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Old 01-13-11, 10:30 PM  
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Dr. Oz's show today...........

I have the upmost respect for Dr.Oz and I am so happy he touched on the subject he did today on his show: Pelvic Prolapse.
This is a very difficult subject to talk about and this may not be the place to do it, I hope Wendy understands and allows this thread
This subject has been so shrouded in shame that few women talk about it but this condition has personally affected my life. Yes, hard to talk about and admit but I feel it is necessary. I have suffered in silence for awhile now, terrified, too afraid to say anything because I truly believed this just didn't happen too many women, I was somehow alone in all this and for that reason, the last few months of my life have been filled with fear and loneliness. I cried as I watched todays show (you can view it on his website, I am having issues posting a link for some reason). It touched me in a way no show has before and I am forever grateful to Dr. Oz for bringing this condition out into the open and removing the shame and fear that surrounds it.
I have a bladder prolapse and when I first discovered it, I honestly felt like I was dying, it was by far the most terrifying moment of my life, the rest of that day I barely remember, I was numb. Through research I figured out what was going on, I still discussed it with noone, not even a doctor could tell me what was wrong, most have no idea about this condition (especially male doctors).
I have since gotten a diagnosis and am living with this condition, it is not yet severe enough for surgery but it has changed so many aspects of my life. The wonderful doctor on Dr. Oz's show today said it is a life altering condition (not life threatening) and she is absolutely right.
I bring this up on here because I want to raise awareness of Pelvic prolapse, let the women who are suffering know they are NOT alone and the women who don't have this condition, educate them on what it is and how they might take steps to prevent it from happening to them.
The doctor's words today about Pilates being one of the best forms of exercise to do to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles has made me rethink and pull out all my Pilates DVDs. I know heavy weight training is out for me now, I will not have surgery until I have to (if ever). My life has changed because of this. I am sharing this with my beautiful VF buddies because, well, so may of you I consider friends, I have "known" some of you since I joined 5-plus years ago, many I have traded videos with multiple times. I know this thread will be read and not judged or criticized, I feel safe to share this with you guys and,in turn, this helps me in more ways then you could imagine. I no longer feel alone, I also had no idea how one show could change so much, give me so much courage.
So, thank you all (from the bottom of my heart) for reading this with the open and accepting hearts I know all of you have Hugs to all of you Judy
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Old 01-13-11, 10:40 PM  
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Hugs to you, yes this is an important subject too. Thank you for bringing the show to our attention, I will definitely watch.

Blessings and best to you.
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Old 01-13-11, 10:44 PM  
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Originally Posted by juberann View Post
This is a very difficult subject to talk about and this may not be the place to do it, I hope Wendy understands and allows this thread
We are trying to discourage off topic threads, but the guidelines are pretty clear: "Exercise, fitness and wellness issues are ON topic, even if they do not specifically relate to videos." Your topic fits solidly within this--no special "dispensation" from Wendy needed.

Thank you for raising an important topic.
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Old 01-13-11, 10:55 PM  
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I am so happy to hear you watched the show and you felt open enough to share your feelings with our community. Thank you for letting us know about your feelings and believe we are here for you.

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Old 01-13-11, 11:34 PM  
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((((HUGS)))) Judy! I haven't heard about this condition so thank you for talking about it.
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Old 01-14-11, 12:28 AM  
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My mother suffers from a prolapsed uterus, but has improved her condition through exercise and mild kegels.

I'd recommend studying the use of mula bandha in all aspects of your life, as was told to me once by a doctor. He gave me a meditation that is centered on it, but I have found great information online regarding the use of it in any kind of breathing, exercise, and (definitely) yoga practice.

I'm sorry you are going through this, but my mother's doctor said that it can be improved IMMENSELY simply through strengthening those muscles.
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Old 01-14-11, 12:31 AM  
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oh, Judy *hugs*.
my momma has this as well.
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Old 01-14-11, 12:38 AM  
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I think one of my sisters had surgery for this, in her 30s even. I'm glad the show brought you needed info. It's nothing to be embarrassed about!
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Old 01-14-11, 06:16 AM  
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I am so sorry you are going through this. But I am also glad you saw the show and have been able to talk about it. Talking about it to others will help you to not feel any shame about this condition. It is not your fault. I have heard of uterus prolapse, but not bladder prolapse. Pilates will help you with the pelvic floor. I hope you sharing this with us, will take away any shame or discomfort you have about this. Dr. Oz is awesome!!!!

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Old 01-14-11, 07:14 AM  
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Sorry you had to experience this. I saw the show as well and was so shocked at how common this really is. I can only imagine how scary this is, especially not knowing what it was/is. My heart goes out to all women who are going through this. Thank you for this thread bringing into light some important health info.
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pelvic prolapse, prolapse

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