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Old 04-18-13, 07:46 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Michigan
Kickbutt / Fitprime

I've found some rotations using the 6 Kickbutt & the 6 Fitprimes, but not exactly what I'm looking for.

I'd like to see a rotation using all 6 in a week without overtraining (all 6 Kickbutt in a week & another rotation with all 6 Fitprime in a week). Can that be done with these sets? Or would it be better to split each set into 2 weeks?

These are the workouts:
Kickbutt Steamin Cardio, Heidi Tanner, 2005
Kickbutt Push Pull, Heidi Tanner, Kimberly Spreen, 2005
Kickbutt Floor Burn, Tamela Hastie, 2005
Kickbutt Crunch Time, Tamela Hastie, 2005
Kickbutt Fast Cheetah, Heidi Tanner, Kimberly Spreen, 2005
Kickbutt Strong Bear, Keli Roberts, 2005

Fitprime Flexposture, Tamela Hastie, 2005
FitPrime Lean, Keli Roberts, 2005
Fitprime Lower Body Burn, Melissa Grill, 2005
Fitprime Metaboost, Heidi Tanner, 2005
FitPrime Pump, Heidi Tanner, 2005
Fitprime Upper Body Burn, Keli Roberts, 2005
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Old 04-18-13, 08:00 AM  
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Woodstock NY
I don't see why you couldn't do 6 in a given week. I don't think there is any danger of overtraining.
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Old 04-18-13, 08:34 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Michigan
Thanks - maybe if I knew more if they are light or heavy weights I'd be able to plan a rotation better.
Can anyone classify these 12 for me in the Firm categories:
(Tortoise, Hare, Classic)
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Old 04-18-13, 08:43 AM  
summer breeze
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bethellen, I have some notations I had made several years ago when I received these workouts. I'm not sure if I got this info from yayas or here (probably yayas) and I have never done all the workouts to know how accurate it is, but here goes:

Pump - tortoise
Lean - hare or classic
Metaboost - tortoise
Upper Body Burn - tortoise, upper body
Lower Body Burn - tortoise, lower body
Flex Posture - stretch, yoga, pilates
Crunch Time - tortoise
Fast Cheetah - hare
Strong Bear - tortoise
Floor Burn - tortoise, lower body
Push Pull - tortoise
Steamin Cardio - hare

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Old 04-18-13, 01:47 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2002
I have done a lot of KB/FP rotations and I mix in my firms-BSS1-3, Pink Firms etc for fun. I do not know where the original rotation came from, and I changed it around, so I hope it is ok to post
I really like to add in other firms to keep it interesting
Week 1
Strong Bear
Fast Cheetah
week 2
steaming cardio or any walking/cardio you like
Crosstrainers Strength
crosstrainers Cardio
Fsast Cheetah
Strong Bear- I also like to use the old originals
Week 3
Lean-BSS2 Allie Cardio plus Abs
Pump-Emily CAWT BSS@
Lower Body burn- I use floor burn, Susan Harris or Tamela
Upper body burn
Steaming Cardio- Cardio Killer with Nancy, TriTrainers FAt burn
Push Pull- Bss3 transfirmers strength
Week 4
Susan harris Crunch time or Tamilas Crunch time
Metaboost or Tracy long Basic weights
Steaming Cardio
Maximum Body Shaping or Bss strength (any)
Vol. 2
Week 5
Push pull
Week 6
Crosstrainers Cardio
Crosstrainers Strength
Fast Cheetah
Strong bear- or any firm strength
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Old 04-18-13, 02:20 PM  
Rose Ohio
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Ohio
I love these workouts. I used mine a couple of weeks ago, along with my new Classic Firms from Fitness Favorites. They are so unusual but nice. I plan to do them again soon. Enjoy your rotation!
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Old 04-18-13, 03:18 PM  
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: USA
I LOVE these workouts too! I am not focusing on AWT right now but every once in a while I will treat myself to one of my favorites, Crunch Time, Push Pull, Steamin Cardio, Strong Bear, or Lean. Crunch Time is one of my favorite workouts of all time

I kept and love most of them but have to admit that Lower Body Burn is a throw-away, and while I like Flexposture, it is hard to fit in because it is all over the place.
"Feel strong and beautiful. Be a Tonique woman." -Sylwia
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Old 04-18-13, 03:29 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2008
On the back of each DVD and at the listing there are circle graphs which show the percentage of strength/cardio/yoga/pilates. This might help you to plan your rotation. I believe the old formula is Hare 75/25 cardio/strength; Tortoise 25/75; Classic 50/50. HTH
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Old 04-20-13, 01:23 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2004
I love these workouts, too. has some rotations in the workout reviews and rotations thread. They are older threads.

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firm 90 day rotation, fitprime, fitprime rotation, kickbutt, kickbutt rotation, whfn rotation

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