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Old 03-08-13, 01:30 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Fun thread on a misserable day.

My list, not necessarily in order of favorite:

1. Firm Classic Vol 1 - (my desert island workout)
2. Alter of the Heart yoga
3. Super cuts from X-train
4. Joyce Vedral Bottoms Up Gold
5. Cathe Step/Jump/Pump
6. Imax 2
7. Cathe Cardio & Weights
8.. one Turbo fire - probably a longer one -
9. Cardio Coach Vol 3
10. Kick/Punch/Crunch (but I had a hard time picking just one Cathe Kickbox because I love them all.)

Now I should make up a rotation using these workouts.
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Old 03-08-13, 03:08 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Land of Lakes
1. Cathe Muscle Max
2. Cathe Muscle Endurance
3. Cathe Pyramids
4. Cathe Slow & Heavy
5. Cathe Gym Styles Legs
6. Cathe Gym Styles Chest & Tricepts
7. Cathe Gym Styles Shoulders Back & Biceps
8. Ilaria Powerstrike #6
9. Cathe Tabatacise
10. Cathe High Reps

And I'm holding my STS Set in my hands right!
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Old 03-08-13, 03:24 PM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Stanwood-Camano Island, WA
This is sooo hard to choose just 10. This list is my currant favorite dvds. I have a right to change this after a few

#1 Cathe Crossfire
#2 Cathe xtrain Cardio Leg blast
#3 Tracie Long ReBoot 1
#4 Cathe Tabatacise
#5 Cathe Athletic Step
#6 Amy Bento Ross Drop Set Strength
# 7 Joyce Just Abs
#8 Turbo Fire Fire EZ 45
#9 Cathe STS Meso 2 Hypertrophy week 3 disk 19 Chest Shoulders Triceps
#10 Cathe STS Meso 2 Hypertrophy week 4 disk 24 Back and Biceps(drop sets!)

I could think of 10 more....

thanks for asking because it made me figure out a rotation with my top 10 faves.
"I felt that in ways that I've never felt." Cathe STS Meso 2 Hypertrophy Back & Biceps
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Old 03-08-13, 04:37 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Oh wow, this might require more thought than I have time for, and I reserve the right to sleep over it and edit my list later on, but this is what comes to mind right now:

1. Bryan Kest's Power of Yoga
2. & 3 Turbo Fire HIIT 15 and HIIT 20
4 & 5. Beach Babe (7 workouts!)
6. TA Post-Pregnancy Workout
7. TA Dance Cardio Workout
8. Ballet Body Core
9. Physique 57 Volume 1, full workout
10. Pop Physique Original Butt

“You don't have to be perfect to be AMAZING
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Old 03-08-13, 05:46 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2012
I wasn't going to play...

I wasn't going to play, but kept chewing over it because I could not stop!

Strangely, I only do yoga nowadays, but there are no yoga DVDs special enough to keep if I can only keep 10.

Here's my list:

1.) Firm Vol 1
2.) Firm Vol 2
3.) Firm Vol 3
4.) Firm Vol 4
5.) Firm Vol 5
6.) Firm Vol 6
7.) Original Callanetics
8.) Super Callanetics

I am hoping I can go to live yoga classes and keep my Yoga Today subscription Cardio can always be done outside, on a machine, or at the gym, so no keeping those, either.

Interestingly (and embarrassingly!) EVERY one of these is one I own on VHS! I guess they do have DVDs, but I have a combo player and my tapes work fine (I am SO not a techie person, OBVIOUSLY)-- also, as I said, yoga is what I do now, anyway. However, these 8 give me the best results of any workouts I have ever owned, and I more or less enjoy doing them, too, no matter how dated.

These are the workouts that hooked me into exercise for life.
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Old 03-08-13, 06:32 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2012
Any 10 Leslies.
I'm always ok!
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Old 03-08-13, 08:10 PM  
Lucky Star
VF Supporter
Lucky Star's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: A helluva town
Wow, this is hard!!! My list has to be lunge-free and of course this may change over time, but right now would consist of:

1. Jari Love's Lean Machine (for the 30min Weights & Abs routine, great for weekday mornings)
2. Karen Voight's Great Weighted Workout (weekend routine; classic and no lunges)
3. Erin O'Brien's Strong Body, Ageless Body (has reverse lunges but this is one of my go-to favorites)
4. a KCM 30 Mins to Fitness - have to think which one
5. Firm Upper Body & Lower Body Sculpting (I have both on 1 DVD)
6. Classical Stretch Season 8 (I don't care, I consider this DVD case as one workout )
7. a pilates video, probably Molly Tittle's Quick Cut Pilates
8. a yoga video, probably Jennifer Galardi's Flowetry (but I think will be replaced by Travis Eliot's Yoga Foundations)
9. a versatile Leslie (probably Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan or 5-Mile Fat Burning Walk)
10. a dance cardio (probably Christi Taylor's Pure Spice)

I'd rely on YouTube as a source of fresh dance cardio and other workout options.
~ Gina ~
"Remain cheerful, for nothing destructive can pierce through the solid wall of cheerfulness." ~Sri Chinmoy
"We are so fortunate that we get to exercise!" ~Erin O'Brien

Last edited by Lucky Star; 03-09-13 at 08:26 PM. Reason: thought about it some more and made changes
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Old 03-08-13, 08:59 PM  
Join Date: Aug 2006
Cathe PUB
Cathe STS Disc 7
Ilaria Atletica Volume 3
Cardio Coach Vol 8
Spinning - Crank It Up - Josh Taylor
Cathe- Athletic Training
Cathe Burn Sets Upper Body Premix
Jari Love - Get Ripped 1000
Spin workout - Power Music Revolution Volume 7
Cathe XTrain Tabatacise

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Old 03-08-13, 10:31 PM  
Join Date: Aug 2010
These threads stress me out too much to participate!
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Old 03-09-13, 07:37 AM  
VF Supporter
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Virginia
#1 Cathe XTrain with book. Love the workouts and the plan. Favorite
#2 Cathe To The Max
#3 Cathe Cross Fire
#4 Tracy Anderson Mat Workout
#5 Jennifer Galardi Ballet Body Workout
#6 Leah Sarago Ballet Body Total Body Workout
#7 Jennifer Galardi Sweating Sexy
#8 Tracie Long Reboots (Can I count both 1&2)
#9 Cathe Butts and Gutts
#10 Cathe Drill Max

I do mostly the above instructors with a bit of Jillian thrown in.
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cheryl soleway, group rx, lunge-free, power music, power music group rx

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