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Old 07-02-22, 07:47 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2017
Bee… Love your Heather Locklear story. My only celebrity sightings were Michael J Fox when we were shopping at FAO Schwartz and Britney Spears at the Gap. Of course both in New York City.

Cataddict… unfortunately Mazdas are completely different than most cars I have owned with the control panel, etc. Actually it’s the one negative for me. Not my favorite style. But the price and safety features couldn’t be beat locally. So I’ll be reading the manual this weekend. Ha ha.

Keeping it light today. 20 minutes of core followed by 10 minutes of yoga with focus on chair pose. Headed to a hair appointment.

Happy weekend!
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Old 07-02-22, 10:11 AM  
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bee - What a great celebrity story!

Yesterday, I did Lee Holden's Qi Gong for Seniors (2007). It is very pleasant and relaxing. He filmed this at beautiful Lake Tahoe. (Where I got married. )

Towards the end of the workout I started to get bored and looked out the window to check the hummingbird feeder. There were two large birds and a hummer fighting for nectar. The larger birds were a bright yellow. I had to look them up. They were Orioles that also like to drink nectar. I had no idea we had Orioles here!

I have no plans for the 4th. Just taking it easy and doing things around the apartment.

Have a great weekend all!
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Old 07-02-22, 12:56 PM  
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I had no idea other birds tried to or are capable of drinking out of a hummingbird feeder.

Chele, I feel like NYC would be a much richer environment for celebrity sightings, though I also think they must get pretty good at going incognito. In California everyone spends so much time in their cars. In NYC it seems like you're mostly out in the midst of people -- walking, subway, etc. It seems like a lot of celebrities still take the subway, right?

This morning I did Fuel #21 Legs. I really like her leg workouts (not glutes, so much). Oh, and I meant to comment on the repetition.... it is interesting that though she does a fair amount of repeats, it somehow doesn't feel repetitive. I'm not quite sure why. I did the full finisher today and left it on and actually I did sort of recognize that song, but.... I mostly turn it off early and don't hear it.

Kim, I thought about you this morning, well, all of you guys, but especially Kim. I went walking with a friend at the tree farm and on my drive home a little tiny fawn got a lesson in how to run fast fast fast in front of a car with slamming brakes. Wow that little thing came out of nowhere. Usually I'm pretty good at spotting them, but fortunately s/he was ok. Very cute. A friend had a deer jump onto the top of her car once -- she was driving next to a hill and it was on the hill but apparently wanted to cross the road.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!
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Old 07-02-22, 03:33 PM  
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My best friend lives in New York City. Near the Museum of Natural History. I canít begin to tell you how many celebrities she has seen in her neighborhood as well as when out to dinner. She frequents a secret bar (haha) where many celebrities like to go. Bradley Cooper was there on her last visit.
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Old 07-02-22, 05:34 PM  
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Originally Posted by cataddict View Post

FN1, now that you've teased us about your celebrity encounters, you will need to share at least one of them or I will invent something and that might not be pretty. What model Saucony shoes did you get?
Oh, goodness, we can't have FN2 making up stories....I have a feeling something about pole dancing would be said! It's a busy day Watulans, but I promise to email some celeb stories tomorrow. I don't want to post them online and you'll understand why when I share.

FN2, I got the Saucony Cohesion 11 which I think is an older model. I swear I've had it before only I mistakenly got a size wide which didn't work out for me. The Saucony toe box is already wide enough which is a blessing, and I'm hoping this one will work out well for me this time around!
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Old 07-03-22, 09:55 AM  
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KittybugÖ looking forward to the email

45 minute 80s endurance cycling class. This one kept my heart rate in zone 3 for the majority of the time. The music was so awesome I didnít realize how hard I was working. Love when that happens! Finished with a 10 minute yoga class focusing on hamstrings.

Headed to my brotherís house later for a cookout. We will be back before sundown because Winston is not a fan of the fireworks. Hope everyone has a great day!
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Old 07-04-22, 09:58 AM  
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OMG, Watulans, where have I been? I can believe how long itís been since I read any posts here. Yikes! Lots of great stories and good workouts.

Chele, yes I go strawberry picking every year at Pallmans and this year, for the very first time in 32 years, my husband went with me. It was very fun to do it with him. I always make him a strawberry pie. I make two pies a year. An apple at Thanksgiving and a strawberry in the spring. Thatís about all I am good for since I hate wrestling with the crust.

Oh, and great news about the new car arriving sooner than expected.

Cataddict I saw your post about the Frannie workout on Request the Wealth and the response with the you tube workout. Wow, does that look like a fun workout! I need to try it. Those old workouts were so darn good. We are really lucky to have experienced them. I feel like younger exercisers will never know how much fun working out can be.

No plans to celebrate the 4th but we did go to the movies and out for lunch yesterday with my step mom, step sister and her husband. Chele we went to Olde Brook Inn. Yum! You are so right about the food. I had crab cakes and sea bass and it was incredible.

I have a cold so I have missed several days of workouts but Iím feeling pretty good now so I will probably exercise today. I bought a bunch Lauren Brooks kettlebell workouts that I havenít done yet but that step workout from Frannie may be the one I do today.

Stay well Watulans.
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Old 07-04-22, 12:45 PM  
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Hi All! Happy 4th! Our plans were thwarted by covid -- the host, not us. Though he and my husband were together last Sunday and it seems to me that the incubation period might suggest we could see it in our house. Sometimes it seems a miracle we haven't already. I'm actually fine with staying home.

Kim, nice to see you post! I like that you make two, and only two, pies a year. I must confess that when I make pies or quiche I use the Pillsbury pie crust dough in the red box. Never fails.

I have to check out that youtube link -- great point you made about young people maybe never quite knowing the joy of working out. I get that people can like the really intense HIIT workouts, but it's not the same.

Chele, sounds like you had a fun workout yesterday! Hope the time with family was good for everyone -- even Winston! I heard some fireworks when I was in bed last night but couldn't see anything. Once in a while we see flashes but we're too far for a decent show.

This morning I did Fuel #23 Glutes & Hamstrings. Oh my! I used Cathe's blue fabric band for the thrusts and that made quite a difference! When the 50% done mark came on the screen I was really dismayed. Could not believe I was only halfway through. Not a big fan of her glute workouts though I'm sure they're effective. I do like the Tempo workouts and at least this one had that going for it.

I am puttering today. Seems a good day for that. Hope everyone is having a good one!
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Old 07-04-22, 12:54 PM  
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Happy US Independence Day, American Watulans!

Still plugging away at the Caroline rotation. Yes, I have rotation fatigue for sure. I can't see that I could get through her "regular" 10 week rotations "as is" but I can certainly see inserting and/or combining with another series. I think that because Cathe's STS was 3 times per week it was a bit easier for me to get past my exercise ADD and do other workouts in between.

Other than Fuel #25 Dumbell Hiit Cardio (on Sunday) I've done a couple more Chris Dorner workouts. I did Fun & Funky Step (#219) that she does with Michael. Wow, this was packed full of choreography and for me it was fun, fun, fun with few shoutouts. Sunday I followed the Fuel workout with a Basic/Intermediate step (#216 I think) that she does with 2 female participants. This wasn't a Live workout so no shoutouts (yay!) and was a good followup to the Fuel workout--not killer intense but still interesting enough. Both had some great music---the latter had an international theme since both participants hailed from other countries originally. Good stuff! So I recommend these two! manleym, check them out and see what you think!

bee, love the Heather story---funny how old patterns come back when we are in the same situation again, even years later! ITA with you about not being a fan of Caroline's glutes/hamstring workouts but I like the leg ones more than I thought I would. I'm also generally not a fan of her upper body workouts either except the one from last week which I really enjoyed. It felt more "balanced" to me. I understand the concept of 2/3 triceps v 1/3 bicep (not sure I agree, but that's another topic) but I don't think she uses that ratio either--seems more like 90% triceps to 10% biceps. And another 90% shoulders haha. Have you done enough of the rotation to comment? Oh, and I'm no superstar I rarely do the Finisher like she does, but I do my own variations so I always hear the song.

Kim, it is so darn easy to get behind on this thread & I've only missed a couple of days!!! That Frannie workout --- step and the hi/lo --- is my favorite Frannie tape. The stuff she did for CIA is so much more fun than what she did for Sara's City Workouts IMHO. Hope you enjoy it!!

TeenW, so interesting about the Orioles at your feeder! I always thought they were in the east and midwest too, and even so I didn't realize other birds might want to eat the hummingbird nectar.

ChelePA, funny about having to read the car manual! We used to rent cars pretty regularly when traveling and since they don't give you a manual we were left to our own devices. What we learned is: before you start driving, figure out 1) how to turn on the windshield wipers, 2) that they work (that's a story there ) and 3) how to turn on the headlights. Hope you are having fun discovering your new car!

FN1, oh, I can still make up a story or two. I need to pop over to email and comment there, since OF COURSE I have something to say. I saw that Saucony is having a sale for the 4th and the Cohesion 11 is part of it. I will need to check it out. Not that I need new shoes. It is embarrassing how many workout shoes I have.

Ugh! I am Moby without half trying! Guess everyone needs a talent...

Waves to all! Check in when you can!
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Old 07-04-22, 01:25 PM  
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Kim… my husband would love if I would make a strawberry pie. That’s one thing I don’t bake. But many of the local places, use the fresh strawberries in their goodies. If you’re interested in raspberries and blueberries, LaCoe’s should be having them this week I think. They post availability depending on the weather, if the berries are ripe, and how many people have visited for the day. It changes daily.

Bee… sorry your plans changed for the holiday. Our neighbor shoots off fireworks every year. He’s a block over. It’s illegal in Pennsylvania and he’s actually a state trooper. Gotta love it! Winston did better this year than last year. Still nervous but not shaking like a leaf.

Cataddict… I actually haven’t had time to review the controls yet. The only thing I have figured out is how to turn the radio on. Ha ha. The lights and windshield wipers work automatically.

We had a wonderful celebration yesterday with my family and friends. My brother’s house and surrounding area is beautiful—rural location . He has an inground pool as well as a pond with a bridge to cross it. He lives on several acres. It’s like a mini vacation when I go up there. He bought the house a few years ago. I told him I thought he was nuts since we are getting older and there is so much land to take care of. I will be downsizing in the future.. I can understand why he purchased it every time I visit. But definitely too much work for me.

Peloton schedule today was 10 minutes of core. 10 minutes floor barre. 10 minutes legs and glutes with heavy weights. Then I did an 80s movie soundtrack outdoor walk. The music was so much fun and motivating. Loved the playlist! Finished with 15 minutes of hip and lower body stretching.

Happy 4th!
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fierce watulans, watulan check-in

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