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Old 04-01-22, 10:50 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2017
Go UConn!!! Great game!
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Old 04-02-22, 08:46 AM  
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Peloton workouts included 10 minutes core. 10 minutes light weights and arms. 20 minutes upper body medium and heavy weights. 20 minutes treadmill walking.

My daughter decided last minute to go to her semi. It was rescheduled from the fall. She also has prom in a month. She’s such a no-nonsense girl. Borrowed her dress. Doesn’t want her hair or nails done. She’s tagging along with her best friend and boyfriend. She said I don’t mind being the third wheel. Ha ha. There’s actually a whole group that will be at her table and not all of them have dates. This is so out of character for her. She avoids most dances. I think she realized after Covid that she needed a little bit more socialization in her life. Hoping she has fun!
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Old 04-02-22, 08:57 AM  
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Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
Just realized it’s been a month today since I used my cane and shower bench. I know you ladies understand how much that means to me. Continuing to make progress New month. New goals.
Congratulations Chele! Such milestones make you realize all the progress you've made and how far you've come!
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Old 04-02-22, 09:13 AM  
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Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
Just realized it’s been a month today since I used my cane and shower bench. I know you ladies understand how much that means to me. Continuing to make progress New month. New goals.
Congratulations to Chel! Inch by inch..progress is incremental!

If you love great period pieces, then I would recommend watching this series-The Gilded Age. The costume design by itself is worth the watch. I am already looking forward to season two. I have given up on a return of Victoria. Maybe it will return in 2023?

I am now doing a week of Erin Stern's weekly workouts. Yesterday I did legs and that was manageable. Maybe tomorrow I will do Cathe's new kickbox CL.

Happy Saturday to All!
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Old 04-02-22, 04:48 PM  
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Hey everyone......

congratulations to Chele on no cane nor shower bench! That's actually great milestones! I'm sorry about the burning you feel -- I'm sure that gets as old as all those squats and calf raises -- with no good music accompanying it. My husband has a lot of hardware in one of his ankles, but I don't think it really bothers him, so maybe there is some hope? I hope so. When he had the visit with the surgeon after and told the guy he wasn't taking any pain meds because he was afraid of getting addicted, the surgeon told him this is one of the worst breaks he's ever seen and my husband really ought to be taking the pain meds. Oh, I hope your daughter has a great time at the dance -- I think it's fantastic that she feels comfortable deciding she wants to go and not making a huge deal over it -- she just wants to go and have fun with her friends! That's how it should be.

Wow, that UConn/Stanford game!! Stanford really didn't play very well. Truth be told, my hubby was rooting for UConn but my son and I were cheering Stanford. Now that it's done I will be happy to see UConn play again Sunday. Getting ready for the second men's game tonight -- I don't know if I'll watch the first game -- maybe. I cannot believe how expensive those seats are going for!!

kittybug, now that you mention it, I think you told us about the shaman mama and I had forgotten. It sounded familiar. Nice to have someone like that in your life!

lavna/manleym, I'll be checking out the Caroline workouts. She just keeps cranking out stuff -- pretty cool!!

Oh, the new Downton Abby movie.... I don't know when but I did see the trailer for it. Looks like they are going in quite an interesting direction.

Workout stuff..... I forgot to tell you guys the other day when I did the Cathe Live Cardio Party (maybe I haven't even been here to report that -- I cannot remember). At one point she said something about doing power scissors and I said "oh no" and right away on screen Cathe said "oh yes!". So funny. Yesterday I did Perfect 30 Pump lower body and I tried going really heavy. Holy cow my heart rate was high! She doesn't not have much rest time built in and I was really trying to get her to channel Cee, but it just didn't happen. I had to pause my dvd!! Today no workout. We had people show up here at 7am to do a weather balloon launch. Pretty cool, but there was a lot of slow set up time where I actually could have done a workout but I just didn't want to risk missing the big moment.

horusosiris, still no HBO here, so no Gilded Age for me, but I think I'll watch the trailer for a glimpse of those costumes.

Off to shuffle laundry. Hope you're enjoying the weekend, all.
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Old 04-02-22, 06:38 PM  
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Happy Saturday and belated RABBIT RABBIT!

Friday I did CL 49 Boxing with Leg Blasts, and I absolutely LOVED this one but geez Cathe really seemed to have eaten her Wheaties, my goodness! Non-stop sweat fest that sort of channeled elements of RWH, good stuff!

Watulans, we had such a scare today on the way to the store...a huge truck drove by and kicked a rock up that smashed dead center of my poor lil' car's windshield. I literally ducked because this thing was the size of a potato and coming straight for my head. Scared the begeezus out of me! Glass claim filed...hoping they can fix rather than replace, but we'll see about that. Not fun!

Is anyone else concerned about FN2 because we haven't heard anything? I'm a bit worried and hope all is okay.

ChelePA, AMAZING!! That is simply amazing progress. You must be so pleased! I love that, new month, new goals.

Manleym, how did you like Kick, Jump, and Jab? That's on my schedule for next week!

Yes, Nathalie, keep us posted on what you find out. One of these days I'll try her workouts, hah!

Kim, you're a doll. Just sayin'! Sorry about the rain and no walk though, and the power issue!

Horusosiris, I KNOW on The Gilded Age sets, costumes, all of it. LOVED the ending and now want season 2!

Bee, I just laughed so hard at Cathe talking back to you...what timing!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone!
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Old 04-02-22, 10:09 PM  
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Hi all,

I'm here! Been a lot to process this week, but I'm still doing my workouts.

I've been continuing the Cathe Live metabolic/circuit/bootcamp type workouts, modifying when I need to and doing them from oldest to newest. I've also started using a 4 inch step and have done a couple of shorter Kat Gates' intermediate step workouts and modifying fewer moves since they tend to be less twisty. Today I did a golden oldie from Cathe---1995's Step Heat. I did it without the step and it was plenty fun and some good ol' cheesiness mixed in. Yes, it was HOT.

Chele, your progress is just amazing!! So many victories! Your daughter may be trying to be more social as she realizes that high school is almost over and college is so different. It's great she's getting in on some of the high school events---dances, etc. while she can.

bee, hah! I talk to Cathe too, but I think her answer would be more like "I'll pretend I didn't hear that."

Kim, I knew there is a new Downton Abbey movie coming. So many productions seem to have been slowed down by the pandemic. Like horusosiris, I am waiting for a new season of Victoria. I have a couple of Gay Gasper's workouts. Her stuff isn't overly complicated and she has a pleasant and encouraging personality. I don't think I have the one you did, though. Glad you liked it! It's fun reading about the old workouts you are doing.

FN1, sweet of you to worry about me. I'm okay, just having a bit of a tough time, but I will get through it. I'm a Fierce Watulan, after all. I have the Peak 10 calendar rotation as it's one of the few that I've done. I will look for it and see if I can figure out a way to duplicate it. It is pretty sizeable, IIRC. Of course I've scribbled all over it. It was tough and I was definitely ready to be done with it at the end, more because I have exercise ADD. And YIKES on the rock hitting your windshield!! So glad you are okay and didn't lose control of your car!!

ToddlerW, so glad you had no fracture!! I smiled at your Moby reference. The info you posted about the blood oxygen level was interesting. I have a Fitbit Versa 3 and my level is always 95% and above but have no idea about the particulars of the readings. I tend to take the stats with a grain of salt (meaning the calories, number of steps, etc. etc.)

horusosiris, sorry you are at a standstill with your hand. I'm sure it must be next to impossible not to try to use it.

I'm so far behind I know I've forgotten some of the comments I wanted to make. Ugh! I know I will think of them later.

I was very nervous throughout the whole Duke game. I think I was the only one who thought UNC had a good chance. They have looked so good in all their games. They will have their hands full with Kansas!

Waves to all!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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Old 04-03-22, 07:32 AM  
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Kittybug… how very scary! I’m so relieved that you are OK.

Bee… also looking forward to the UConn game today. We went to see them play several years ago. Lots of fun!

Cataddict… I know how hard it is to get into a new mindset and change the type of workouts you have been doing for years. I’m still not sure when my progress and recovery will max out. I’ve had to alter so much these past few months. I’ve become a master at it. I know you will find joy in exercise once again. It takes time to process.

Thanks ladies for the positive words regarding no more assistive equipment. I wasn’t sure if that was ever even going to be a possibility. My bigger goal is to be able to return to driving in the future. I need to work on things both mentally and physically for that one.

Peloton workouts included 10 minutes standing core. 40 minutes cycling. 10 minutes yoga: focus flow on hamstrings.
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Old 04-03-22, 09:05 AM  
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Hey Watulans!

Chele so funny about your daughter’s attitude about the dance, no frills or fuss. I recall when I was in school we were not allowed to the prom if we were not paired couples. There was no such thing as going without a date. My niece went to her prom with a group of friends too. That was about 10 years ago and apparently it was quite common. Times change…

Kittybug what a scary story about the rock coming at your windshield. Terrible. I’m glad it wasn’t worse.

Cataddict I was able to copy the Peak 10 calendar and I sent it to Kittybug so no need to fret. Yes, Step Heat does have quite a bit of cheese. Glad you enjoyed it.

I also really enjoyed watching The Gilded Age. Yes, the costumes were magnificent and the architecture too. Have any of you toured the mansions in Newport, Rhode Island?

We had such a beautiful day yesterday so my husband and I went for a walk up to the high school and around the track. We used to walk there or at a rails to trails near our house quite a bit but we have gotten away from it since my husband joined a gym. It was nice to have the sun on my face. I really love that feeling. After our walk I even got out a lounge chair for the deck and sat out there for a while with my coat on. I’m very much looking forward to warmer weather.

We recently joined Sam’s Club so went there yesterday. It was an experience. The parking lot was a zoo but the store is so large that it didn’t seem too frantic inside. We will be better prepared next time we go.

Enjoy the day, everyone.
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Old 04-03-22, 09:54 AM  
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Kim… many of her teachers at the Catholic high school were very old-school and said she needed to bring a date. I give her credit, we took pictures at the neighbor’s house which is also her best friend. All the friends that were invited were going as couples. She went along with it like a trooper. I was quite surprised. Felt bad they didn’t think to invite the other kids from the table that didn’t have dates too.
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fierce watulans, watulan check-in

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