I do like dead-lifts!

Donna, I used to really enjoy Ellen's DVD's, but they did bother my shoulders. It's nice that you can enjoy her workouts without issue. I like her fusion stuff.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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"For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come" (1 Timothy 4:8)
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Old 03-07-21, 07:46 PM  
Brenda in WA
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Location: WA state
Carol, I'm with you about the fusion idea. That would have been amazing! I hope Jessica does DVD sets in the future. It feels a bit disloyal to not buy in to her new thing but it just isn't my thing.

My goal this week is to do actual workouts that I can list by name and you guys will recognize. We'll see how it goes.
Brenda ~~

She girds herself with strength, and strengthens her arms. Prov. 31:17
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Old 03-08-21, 06:41 AM  
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: TX Panhandle
Another gentle day - I did a stretch from Karen's Workout Hotel streaming site -

Workout Hotel - Relaxing Stretch - 15 minutes

This was a really nice stretch focusing mainly on the lower body. She used a pilates magic circle to assist the stretch, but you could have used a stretchy band or strap. I don't believe this one is available for free on YouTube.

Brenda - It's weird - it does feel a little bit disloyal not to buy Jessica's product, but it's not geared for folks like me. Did I leave Jessica or has Jessica left me? LOL on your vow to do recognizable workouts.

Christine - Robin's emails are going out - I've gotten two of them now.

Linda - I wouldn't be in for the accountability, etc. that Jessica's plan offers. 5 or 6 days a week of those workouts would kill me.

Donna - Too many choices! A far cry from the days of having my 4 Firm VHS tapes.

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Old 03-08-21, 08:52 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday DD and i went for our long walk - it wasn't too bad out there. This week we are in for some nice warm temps. yay.

Today, so far, has been:

CS 1125 - it was something for the spine and was a standing and barre workout. A fairly large lizard made an appearance in the background! LOL!

Trifecta Pilates - Strength Pilates - Floor segment. This is an hour long workout that includes standing, chair and floorwork. Fortunately, there are time stamps that tell you where each segment begins/ends. I opted for the floorwork today - it did include some work using a chair as a prop as well as gliding discs (I did not use gliding discs and was fine)

Later today may be a walk and/or Pahla.

On the Jessica dilemma - I am getting more tempted. These do sound like they are slower lifting workouts than what she normally does - so it may be something that I would like. Jessica's strength workouts have typically been my least favorite of hers but I'm wondering if it is more the style of strength she was doing in those workouts and these sounds more like a slower paced lifting program. Still, I also know that I have bad exercise ADD... And, I am not sure how I feel about a program that is very light on cardio - I am such a cardio girl.

So - I guess my pros are---

- it may be different in terms of the lifting style and i may enjoy it
- on looking at the rotation again it does seem to be fairly balanced with mobility and core work included (she does include optional cardio days - and i know I would at least walk a few times a week)
- the 60 day money back guarantee does mean I can try it out for a full 2 months and still get my money back....
- with working from home I do have the time to do these longer workouts and they are all under an hour, although at least two are 50 min....

My cons are -

- Exercise ADD - can I really stick to it?
- Will I be able to reign myself in and not add cardio in - except for the recommended days? I think avoiding trying to add more and do more may be key not only to results but staying injury free
- Will they be just too hard for me and will I end up discouraged?

My neutrals:

Purple Player - I use it, it is fine, but I prefer the DVD format - what happens if PP goes under some day?
I understand that you may not b able to download these since she does offer the 60 day guarantee - I mean, what would stop someone from downloading and then asking for a refund

The price - it is a little expensive, but I do have the ability to get a gift card from my workplace wellness program that would cover the cost...

Ok - I am no closer to deciding, lol!

Hope everyone has a good Monday!!

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Old 03-08-21, 09:18 AM  
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Location: Chicago Area
Good morning!

JV Buns & Gun HIIT - 25min
ePilates Arms Challenge Day 1 - 16min
JS 6 Mile Mix - Steady Burn - 15min

Emma's Arm workout today focused on triceps and was wicked hard, but i liked it. JV's HIIT workout was OK. What she called warmup was straight up frist exercise, so technically there was no warmup - as far as I'm concerned. At 6:30 am I need a warmup before I move onto squats and kettlebells. There was nothing wrong with this workout but I'm just not loving Jessica's style of pilates.

Donna, good luck with your L&S decision. Fortunately, I have zero interest in this set. The idea of slow-and-heavy 50min strength workout fills me with dread and lifting weight 5-6 days/week just isn't for me. I know that most workouts are shorter than 50min, but I am definitely a cardio girl and I need to move, so this set is not for me. Nowadays I prefer to mix-and-match instructors and do different types of exercises for a more balanced and enjoyable workout for me.

It will be in the 60s here today so I plan to run some errands outside. I hope everyone has a good day! Waves to all!
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Old 03-08-21, 12:06 PM  
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Location: Maryland, USA
I'm working on talking myself down on Jessica's....I like variety too much and I think I would have a hard time following a 12 week program. I also have to be honest in that I haven't used her Get Strong DVD very often and one of the workouts on that one is slower paced lifting....

I am thinking that Define & Align may be a better purchase, or heck, a one year subscription to Workout Hotel is the same price as Jessica's program.

And, as I posted on GD, I have programs that have longer weight workouts, like Gilad's, etc., that I don't do very often - b/c they are long....

So...I am probably going to pass....I just have to hang tight until 3/14! LOL!

I don't think we should feel like we "have" to buy something from Jessica if it isn't our cup of tea, we can always use her You Tube channel to support her. I do still appreciate her and like her workouts, but I'm thinking these sound good, but I am wondering if I would do them for more than a week or two.

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jessica smith get strong

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