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Old 07-07-13, 10:21 AM  
Vintage VFer
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Question Cosgrove's Drop Two Sizes: Sub for High Pull?

I don't want to do high pulls. What would folks doing D2S suggest instead? Is there another option in her book?
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Old 07-07-13, 10:43 AM  
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I have the book on my phone so I took a quick peak. I didn't see an alternative, it serves as the "power" exercise in that workout, so maybe dumbbell or kettlebell swings would serve much of the same intended purpose?

ETA: Or look at the Power exercise in the next phases to see if those are more suitable. In Phase Two it is a "Push press" which looks like a squat + shoulder press all in one motion and in phase 3 the book shows a box jump/jump squat in A and a Jump lunge in B.
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Old 07-07-13, 10:58 AM  
Sue B
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You could substitute another upper-body power exercise, like plyo pushups, kettlebell snatches, or med ball slams or tosses.
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Old 07-07-13, 11:30 AM  
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I did KETTLEBELL high pulls. A little different

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Old 07-07-13, 11:57 AM  
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I assume that you want to sub because you have a previous injury that you don't want to aggravate?

If so, then I would say that you want to pick an exercise that has a power component but is safer. I would add, in addition to some of the previous suggestions, to try the movement with no weights. It would be like a squat-jump but your toes don't leave the ground.

There is a Facebook group for D2S. Maybe you could ask for subs there as well.

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Old 07-07-13, 12:07 PM  
Jane P.
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I do a high push (up to a shoulder press) with light dumbells. You could also do the power exercise that she shows in workout B. Just do the same move in both the A & B workouts.
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Old 07-07-13, 02:38 PM  
Vintage VFer
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Thanks for the suggestions!

Deb, I don't belong to FaceBook. (I'm a dinosaur!)

I don't have any shoulder injuries. I just never liked high pulls. I used to do k-bell high pulls, but only with light bells. They seem like an accident waiting to happen for some folks.
Goal:250 / Done:192

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”
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Old 07-07-13, 02:59 PM  
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I have no injuries but don't want to do it either. I previewed and said "no way!" I would need expert instruction first. Maybe I'll ask a trainer at the gym to show me proper form.
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Old 07-07-13, 07:40 PM  
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In Rachel's One Month to Muscles program the power exercises are medicine ball slam and medicine ball side toss.
In her Sleek Strong program she also uses kettlebell or dumbbell swings.
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Old 04-22-14, 09:00 PM  
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Reviving Old Thread...

I'm reviving this thread b/c I thought I remembered seeing a question about high pulls when I did some research on D2S prior to starting the program. I'm now on the last week of Phase 1 (Week 4). Ever since I started the program, I have experienced some nagging discomfort in my right shoulder--it's actually like a knot on the back of my shoulder blade (on the inner part, closer to the spine), but I also have some feelings of discomfort along the right collarbone as well.

Up until now, I haven't been able to connect the problem with a specific exercise, but maybe it's related to the high pulls? Doing those two-handed, with heavy weights, and coming on to the toes definitely feels a bit odd to me (even though I'm fine with doing one-arm kettlebell high pulls). The high pulls only appear in Strength Workout #1 of Phase 1, and I only have one time left to do that one (tomorrow), but maybe I will try subbing the kettlebell high pulls instead.

I do think I am going to need to be willing to do more substitutions if I want to continue with this program--I haven't liked most of the core work, and all of the moves on the hands are starting to really bother my wrists.
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