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Old 11-26-05, 03:50 PM  
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Unhappy *Updated* So, Pam Cauthen was fired from The Firm...

I don't know how appropriate this post is. My apologies if this is out of line. I read over on the FBC that last Friday Pam was relieved of her duties at The Firm. At first, it was assumed to be a rumor. But one of Pam's yoga students confirmed the story to be true. Pam was let go because her new yoga studio is a conflict of interest with The Firm studio.

I'm really disappointed to learn Pam has left The Firm. She is one of my favorite instructors. In the last 2 Firm series, her workouts were some of the better ones. She usually had moves that were different than what I've come to expect from the GT Firms. This was especially true of JF Buns, which became my favorite of that series. She'll certainly be missed in my exercise room.
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Old 11-26-05, 04:08 PM  
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Wow...that's too bad. I always liked Pam, her workouts from BSS4 are great plus Firm Strength is one of my all time favorites. Hopefully the workouts she leads won't disappear or anything.
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Old 11-26-05, 04:56 PM  
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Wow, I love Pam!! Maybe she can do some yoga videos?
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Old 11-26-05, 05:05 PM  
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Location: Florida
I'm shocked!

I love Pam too! Maybe they can recruit her at WHFN. The other instructors have various projects going on that are all fitness related. She was very motivating to me and it would be a shame if she didn't make videos in the future.
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Old 11-26-05, 05:35 PM  
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I wonder why the yoga studio was considered a conflict of interest? Even though there's Firm Yoga, it never seemed to me at least that the FIRM was pushing yoga as a Firm thing. The Firm w/os seemed to emphasize the combination of weight training & aerobics.

That seems kinda classless to me - just firing her like that. JMO of course.
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Old 11-26-05, 06:52 PM  
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Poor Pam - but yes, I can see why the Firm might feel threatened by her new yoga studio.

Presumably, she has a following. And that part of her following interested in doing yoga with her just might follow her over there (and away from the Firm).

It's competitive out there.
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Old 11-26-05, 07:07 PM  
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Aline: Your avatar picture is amazing!!
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Old 11-26-05, 07:47 PM  
Joni O
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The Firm does offer yoga classes and Pam was one of the instructors. She co-taught a class during the last Firm trip.

Odd though - if a person is a member of the Firm, I'd guess they're a member for Firm classes and not just for yoga classes. Why would the Firm lose any business over Pam offering yoga classes elsewhere? Oh well - I have no idea what was in her contract so I shouldn't comment.

I guess I'll just need to go to a different studio to see Pam the next time I visit the Firm.
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Old 11-26-05, 08:15 PM  
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FYI-- I'm not sure if this has already been posted elsewhere, but here's an article about the new studio:
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Old 11-26-05, 08:34 PM  
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Firm Strength still gives me major butt DOMS and she she seems so gentle doing it!! I think they're making a mistake.
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