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Old 05-25-22, 11:20 PM  
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Originally Posted by momofcha View Post
I decided to try the walking one but there is no breakdown of miles? It just says the steady walk is 50 minutes. I would have loved it if it popped up when one mile is done and then two, etc. i didn’t have time for the whole thing so I just stopped but have no idea how far I walked. Disappointed in that but the workout itself was nice.
My bundle isn't arriving until Friday but I've noticed some of Jessica's workouts have mile markers that pop up (like in the 4 Mile Power Walk dvd), then there are some dvds that are divided into individual mix & match miles, and then there's at least one dvd (Walk Off the Belly Fat 5 Days a Week) with a walk on it that's named "3-mile Flat Abs Power Walk" but IIRC there are no mile markers in the walk (though I think there's a countdown timer at the very end). Someone please correct me if I'm remembering wrong about the 3-mile flat abs walk having no mile markers.

***Correcting myself: There is a bell ding as well as mile markers on the 3-mile Flat Abs Power Walk!!!***
I don't know why I can power through 3 miles on this one without thinking but on ones like 4 Mile Power Walk, I'm clock-watching and looking for excuses to quit after mile 2. I must like the former workout better? I still do enjoy having the variety of Jessica workouts because there are some steady state walks that don't get into mileage and are more time-based--like the first workout on the 21-Day set (Cardio Core Walk) and the Cardio Party walk in the 6-week set.

I only mention the variety because depending on the day, some days I prefer the Jessica workouts with no mile markers (because otherwise I might be tempted to call it a day after mile 2) and other days I definitely want the mile markers. So I kind of like having some workouts without the mile markers. Maybe I'm weird that way?

In any case, I'm excited to try at least one of the walks on the 5k one on Friday.

Last edited by adawn; 05-25-22 at 11:35 PM. Reason: Edited to add paragraph correcting myself.
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Old 05-26-22, 06:19 AM  
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Originally Posted by Joni O View Post
My question is more about whether I would be satisfied with a workout that can be done using only 2 sets of weights when I'm used to workouts that require more - like maybe it would be too easy if you only need 2 sets of weights to do it.
If you prefer "Gym style" training these might not be your thing. Usually Jessica keeps things moving right along, using moves that require balance, coordination and concentration targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time.

I never find her workouts "too easy" and they provide a good challenge.

There seems to be a good variety with this set and I'm glad the workouts aren't as long as her "Lift and Shift" program.

Do you have Jessica's Walk Strong 3 programs? Disc 4 (Strength) has an Upper, Lower and Total Body workout. How did you like that one? How about her Walk On Get Strong workouts? She uses a step in one to do cardio intervals between strength training moves. And, the other workout is strength exercises only, with compound moves.

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Old 05-26-22, 06:41 AM  
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There are now two reviews up (on Amazon) for Total Body Strength. They are not detailed breakdowns of the workouts. But, the key is that the pace is "comfortable" so not too fast or slow.

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Retro rotation with Kathy Smith, Denise Austin, Margaret Richard and Gilad!
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Old 05-26-22, 06:54 AM  
Joni O
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Thanks for the comments everyone. I do prefer gym style workouts and have tried a lot of Jessica strength and don't prefer her style. Based on the clips, I had decided not to buy and I'll stick with that decision.
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Old 05-26-22, 07:01 AM  
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Originally Posted by LeslieM View Post
The digital downloads have chapters every mile for the Walk A 5K (The Fun Way) workout.

I have not seen a countdown timer yet. ☹️ (I'm a fan of the countdown timer)
Interesting that the digital downloads have the chapters, I have the DVD and don't have that option. My choices are Steady state walk; fast walk. Haven't seen any chapters.

I miss the countdown timer also.
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Old 05-26-22, 09:16 AM  
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Just did Fusion Flow Sculpt. I liked it. A lot of balancing. My quads were screaming at me during the beginning where she does front & back sliding with the disc. I found it easy to switch between using and not using the disc throughout.
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Old 05-26-22, 11:38 AM  
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I've done all of the workouts on the 5K dvd. Count me as another person who misses the countdown timer or at least a quick pop up saying when you hit a certain mileage marker. I've always enjoyed that feature in other walking dvds. Maybe Leslie Sansone has spoiled me since majority of her walks always give that info - to me it's always a great motivator of how long I've got to go still or how much I've already done. Both the Steady and Fast Walks do offer modifications - Jessica is great about showing the easiest option first and then options on how to increase the impact. The Fast Walk does different cycles of slow then fast then slow again with a bell sounding when each round is starting. The setting is gorgeous outside and I can see myself using this dvd often once we get back into cold weather when I can't walk outside.

I hate compound moves...I hate them! But I keep trying dvds that include them so shame on me? LOL So far, I've done the 48 mins circuit and both Total Body strength workouts. They all include a lot of compound moves. There are some moves where you're working 1 muscle group but most often it's doing an upper body mixed with lower or some sort of balance move. These workouts do seem to be at a slower speed than the Walk Strong 3 set. I enjoy the slower speed so I can concentrate on form more and do heavier weights. Yes, the dvds say 2 sets of weights but really you can have as many sets as you need or want - there is time between most moves to increase or decrease. Also, after the 1st workout, you'll know more what moves are coming up so you can better plan which weight you need to use. Overall, I did feel like I got a good workout even when modifying or not doing the lower body move while working the upper body etc. I look forward to doing these workouts again since I'll be better equiped to play with the weight amounts more. Jessica is encouraging in all workouts giving options and support to continue or do what is best for YOU!

The stretch dvd is the one that I most wanted but somehow I'm not loving it yet...The setting is gorgeous but after doing all of them, I know I've liked some of her other stretches more on other dvds. There is a couple moves in each that either I'm doing it wrong (very possible!) or I just don't see or feel what is supposed to be stretched. I will try all of them again but at this point, feel like I may put this one aside and enjoy her other stretches.

I'm glad I bought the full set because I do want to support Jessica due to she's still willing to put out dvds!
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Old 05-26-22, 12:15 PM  
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Maybe some of you would consider writing reviews of Jessica's new workouts for the VF reviews. Seeing as she still makes DVDs and all.

June 2022 "Write a Review" Challenge!

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Old 05-26-22, 03:10 PM  
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Full Body Flow and Fusion Flow Sculpt

I was looking forward to Fusion Flow and Glow. I like gliding disk workouts.

I did both Full Body Flow and Fusion Flow Sculpt today. I started bare feet then had to put shoes on since the disks were not comfortable on my bare fit. I have the disks Jessica has but for carpet.

I didn't care for Full Body Flow. The first half was fine, the second half was OK. I need to do it again to decide if I like it. This has a lot of core work in plank formation. I like plank work but it sometimes puts too much stress on my wrists, even with the Wag gloves.

I liked Fusion Flow Sculpt. I used 3 lb weights. There was a lot of balance work which I like and need. The rep count was 8 slower and than another 8 faster. This workout makes the DVD worth keeping. I'm not into fusion type workouts but this one was OK.

I didn't have time to preview or fast forward through the other 2.

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Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
Maybe some of you would consider writing reviews of Jessica's new workouts for the VF reviews. Seeing as she still makes DVDs and all.

June 2022 "Write a Review" Challenge!

Bless you. I miss being able to just go and look up reviews. I guess people feel like they can't be as casual about what they say? I never have a full view of a DVD (or rarely) and I am too wordy and end up not making sense because of this) so that is why I don't, I'm a hypocrite, but I miss them!!
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jessica smith, strong + centered, strong + centered reviews, strong+centered series

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