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Location: Maryland, USA

1 - Pahla B - March Challenge Day # 1 - Walking w/ Weights; Robin Long - 5 Day Challenge Day 1- Abs, CS 1122
2 - Ellen - Gentle Barre, Jessica Valent Pilates - Pilates & Yoga for Arms, Sciatica Routine; Pahla B - March Challenge Day # 2 - Shoulder Friendly Cardio; short walk; Robin Long -5 Day Challenge Day 2
3 - CS 1123, Robin Long - 5 Day Challenge Day 3; Pahla B - March Challenge Day # 3 - Weights; Jessica Valent - Pilates for Back Pain (10 min)
4 - Pahla B - March Challenge Day # 4 - Power Walk & Balance, Robin Long/TBL - Day # 4 - Mobility; dog walk
5 - Pahla B - March Challenge Day # 5 - Find Your Core, Robin Long/TBL - Day # 5 - Total Body
6 - Pahla B - March Challenge Day # 6 - Met Con; Trifecta Pilates - Abs & Legs Routine; outdoor walk
7 - Ellen B - Sleek Sculpt Express, Trifecta Pilates - Hip Stretches; long walk
8 - CS 1125, Mat Work section of Trifecta Pilates - Pilates Strength workout; Pahla B - March Challenge Day # 7 - Cardio Fun
9 - Lucy Wyndham Read (LWR) - Feel Fabulous Home Fitness Challenge - Day # 1 (cardio/tone), Trifecta Pilates -slow bicycle workout; outdoor walk, Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc routine
10 - LWR - Feel Fabulous Challenge - Day # 2 (cardio/intervals) & Run to the Mountains, Trifecta Pilates - Pilates/Yoga Fusion; outdoor walk
11 - Ellen - Lifted & Lean, JV - Hip Stretches, outdoor walk
12 - LWR - Run to the Mountains, Feel Fabulous Home Fitness Challenge Day # 3 (Lower body), Trifecta Pilates - Stability Ball routine, Jessica Valent - sciatica practice
13 - Ellen B - Slim Sculpt; Long Walk (approx 7.5 miles), Trifecta Pilates - Leg Stretches
14 - Yoga w/ Kassandra - Beginner Yoga; Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc Routine; Long Walk (approx 6 miles)
15 - Ellen - Abs & Arms; Yoga w/ Kassandra - 10 Min Morning Stretch; LWR - Feel Fabulous Challenge Day # 4 (10 min HIIT) and Run to the Mountains
16 - LWR - Feel Fabulous Challenge Day # 5 (Body weight circuit), Ellen - Yogini Sculpt, YoQi - Purge & Tonify
17 - CS 1128; Ellen - Sleek Side Body; outdoor walk, Jessica Valent - Balance Practice, Herniated Disc practice
18- CocoLime Fitness - Low Impact Walk & Tone; Full Body Tone & Stretch, Senior Shape - 10 Min Stretch; Blessful Body- Love Your Core Day # 1
19- Ellen - Upper Body Blast; Jessica Valent - Lower Body Blast
20 - Trifecta Pilates - Basic Weight Workout, Primary Pilates Flow; long walk
21 - Ellen - Lengthen, Strengthen and Breathe; Jessica Valent - Scoliosis Routine and Pilates for Better Sleep
22 - Jessica Smith - WS 1.0 - Cardio Party; Stretch routine - Floor; outdoor walk, Jessica Valent - Sciatica practice
23 - Jessica Smith - WS 1.0 - Total Body, Yoga w/ Kassandra 10 Min Morning Yoga - Flexibility; outdoor walk
24 - Jessica Smith - WS 1.0 - Brain Fitness Fun, Unshaken Yoga - 20 Min Morning Yoga
25 - Jessica Smith - WS 1.0 - Fusion Workout (title??), Unshaken Yoga - Gentle Morning Yoga
26 - Campus Walk (10k steps), Ellen - Affirmative Flow, Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc Routine (part 1)
27 - Jessica Smith - Yoga for Beginners and Beyond, A.M. Routine, Long outdoor walk (7-8 miles)
28 - Jessica Smith - 15 min walk and 15 min standing abs (from 30 day set), chair stretch from Gentle Stretch DVD; Jessica Smith WS 1.0 Dynamic Stretch; outdoor walk
29 - Jessica Smith - WS 1.0 - Upper Body; CS1123; outdoor walk
30 - Jessica Smith - WS 1.0 - 360 Abs; Heart & Bones Yoga - Gentle Hip & Shoulder Mobility, outdoor walk
31 - Jessica Smith - WS 1.0 - Lower Body, outdoor walk
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Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Michigan

1. Jessica Smith 4 Power Walk Mile 1 and KCM Body Training first half.

2. Since I slept so crappy, I didn’t want to do a workout that tired me out even more so I just did Cathe Lower Impact Step (no blasts) and her Total Body Strength just upper body.

3. Inner Dimension TV Yoga Basics

4. Cathe Athletic Step Warm-up and combos 1 & 2, IMax 4 warm-up and step combos 1-5, then back to Athletic Step for the stretch. (Forgot I used to like this stretch ).

I broke down and bought Jessica Smith’s new Lift and Shift program. I really need to do more strength training and this is mainly that. As some of you already know, I’m not a fan of streaming but I’ll give it a go. I really have had no motivation at all for a while now and thought since this is new, it might help. Who knows.....but I need do something. I’ve been slacking off and really need to get back into my old frame of mind. Plus I figured on some of the shorter days, I can add a little cardio if I feel like it. I figured you have a 60 Day money back guarantee, so I’ll give it a try.

5. Jessica Smith Lift and Shift Total Body Strength Compound Supersets. It was a little harder than I expected. In this one after you do one set of each exercise, she repeats all the exercises a second time so very easy to shorten and only do one set which end about the 30 minute mark. (Which was tempting ), but I did both this time but you never know in the future. I did lighten up the weight on a couple exercises on the second set. I found she didn’t move to fast on this so easy to go heavier if you wanted.

6. Jessica’s new Lift & Shift Fine Toning. This you did barefoot, used light weights and only 30 minutes. It was sort of like a fusion type workout maybe???? Some balance, push-ups with core stuff, clam shells. Lots of muscles I normally don’t use and some exercises were really hard for me. She crammed a lot into the 30 minutes. Afterwards, I did the first mile of Leslie’s 5 Mega Miles.

7. Nothing.....Pretty much a slug all day except for making dinner.

8. JS L&S Total Body Definition Supersets. This one has 4 total sections.....Lower Body, chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms, and Abs. Each section has Supersets of a couple exercises done back to back, then repeated again? I did both sets of all the exercises except only one set of the abs at the end. I liked this one. I found the lower body section was pretty tough especially doing that second set. So far, I really like these workouts. They move pretty slow and controlled and are not easy but easy to grow with as you get stronger.

9. Jenny Ford’s Coast to Coast Step Alta Hiit. I love Jenny’s 2 step HIIT workouts. I wish she would do more of them.

10. Jenny Ford Step Across America Georgia and JS L&S Mobility Moves Wind down.

11. Jessica Smith’s Lift and Shift Total Body Stamina. I did two sets (there are 3) then did Rick Bueller’s Feel Good Walk off YouTube and called it a day. So far, I really like Jessica’s new set. It is not easy and has room to grow.

12. JS L&S Lower Body. This one sneaks up on you! It is 3 Circuits with 2 Rounds in each circuit and a set of Band Walks in between each circuit. I did both rounds of Circuit 1 and thought, “okay not too bad” but the first round of Circuit 2 kicked my butt. I ended up skipping round 2 so I could at least do the first round of Circuit 3 and after the first round of that, I was done! I have a long way to grow with this one! This one sort of reminds me of the lower body premix on Cathe’s Total Body Trisets.

13. JS L&S Upper Body. In this one, Jessica did 2 circuits with 2 rounds in each circuit with a set of band pulls before each circuit. I did all of circuit 1 and one set of Circuit 2.

14. IDTV Gentle Hip Opening but I didn’t care for it. To much on your knees and my knees were not happy. I ended up quitting at about the 20 minute mark and doing a few more hip stretches on my own that she wasn’t doing.

15. JS L&S Total Body Circuit. This one is 3 circuits with 2 rounds in each circuit. I did the first round of each circuit. Again, I found this one hard. Lots of grow room.

16. Jenny Ford’s Zion National Park Step.

17. Jessica’s L&S Core Control and about half of Mobility Moves. Just didn’t feel like doing anything today.

18. Leslie Tone Every Zone Upper and Lower Body Circuit Walk.

19. L&S Total Body Strength and rode my stationary bike for about 15 minutes.

20 - 23. We’ve had upper 50’s/low 60’s for highs everyday since Saturday so did a 30 minute walk every day and on March 22 I also did JS L&S Compound Strength (one set each exercise).

24. 30 minute walk outside. I got my 1st dose of my vaccine yesterday and my arm felt like someone punched me in the arm as hard as they could with their knuckle!

25. KCM Body Training 1st section and 2 short walks during the day with Mara. We had her here all day and she is staying the night.

26. Jenny Ford Walk Across America Utah and Jessica Smith Lift & Shift Upper Body 1 set of each circuit.

27. Jenny Ford Walk Accross America California

28. Piyo Fundamentals.....I thought it was going to be more of a workout but it ended up being just an instruction video.

29. Jessica Smith’s 10 Minute Walk[/B] dvd....Powered Up Walk and Dance Walk and Piyo Lower Body.

30. Leslie’s Brisk & Steady 10 minute walk and Piyo Upper Body. I’ve decided I don’t like Piyo and should’ve stuck with my original thought about it years ago and not try to reacquire it.

31. LITE Body Weight and Bands and Extended Stretch
"You're not going to get the butt you want sitting on the one you have!"
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Location: British Columbia, CA
MARCH 2021

02/28: 25 min weightloss w-o (livelyladies YT) + DIY standing core

01: 55 minute neighbourhood walk + DIY quick rotational moves routine.
02: 30 min Fun Walk (livelyladies YT)
03: break/rest
04: 20 min Cardio, knee-friendly (livelyladies YT)
05: 10 min barre+weights (wellthy boss YT), 25 min energy Walk (livelyladies YT)
06: 30 min gentle Hiit (livelyladies YT) + DIY step-ups practice
07: 15 min of Walk-jog w-o (livelyladies YT)
08: break/too tired
09: 25 min chest/UB + little cardio w-o (livelyladies YT), 8 min of cardio 'finisher' (popsugar YT)
10: 15 min sweaty cardio (livelyladies YT) + DIY calf burnout
11: Cardio walk w-o with tummy work (livelyladies YT) + DIY shoulder mobility and rotational work
12: just 5 mins of DIY standing core and a stretch
13: break/rest
14: 2.5 mile Walk (livelyladies) + quick hamstring swissball work
15: Cardio no-repeats to exhaustion (livelyladies) + quick core floor work
16. 25 min Power walk w weights (livelyladies)
17. having trouble logging in again usually ..... No
18. No workout/very tired
19. 17 mins of a cardio burn w-o by exercise TV + some rotational work
20. No workout/break
21. 25 minute Power Walk for legs (livelyladies) + floor hip strengthening
22. 55 minute outdoor walk in the rain
23. Core toning Walk (livelyladies) + quick deadlift practice
24. 25 minute 3000 step walk (livelyladies)
25. Just some easy mobility work
26. 30 min fun cardio w-o (livelyladies) + upper body w tubing
27. 30 min gentle walk (livelyladies)
28. Kettlebell drills & a little mobility
29. Daily indoor walk (livelyladies)
30. No workout
31. Daily indoor walk (livelyladies)
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More core, core, core...

26. BEAST: Cardio + FIT|SPLIT: Low Impact Cardio Timesaver Premix
27. Yv2: RIO + BUILD: Shoulders, 16 mins + Yv2: SS
28. Wildcard Day!!! - STEP BOSS: PHA 3

march 2021...

1. BEAST Cardio + 10MS Tummy Toners: Yoga Abs


2. rest day...
3. S90: Tabata Inferno + BULK: Chest + Yv2: RIO. P.M. Yv2: SS
4. BUILD: Legs + CDF: 5 Mins Core on the Floor + Yv2: MYB. P.M. Yv2: WISI
5. BULK: Shoulders, 15 mins + BULK: Back, 25 mins + FIT|SPLIT: Boxing Bootcamp - Just Boxing Premix. Skipped some of the sets in Shoulders and the Pullovers/Pull Downs in back. Way too many shoulder exercises for me.
6. Yv2: RIO + BULK: Arms + KS Tummy Trimmers: Standing Abs. Good ab work. Did all of Bulk Arms Ďcause I love working my arms. P.M. Yv2: SS
7. BEAST: Cardio + JS Tummy Toners: Abs & Waist Definer + KRISTIN D: Hi/Lo Recharge. First time doing Hi/Lo Recharge even though I bought it a long time ago based on AnMrsDe thumbs up. Loved it! Also managed to get the Oven Off off my kitchen floor. I tried some of everything and it was the last thing that crossed my mind that got the job done - Mr Clean MagicEraser (Extra Durable).


8. XTRAIN: Tabatacise Level One + BUILD: Chest/Tris. P.M. Yv2: MYB + Yv2: WISI
9. BULK: Legs + KS: Tummy Trimmers: Stability Ball Abs. Really enjoyed stability ball abs. The movements are at a good pace and not a crazy amount of reps, no dread.
10. ZUMBA EXHILARATE: Rush + BUILD: Back/Biís + JS 10MS Tummy Toners: Crunch Free Abs + Yv2: RIO. Another good abs routine. P.M. Yv2: SS
11. BEAST Cardio + BUILD Shoulders, 20 mins + KRISTEN D: Hi/Lo Recharge, 45mins + stretch
12. Wild Card Day!!! - CL: Warrior Kickboxing + Yv2: WISI. Nice visit with Cathe... Was a Beast bad@$$ this morning and was able to keep up with the kick outs, did all reps. So as far as Iím concerned itís definitely a strength/core/flexibility thing. Iím enjoying core work, who knew? Iím also thinking about my next rotation. Peak Fit is in first place, next Met Rx, and maybe JNL Fusion. P.M. Yv2: WISI
13. BEAST: Total Body + YV2: RIO. P.M. Yv2: SS


14. BULK: Chest + ZUMBA: Activate + KS TUMMY TONERS: Core Abs. Loved Core Abs, this is the one workout that I did often when this DVD was first released.
15. rest day...
16. BUILD: Legs + ZUMBA: Rush + Yv2: RIO (1st 15 mins). Love!
17. BULK: Shoulders + BULK: Back + Yv2:SS (1st 15 mins)
18. High^^^^^ - BODY BEAST DONE! Faster, Stronger, Leaner! . Love, Love, Love! BEAST: Cardio + BULK: Arms. Iím going to miss those boys! I will do another round later this year. I plan to sample Met Rx, Peak Fit & JNL over the next week to determine which series Iíll do next.
19: KRISTIN D: Hi/Lo Recharge - Did the whole enchilada this time which includes core work. 84 minutes. Wasnít tired during the day and for the last two nights have woken up around 3:30 (thinking omg, itís really 2:30) and not been able to go back to sleep.


20. First day of Spring and my brotherís birthday! Love! JNL: Shoulder Shredder + Yv2: MYB. Iím going with JNL for now. These will be great at shredding and shedding fat after completing BEAST. No warm-up or stretch. I have the BEAST warmups and stretch memorized so did a 2.5 minute BEAST warmup and short stretch. I kept the volume low and listened to my music. I remember not liking the music in these workouts. There are so many workouts that there will be lots of variety. Also I think if I ever get tired of doing the same cardio 3 times in a row, I can cycle through the cardio by doing cardio 1 then 2 and on and on until we are done. Itís over so fast that I didnít have a problem doing the same cardio 3 times in a row today. I was in the office last week so printed the worksheets, printed color cover pages for my DVD cases and ordered 8 DVD cases to use instead of the 6 DVD cases that I currently have. JNL has 16 workouts. Also did the same for Peak Fit & Met RX. So many DVDs in these programs and I hate the cardboard boxes that these are packaged in. P.M. Yv2: WISI
21. JNL: Fusion Lower Body. Sweat starts rolling down my face 3 minutes into these workouts. Typically, it takes a good 20 minutes into my workouts before I start sweating. Iím going to dig these workouts. Also, glad I canít hear bald dude Ďcause I can see that he likes being extra, for no reason. Also did ZUMBA COUNTRY: Crazy Country + KS Tummy Trimmers: Standing Abs.
22. JNL: TKO Fat Blaster. I enjoyed this one as well. Dude, just stop. Ok, can easily avert my eyes. The afterburn is real. Iíve felt warmer than usual (usually freezing) and my checks and nose were flushed for a long time yesterday. Not a fever, I checked, lol. Plus metabolic workouts kill my appetite so havenít been hungry until hours and hours after my workout but when I do feel hungry, itís immediate and I feel like I can gnaw my arm off if I donít get food in my belly right away. P.M. Yv2: SS
23. JNL: Bicep Builder + Yv2: RIO + KPC: Stability Ball Abs. Another good one! Glad that you donít actually have to hear what JNL is saying in order to do the workouts. She seems earnest but with the volume very low I miss everything other than the antics. The other big ++++ about BEAST is that I can now rep push-ups on my toes. I could do a few before but they were always hard, now, dare I say it? It felt effortless and I could hang for all 9 sets in this workout. I was doing 15 to 16 reps per 30 seconds. I almost want to do another round of BEAST right now to maintain my gains. P.M. Yv2: MYB
24. JNL: Lean Legs + ZUMBA: Letís Dance + JS 10MS TUMMY TONERS: Sporty & Sexy Abs. Loved Lean Legs, too! I used middling weights but will use heavy weights going forward. I noticed the modifier with 3 or 5 # weights, really? Sheís a great modifier though. P.M. Yv2: WISI (15mins)
25. JNL: Crazy Circuit Cardio + 10MS PILATES ON THE BALL: Pilates for Flexibility. Another JNL winner, lots of standing core work. Finally got my car windows tinted yesterday, I wanted to get it done before it started getting really warm. I felt so exposed with clear windows. Now I can go back to giving bad drivers the finger.
26. rest day...


27. JNL: Upper Body Transformer + ZUMBA 101: Dance, Dance, Dance + Step By Step. Another good JNL, used heavier weights. I had so much fun with Dance that I had to do Step By Step. Beto is so charming and his personality really shines in Step By Step. About a month ago I finally upgraded my workout tv, went from a 19 inch to 32 inch, bought a Blu-ray DVD player with Bluetooth so that I could connect my wireless headphones. The sound is way better through my headphones than the tv speakers (not buying a sound bar).
28. JNL: Ballistic Backside + Yv2: SS + KS TUMMY TRIMMERS: Stability Ball Abs. Another JNL winner. P.M. Yv2: SS
29. JNL: Speed & Agility + ZUMBA BLITZ: Zumba Charge + IS: PUB Stability Ball Abs/Stretch + KS Cardio Fatburner w/o#1. Another JNL winner. Ha! Shortest yet at 18 mins.
30. JNL: Shoulder Shredder + Yv2: RIO. Love! P.M. Yv2: WISI
31. JNL: Fusion Lower Body + Yv2: RIO. Realized today that I should have taken a recovery week after BEAST. No energy in my jumps today so next week will be a recovery week. Iím also going to do another round of QI GONG 30 Day Challenge.

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
- Motivational Sticker
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Join Date: Sep 2009

1. KCM Lean Body Circuits
2. Stepping Alive
3. Pure Barre Mile High 1 and 30 min walk
4. Walk Strong Upper Body and Interval Mix, 30 min walk
5. 60 min walk
6. Rest
7. Mountain bike ride
8. Walk Strong 3 - Metabolic Conditioning, 30 min walk
9. 60 min walk
10. 60 min walk
11. 60 min walk (The weather has been so perfect here that is hard to stay indoors. I am trying to enjoy it before it's just HOT.)
12. 60 min walk
13. Rest
14. 45 min walk
15. 60 min walk
16. 60 min walk and Shut up and Train w/o 1
17. 60 min walk and Essentrics Stretch in Motion: Hips & Hamstrings
18. 30 min walk, Tracie Long Stronger Longer Vol. 1
19. 45 min walk
20. Rest
21. 60 min walk
22. 60 min walk
23. Rest - not feeling well
24. KCM - Strong and Lean w/o 1
25. 30 min walk
26. 60 min walk
27. 30 min walk
28. Rest
29. Cathe Strong and Sweaty Boot Camp, 30 min walk
30. 45 min walk
31. Cathe ICE Boot Camp Circuit, 30 min walk
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Dancing Queen
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
Post Moving in March

Cardio Total: 28.5 min/day (last month 33.0 min/day; PR = 55.4 May '20)
Strength Total: 11.2 min/day (last month 8.3 min/day; PR = 17.2 Aug '20)
Yoga/Meditation Total: 21.4 min/day (last month 23.1 min/day; PR = 47.7 Mar '20)

Word for the Year: Flourish

1 Sexy Moves for the Club (Basic Moves), 13 min PT, 9 min meditation, Sara Ivanhoe Beyond Basic Yoga for Dummies (Meditation)
2 Jessica Dance Walk (Dance Walk), Marisa Tomei Core and Curves (Ten Moves in Ten), 13 min PT, 37 min meditation
3 Jessica Dance Walk (Latin Dance Walk), 13 min PT, 12 min meditation
4 Jessica Major Metabolism Booster (Pyramid Power Walk), Marisa Tomei Core and Curves (Best Legs Workout), 13 min PT, 12 min meditation, Om Workshop (Meditation 1)
5 4 min PT, 9 min meditation
6 Jessica 3 Weight Loss Walks (30-Minute Walk), Marisa Tomei Core and Curves (Body Definition), 11 min PT, 18 min meditation
7 Debra Mazda Walking Fit (Quick Walk), 14 min PT, 8 min meditation
8 7 min dance party, Jessica Burn Fat and Have Fun (Steady, Ready, Go), 12 min PT, 10 min meditation, Om Workshop (Meditation 2)
9 14 min dance party, Jessica 10-Minute Quick Walk Mix (2-Mile Walk), 11 min PT, 10 min meditation, Nicky McGinty Ballet Yoga (Workout 1)
10 Jessica 3 Weight Loss Walks (40-Minute Walk), 17 min PT, 9 min meditation, Om Workshop (Meditation 3)
11 8 min dance party, Jessica Tone Your Trouble Zones (Flat Abs Walk), 11 min PT, 9 min meditation
12 Jessica Strength and Balance (Barefoot Fusion Walk), 12 min PT, 11 min meditation, Om Workshop (Meditation 4)
13 Leslie Mix and Match Walk Blasters (Advanced Walk), Nicky McGinty Ballet Fitness (Coppelia Legs / Ankles / Feet; Firebird Core / Belly / Back, Cinderella Dance Expression), 11 min PT, 10 min meditation
15 Ellen Super Fast Body Blast, 11 min PT, 17 min meditation
16 Body Groove House Party 2 (Workout 1), Nicky McGinty Ballet Yoga (Workout 2, Cool Down), 12 min PT, 11 min meditation
17 Body Groove House Party 2 (Workout 2), 12 min PT, 12 min meditation, Blissology (Wednesday Meditation)
18 Body Groove House Party 2 (Workout 3), YBB Hip Hop & Abs (Booty Blaster), 18 min PT, 9 min meditation
19 6 min dance party, YBB Hip Hop & Abs (Hip Hop), 11 min PT, 11 min meditation
20 4 min PT, 17 min meditation
21 10MS Dance Off Fat Fast (Flashback), YBB Cardio Cabaret Burlesque, 11 min PT, 8 min meditation
22 4 min dance party, Jessica 21-Day Plan (Cardio Core), 4 min PT, 13 min meditation
23 3 min dance party, Body Groove Spicy Latin Dance Party (Workout 1), 13 min PT, 10 min meditation, PREVENTION Easy Healing Stretches (Thighs and Legs)
24 5 min dance party, Body Groove Spicy Latin Dance Party (Workout 2), Gina B. Power Walk through the 60s (Walk 1, Cool Down), 12 min PT, 8 min meditation
25 Gina B. Power Walk through the 60s (Warmup, Walks 2 and 3, Cool Down), 12 min PT, 11 min meditation, Blissology (Thursday Meditation)
26 7 min dance party, Natalie Joyful Movement: Cardio, 12 min PT, 10 min meditation
27 35 min indoor walking, 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
28 30 min dance party, 4 min PT, 18 min meditation
29 Ellen 7-Day Workout Challenge (Feel Good Fusion), 12 min PT, 9 min meditation
30 Body Groove Dance Your Heart Out (Alive and Strong), 4 min PT, 35 min meditation
31 Jessica Walk Strong 3 (Boogie I.T.), 12 min PT, 11 min meditation, PREVENTION Easy Healing Stretches (Neck and Face)
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Location: IL
Elsie!!! So great to see you this month!!

Also good to see amg back!!!! As well of all of us regulars!!!

ETA: Great to see Chrys and Cab back this month also!!

Happy March!!!
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March - hopefully getting back to workouts
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Welcome back, Chrys - I hope you are feeling better!!
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Location: Severna Park, Maryland, USA
Hi All,
Keeping busy on our AMT. Snuck in a couple of bike rides on the 50+ degree days. And also managed to get my 1st Covid-19 vaccine shot !
Waves to all,
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just the workouts

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