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Old 06-25-19, 07:31 PM  
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: South Florida
Attention Lurkers/New Members/Reintroductions: Please say Hi! We want to talk :)

Attention Lurkers/New Members/Reintroductions: Please say Hi! We want to talk

I noticed new members joining regularly so decided to start this thread. We need more VFers joining the conversation. A lurker no more!

1. How do you found VF?
2. Fitness Background
3. Favorite instructor(s)
4. Let us know about your Summer workout plan.

Even if your workouts are not talked often at VF, chime in. I personally want to know about ALL the workouts available! Old School, Retro, Golden Era, Contemporary, Foreign, Stream, YT, paper workouts, Gym, app, etc. Tapes and DVDs are okay

No need to answer all. I am just trying to start a conversation
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Old 06-25-19, 09:47 PM  
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Ohio
Semi-lurker here.

I found VF ages ago from a Fitness magazine mention (I think. May have been Fitness For Dummies)

I started with videos way back with Jane Fonda's Complete Workout. A video I still own to this day. I was always active. Only one of two females on my high school's weight lifting club, one of two females in my coed softball league.

Favorite instructor? IDK. It varies. Right now, it's Jari Love..

Summer workout plan is Jari halfsies mixed with kickboxing and Tamilee's stretch for absolute beginners on the day's I work long hours.
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Old 06-26-19, 05:23 AM  
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Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: New Jersey
Great thread Sharaz! Hello Kitten
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Old 06-26-19, 05:26 AM  
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: South Florida
Hi Kitten! I found and added to a playlist a couple of Jane Fonda workouts on YT. Lately, I have been looking for retro workouts. I may need these someday. My vidiocity exploded fully after Insanity in 2011 or so. Thereafter, searching the web found VF. Was active competing in sports or the gym before that.

I owned 1-2 Jari Love a while back but traded it. There were good! I must acquire some back before hers DVD workouts disappears. I think every vidiot should own a Jari. Thank you for posting
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Old 06-26-19, 07:09 AM  
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Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: S. Illinois
Originally Posted by Sharaz View Post

1. How do you found VF?
2. Fitness Background
3. Who is you favorite instructor.
4. Let us know about your Summer workout plan.

I'm not new, either, but I don't contribute to the conversation much, so here's me--to keep this thread going, hopefully:

1. I used to be active on the old Collage forum and heard about VF through that.

2. I've always been interested in keeping my weight down, so I naturally turned to exercise at an early age. Biking, walking, and jogging were my staples pre-meniscus tear and spinal arthritis issues (among other things!). By the time I joined VF in 2004, I was mostly doing videos and walking. I started with---hmmm...I don't remember! I did get the first two Firms on VHS, though, and I've owned the same step since, like, 1993ish.

3. If I had to pick one favorite, it would be Jessica Smith. But, really, I have different favorites for different types of exercise and sometimes those favorites shift as I find new (or new-to-me) instructors. Past favorites (and still actively in my collection) include Kathy Smith, Chris Freytag, and Karen Voight.

4. My summer plans? Well, my plans are kind of flexible right now, but I am trying to develop my fitness foundations (cardio, strength, flexibility) after being a slug for quite a long time due to health issues, including depression. Right now, I'm doing 20 minutes of cardio most days (at least 4-5 days a week), doing my own strength exercises, almost daily, in a two-day split (alternating between lower body and core/upper body), and short yoga sessions most days (at least 5 days a week). I've been using Jessica Smith and Rodney Yee so far for that purpose, but will probably expand my repertoire as I start to get stronger.

Anybody else?

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Old 06-26-19, 07:30 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Alexandria, VA
I am definitely a lurker and seldom post .

I found VF in 2003 when I was home with my now 17 year old son. I gained a ton of weight with him and I was miserable. I decided I needed to do something and found a Leslie Sansone video at Ross. I couldn't even make it through the 2 miles without feeling like I was dying - seems so far away now.

My dad was a health nut who made us play tennis, swim, bike and jog. I ran track in high school and I was on the drill team.

My favorite instructor - hmmm - that's a tough one as it changes depending on what I'm into at the moment. The ones I have been most consistent with would be: Chalene Johnson, Jessica Smith, Jari Love, Ellen Barrett, Sonia Doubell and Celest Pereira.

I have been concentrating on Leslie, Ellen and yoga thus far. I am having surgery next week and won't be able to exercise for 6 weeks and no full on exercise until 8 weeks. In between time - moderate walking only - nothing to break a sweat. I will have internal stitches so nothing to cause any problems. My plan is to get 3500-5000 steps per day until my 6 week date at which time I will incorporate yoga and light walking workouts i.e. Ellen's Grokker walking workouts, 1 mile Leslie's and Jessica Smith workouts.

I am looking forward to September when I can get back to normal - whatever that is . I am planning my second round of CLX with Jessica Smith thrown in. After CLX, I plan on another round of Walk Strong 3 - I got amazing results when I did it last summer.
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Old 06-26-19, 07:36 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
Lyonmom, best wishes for your surgery and recovery

I also found VF in 2003. My first video was a one mile Leslie I bought from Collage Video (I found them through an ad in Shape magazine or Fitness magazine-do those even exist anymore? ) I remember I could only do the first seven minutes the first time I tried it. It was her "one mile walkaerobics" on VHS! I saved the tape for sentimental reasons.

"Say you are tired and you will be. Believe you are strong and you are." (Sean O'Malley)

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Old 06-26-19, 07:51 AM  
Laura S.
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Location: Raleigh, NC
I try to post as I can, but need to be more active, so here goes. I found VF in 2002 during my first effort to get fit and I've pretty much been around since. I go more to the gym these days, but try to apply the fitness principles learned here to that setting. Right now, I've dug out the only rotation I have ever finished at home and am trying it at the gym, Look Great in 8. On non-gym days, I do band workouts on my own.

One thing I've always loved about VF is that it is more about health and fitness than the specific type of exercise you do.

Laura's Workout Mantras:

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The best workout is the one you will DO
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Old 06-26-19, 07:57 AM  
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Thanks for posting everyone!

Kitten - I've been on a Jane Fonda kick after years of not doing her workouts. I collected all the "new" ones and all of the old ones available on DVD. Hoping that more of her older VHS workouts will make it to DVD, especially step.

Lyonmom - best wishes with your surgery and recovery.
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Old 06-26-19, 08:13 AM  
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: South Florida
I agreed Laura. I love that here I find information about a large variety of workouts from different instructors. Many fitness programs or methods manage online communities and are active trough other social media platforms. However, I donít want to talk about the SAME type of workout every day. I change my interest or focus often depending on my physical and metal state. I am into variety and CHANGE in all aspects of my life.

Choosing a favorite instructor is not that easy LOL (edited original post) I too, cannot point out just one. My favorites are Cathe, Michael Olajide, Sagi and Shawn T
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