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Old 01-03-22, 03:23 PM  
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Kittybug I thought I saw somewhere (maybe an email from Travis, maybe a facebook post from him) that the PY108 classes were supposed to be intermediate level. Also, I believe someone commented that they felt like the practices were extremely similar to some of his other practices - can't remember if it was Level Up or Ultimate Yogi.

I still have Inner Dimensions but I haven't done any of the PY 108 practices. I haven't really done any yoga since I hurt my back in August. I tried a few easy yoga practices and it seemed to make my back worse so I didn't dare continue with them. But now it's almost a year since I purchased ID and I haven't done much from it AT ALL. Boo.
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Old 01-03-22, 05:00 PM  
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We have two Reiki Masters in our midst! That's pretty cool!!

Kim, I'm sort of with you -- no more yoga for me right now with my pain which the PT says is my back and a nerve. She didn't actually give any sort of name to it. At any rate, no bending forward for me, so that knocks out an awful lot of yoga but fortunately for me, my subscriptions ran out mostly before this happened and I feel I did get good usage from them. Sorry it's not working for you! As for the new release, kittybug, when I saw what it was about (after a lot of teasing lead ups), I was surprised, because it did seem like a rehash of a rehash. Seems like he needs to come out with something actually new.

So lazy today! After a few sunny days, we are back to drizzly overcast and it just makes me want to not do much. I feel "frozen".
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Old 01-03-22, 05:05 PM  
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Workout yesterday- Lauren Brooks, Cathe and Hamelin. Anyonr doing Lauren's squat challenge?

This is the first year that I did not participate in the marathon. I just was not feeling it, nor many other things lately. ..

Bee and Cataddict- I love hot weather although I would not want it year around.

Chel - I am not sure of any of the mobility workouts are free on Youtube but I will check.

Kittybug and Manelym-I love the workouts on the Terminator DVD. I miss the days when Cathe would mix segments from her various DVDs.

Vintage-Congrats on the second degree Reiki certification. You are talented indeed!

Bee-, it is funny but I do not like any of Cathe's cycling workouts. For me spinning/cycling is driven by music and the music in her cycling workouts, well let us say is less than stellar.

Bee and Vintage- I use my Apple watch most days of the week. I like not having to have my phone with me.

Manelym- To me 4DS is one of Cathe's best series. The premixes in this series are aong Cathe's best.
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Old 01-03-22, 06:19 PM  
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horusosiris...please don't go to any trouble looking on YouTube. Just thought I would ask since I am not purchasing DVDs these days.

bee...keep us posted on your appointment. And thanks for the feedback about the watch.

mickey12...possibly snow this week. Hoping it's just a light dusting

kittybug and vintage vfer...impressive certifications!!! VVfer...and thanks for the watch information. Very helpful! Glad you like it so much.

So we had some sad news. My daughter's friend's dad died from Covid yesterday. In his 50s. Front line worker. This is the second father who covid hit hard. Another friend whose dad was a doctor needed a lung transplant. He was the pulmonary guy at our local hospital. We know so many people who have it these days. Crazy high numbers at my daughter's school. I asked the principal if she could go virtual for 2 weeks and he said no. That they have it under control and all the cases are from outside the school. So ridiculous!!!

On that note, my husband is just starting to feel better today. He strongly believes he had some sort of flu. Despite negative test at home. I have been lysoling everything. Hoping to stay symptom free.

Today I did the cycling class with the top 10 songs of 2021 in Peloton World. Another good one! Bee and horusosiris...completely agree music makes all the difference! They use all original music for all their classes, not just cycling. And if you don't take it Live, you can see the soundtrack ahead of time. Bee...they offer a 30 day free trial I do believe. I followed it up with a 5 minute standing core. Definitely challenging for me and my balance. Then I did Cathe's Yoga Relax Express Premix #1. Really loved it, much to my surprise. Good moves that really helped me to stretch and I like how long she held each pose. Can't move too quick these days.

Stay safe and healthy!!!
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Old 01-04-22, 03:49 PM  
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Another top 50 Peloton cycling class. Only one more to do. Then a 20 minute hip hop walk. 10 minutes of light weights - bicep focused. Also hit chest and shoulders some. I’ve been doing a 5-10 minute meditation daily since the new year. Sometimes in the morning. Otherwise at bedtime. Determined (my word for the year) to stay consistent with the meditating.

Hi and Happy Tuesday to all!
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Old 01-04-22, 04:58 PM  
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horusosiris you're sounding pretty down and I'm sorry. If there's anything I/we can do to help, please let me know! I think this pandemic fatigue has moved past the fatigue stage and into -- well, for me anyway -- some sort of frozen existence. Where I know I would be happier if I did xyz or I would feel better if I ate something healthy instead of xyz, but I'm just stuck. I know that a lot of us feel lonely and yet it's hard to reach out to friends and loved ones. It's just tough. Maybe for you it's more about work stress -- maybe I am projecting all the rest! In any case, we are here to help! And no squat challenge for me -- I think squats are not in my immediate future for now.

Chele, I'm so very sorry to hear about your daughter's friend's dad. That is so very sad!! It's hard to lose a parent as a full blown adult. My heart goes out to that family!! My husband gets so mad about the anti-vexers because of the front line worker and hospital resources. I don't think this was his idea, I think he read it, but he was saying that the thing that will finally get the anti-vaxers to finally take it seriously is if the medical insurance companies will stop paying their expenses if they are not vaccinated. I don't know if they can legally do it, but it sounds like a great idea to me. Oh, and what the principal said to you.... that doesn't even really make logical sense. It doesn't matter where the cases are coming from, it matters that they are there! I'm sure that was your immediate thought. I'm sorry this is looming large for you, but glad to hear your husband is feeling better!

No workout for me yet today -- I do the physical therapy stuff every day of course, but that's just boring to report -- I was off to the cardiologist this morning. He's happy with everything -- nothing much I can change and he hopes I never have to see him again. I actually really liked him -- he spent a long time with me asking all sorts of questions and explaining the pro's and cons of statins.

Waves and big hugs to all. Seems like we all need it!
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Old 01-04-22, 07:55 PM  
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Hi Watulans!

Today started with Shovel MAX. Ouch. We had a crazy storm over night and weren't supposed to get snow, just wind and rain but nope, it snowed. I want to be a weather man so I can be wrong all the time.

We thought it would melt, but nope, it didn't, and when I went out to deal with it, I underestimated the weight of that snow. My first shovel twinged my back a little because it was heavier and wetter than I expected. It took me way longer than normal due to the weight and having this built up icy stuff under it too, gah.

Next I did The Viper which I didn't realize was 83 minutes long! Oye, so this day got away from me and I didn't get enough done. Oh well. Tomorrow will be better. I hope.

Oh my, HUGE hugs to you ChelePA and your daughter and her friend. That is so awfully sad! I'm glad to hear that Mr. ChelePA is feeling better though.

Horusosiris, big hugs to you too...I've been feeling that way as well, not ~feeling~ it with regard to a lot of things. You are not alone, just know that! I agree with Bee, I think we're all kind of struggling at this point.

So Kim, that yoga series is definitely a notch down from even the original UY which is fine for me right now. Like you and Bee, I went for weeks without any yoga or barre due to pain. I'm very cautiously dipping my toe back in right now because I'm feeling so stiff but yeah, the minute it aggravates anything, I'm out. I will not be renewing my ID subscription when the time comes.

Gotta run and get dinner started and feed this bunch of vultures who are circling me right now. Do your cats campaign to get fed the way mine do, any of you? Just curious! Stay fierce, Watulans!!
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

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Old 01-04-22, 08:39 PM  
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Bee what kind, thoughtful words you had for Horusosirus, you’re a good one, for sure. It stinks that so many of us are feeling sort of down but it’s really great that we have all this support.

I’m curious about your cardiologist appointment. Can you share his thoughts on the cons of taking statins? I had a discussion with my PCP because I think my LDL is too high. He says it’s ok and I don’t need anything. I’m concerned though because my husband always had good cholesterol numbers and ended up with three stents because of blockages that were discovered quite by accident. It was an eye opener for sure. So naturally I’m worried that since my numbers are a little high, I will end up with blockages that are undetected.

Kittybug my cats are pretty tolerant as far as feeding time. Finley really doesn’t care about when he eats. Rudy may meow a little then he goes and sits by his dish and waits for me to come. He’s such a gentleman!

I’m also not going to renew my Inner Dimensions subscription. Not because I don’t like it, but just because I don’t use it enough. I literally have three shelves of yoga DVDs.

Tonight I did workouts from The Firm Zip Trainer series. I did Cardio 1 and Sculpt 1. They move really quickly through the moves so I was sort of behind but I did ok. The workouts are only about 20 minutes each but it was fine since I did two of them. I also like using the zip trainer as a stool when my laptop is on the coffee table. It’s just the right height and lots more comfortable than sitting on the floor.

Have a great evening everyone.
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Old 01-05-22, 09:28 AM  
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Bee…your post to horusosiris also spoke to me. Besides my accident challenges, Covid has weighed heavy these past 2 years. I just want to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Hugs to all.

Kate… please keep us posted on Justin‘s pet scan. I have been thinking of you.

Winston is a grazer throughout the day. No set feeding times. Has been like this since he’s a puppy. Of course I was nervous he wasn’t eating so I probably created the craziness. He just had his yearly appointment and is a little overweight. I know it’s because I am not walking him 2-3 times per day. I told my husband and daughter once they’re feeling better, they need to get back to his daily walks in the neighborhood. Funny part is he was the runt in his litter. The breeder thought he might get to a max of 10 pounds. He’s double that size. The vet wants him at 18 pounds. She said it’s pretty common in the first year for them to overshoot their weight and then settle in to where they need to be. But he definitely doesn’t get the exercise like he should. So much happening in this house these past few months.

Not much sleep last night. So I did a 20 minute peloton walk. Followed with Cathe’s Yoga Relax Express Premix #2. If I have more energy later, I may add cycling or core. We will see.

Waves to all…have a great day!
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Old 01-05-22, 11:27 AM  
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Hi everyone,

I agree that we're all feeeling that Covid fatigue. I think that what's hard for everyone is that when we think we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, another variant appears and brings back to the starting point as if everything we've done was for nothing! It's hard.

Virtual hugs to all of you who are feeling down these days. We're here for you.

Chele: I'm sorry about your daughter's friend's dad. So sad. The return to school is postponed until the 17th. They might go virtual after that if there's still too many covid cases.

Today, I tried a Caroline Girvan leg workout. It's one of her 20 min. pre-Christmas ones. No weights. Ouch! I think I'm going to walk funny for a few days... Proof that you don't need weights to challenge your legs!
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fierce watulans, watulan check-in

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