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Old 01-02-17, 11:26 AM  
Join Date: Sep 2002
2016 was my worst year -ever. one injury after another, and serious injuries at that.
Best: Jane Adams Gentle Yoga and Yoga for Seniors. I have been doing the lying down sequence and the computer release sequence every AM, it is saving me.

well the new Ellen Barrett release. bought with high hopes. who are those bored, indifferent babes? why is she always wearing the same outfit? Feel like a chump having bought into the "last workout on dvd" scare.

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Old 01-02-17, 11:37 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
Donna- I am sorry 2016 was so rough with serious injuries. I hope this year will be much better-sending you hugs.

I had the same kind of year- not serious injuries but annoying ones. I had tendonitis in my knee twice and strained my left hip. I had bronchitis and several other illnesses. Every time I restarted I became injured or sick. It was a very frustrating year.

I did think of a worst- mine was Ellen Barrett's Dvd also. Another best was the Bellyfit workouts.
"Say you are tired and you will be. Believe you are strong and you are." (Sean O'Malley)

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Old 01-02-17, 11:54 AM  
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Location: TX Panhandle
Best - Jessica Smith's 4 DVD "set" that wasn't a set, the followup to her Walk Strong set. Love the variety in those videos, and love Jessica. Missed Peanut though.

Pilates By Lisa - after trying Lisa's streaming service for the third time - I managed to tough it out. I've accepted that the videos are tough and I don't expect to be able to do every rep of every exercise. I do love Lisa's variety, weekly calendar, production values and cuing. She's top notch for pilates, as far as I'm concerned. Makes my body feel good, even if I can't do it all.

Leslie Sansone's streaming service - this could be a best or a worst, depending on how the new app works. I loved the convenience of just pushing play every day - I hated the constant freezing of the videos. Hopefully they have solved the freezing problem with the new build for the app.

Worst - maybe more just a waste of money - Bar Method's streaming service. I jumped on it this summer when they lowered their prices by about 50%, but I haven't used it much. They need to add more new content.

Ellen Barrett's new DVD - probably another waste of money. She should have done a better job with her last DVD.

Barre3 - maybe a waste of money. I upgraded my subscription when they first introduced their new streaming service. I used it for a couple of months, but was constantly very sore in my high hamstring area. I switched up my workouts to Jessica Smith's new stuff and the high hamstring soreness went away. Hmmm...

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Old 01-02-17, 02:52 PM  
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Originally Posted by Sue B View Post
My favorite new fitness-y thing this year was Pokemon Go. It made me do a ton of walking, often with my teenage daughter, and we saw lots of other young people out and about playing it.
I'm still enjoying Pokemon Go, but where I live, it is a game to play from the car. Outside of a few resort areas, all the best Pokemons and many stops are in parking lots. There is still quite a bit of activity in a nearby small downtown area, but I'm envious of places where you can actually get Pokemon walking in parks.
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Old 01-02-17, 06:34 PM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
My best for 2016 are finds.
Dressed up drills, so versatile. Kristin Dowell

Sweat Total Body Burn, Jen Edwards, time flies and fun

Weight Watchers, Next Move with Michelle Dozois. The workouts are listed as 5
20 intermediate workouts but I found them to be as tough as I need them to be and of course it's Michelle!

Fit by Tracey, Cardio Kickboxing Challenge. Fun and without the Les Mills style of we are so super hip, super cool and super duper best in the world feel.

XTF One on One, like this one and other products this company puts out.

No Worsts on DVDs because I wait for what I buy due to price and by that time I know what I am getting by reviews.

My worst was belonging to a gym for one year. Mostly Les Mills classes and personal trainers filling in and not understanding group fitness.
There was only one group fitness leader taking classes with old school training and her own choreography which was awesome but she only took one class a week and it was packed to the rafters. Best part was coffee mornings, social lunches and other events. To be fair to the gym it was friendly with good equipment and spin bikes kept in good repair. I feel, over all in the year I kept up regular workouts, in the times I traveled I used bands but I did not love it and worst of all I feel I have lost strength and motivation to work out hard.
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Old 01-02-17, 07:50 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2016
Best for me: Cathe of course including Live, finding Kristen Dowells Dressed up drills, I fell in love with Tracey Mallett, did more Ilaria Montagnani- she rocks and finding Anni Mairs Force workouts! Oh...and my new Century Wavemaster XXL boxing bag.

Worst: some kickboxing DVDs that were duds. Other than that I can't complain!
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Old 01-02-17, 08:00 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2009
I don't have a worst as I was recovering from an illness the first half of this year and barely working out.

The best find for me has been Pilates by Lisa. I never felt so good. Also, my best discovery has been water aerobics! I gave it a try after injuring my foot and now I feel the injury was a blessing in disguise. I'm addicted! So much fun, and tough.

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Old 01-02-17, 11:47 PM  
Sue B
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Originally Posted by LynnO View Post
I'm still enjoying Pokemon Go, but where I live, it is a game to play from the car. Outside of a few resort areas, all the best Pokemons and many stops are in parking lots. There is still quite a bit of activity in a nearby small downtown area, but I'm envious of places where you can actually get Pokemon walking in parks.
It helps that there are a lot of Pokestops around here. Starbucks and Sprint dealers now have them, so our local mall has a bunch, and people frequently put lures on them. I love how they keep adding new things to the game. I have one Ditto, a bunch of the cute Santa-hatted Pikachu, and am still trying to get the new ones that are supposed to hatch from eggs.
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Old 01-02-17, 11:55 PM  
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Location: New Jersey
Originally Posted by marki64 View Post
I thought the cardio was really boring. I like her premix, it makes it more enjoyable. But doing the straight cardio is a major dread. The music is awesome though.
Ah thanks!
"You humans have the potential to be the most wonderful beings there are - if you can get past all these enormous stupid spots you seem to have in your hearts. It's not your fault. You just don't know how to work your hearts right yet. That's why there are dogs." - Jim Butcher, Zoo Day
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Old 01-03-17, 12:28 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2003
My bests were:

1) Pilates 30 Days to Flat Abs with Caroline Sandry. This MAY be the first time I've finished a whole rotation; I did take about 40 days, rather than 30, but I enjoyed it and really strengthened my core.

2) My Essentrics TV subscription. I signed up in early November and have done a CS workout nearly every day since. I don't know if it's having any aesthetic effects, but I feel good after doing them and generally look forward to them. What I miss is having a program to follow, so I've started just moving through season 11 in order.

No "worsts" really--except for my recurring SI joint, rotator cuff, and achilles injuries
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best of, group rx, power music, power music group rx, worst of

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