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Old 01-29-03, 03:51 PM  
Daphne M
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Cara: your ultrasound

Originally posted by caragoub
Today the PT used an ultrasound to get deep into my shoulders...OWWWW

Cara: I used to get frequent ultrasound treatments when I was rehabbing my left foot (bad PF, sidelined for 7 months.) At the time, my chiropractor told me that if the ultrasound hurt in any way, to speak up -- this meant that the some word I have forgotten, frequency? maybe? was set too high and was actually "cooking" the tissue.

Don't know if it's the same principle for the ultrasound on your shoulder. But my ultrasound always felt wonderful -- a gentle vibration that loosened things up. Only once did it hurt and he adjusted the thingamajig the next time.

So you might want to ask your physical therapist if the ultrasound is supposed to be an OWWWW experience.
Daphne M
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Old 01-30-03, 05:41 AM  
VF Supporter
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thanks Daphne!

I don't know what could be adjusted, but mayve something could...!

In any case I'm listening to her, and not even moving my arms during cardio.

Too bad that rotator cuff book is so expensive! I need to wait on it a bit.

thanks again,

"Take Risks, Make Mistakes, Get Messy!"-Miss Frizzle.
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jennifer rhodes, pee wee lateral

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