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Old 02-12-11, 12:10 AM  
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Yeah, I did the rest of the DVD today too. In addition to the three main 20 minute segments there is a 5 minute standing meditation, savasana, and also on the matrix she included the Heart Salutation from her Radiant Heart DVD.

The meditation was interesting. Some of the abdominal breathing techniques may be over some people's head (I had to think back to my Jill Miller Core Integration DVD), but I did enjoy it. Just to give an idea, she closes it with Nauli Kriya, although she does say that it takes some effort to achieve it.

The second sequence is very flowing. The first portion was similar to her Trance Dance, but still different than what she has on that DVD. She does some fluid vinyasa with side to side movement - I am tight in the hips so did have some trouble keeping up the pace with those. The fluid vinyasa reminded me a little of Fluid Power, probably more than the prana yoga on Trance Dance although there is some overlap there. I liked that she included pranayama at the end.

I also finally did the final sequence with the balance poses and really liked that as well.

I really like all of the side plank sequences she has on the DVD. I lost my place on the balance one a little bit but I think I was getting tired!

I will try to write a proper review soon as well. All in all, I really like this DVD, I like the music on it (cheerful but unobtrusive), the 20 minute routines all stand well on their own and seem very unique from her other DVDs.
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Old 02-12-11, 11:05 AM  
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yes, I sort of liked the free form stuff. Might have to revisit Trance Dance. I remember getting that back in the day I was embarrased to move like that for fear my DH would walk thru, but since then, I've been practicing Kundalini yoga and the free form is now not that embarassing.
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Old 02-25-11, 03:40 PM  
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here's another clip from the DVD , I'm assuming it's from the shakti flow, looks fun.
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Old 02-25-11, 03:47 PM  
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Originally Posted by yoni View Post
here's another clip from the DVD , I'm assuming it's from the shakti flow, looks fun.
Yoni, thanks for posting! I will definitely be getting this one. It will be a nice addition to Daily Energy Flow. I love the 20-minute practices.

Proud P90X Grad
Brought it 4/9/07 - 7/7/07
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Old 02-25-11, 08:50 PM  
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Oh, dear. Love the set & movements. But my flute intolerance is acting up. Is it flute like that all through the DVD?
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Old 02-25-11, 11:21 PM  
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The clip reminded me a lot of Ravi/Ana's Dance The Chakras. Looks like fun.
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Old 03-26-11, 01:06 PM  
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I finally got this DVD and tried it yesterday here's my Amazon review of what I thought about it.
I finally tried this DVD today and definitely enjoyed most of it but all kinds of little minuses made me give it only 4 stars (4.5 stars actually). For more detailed review, check out Jenny G's great review. I already tried Vira Flow a few times before which was available on Acacia's website, I liked it very much and it's my favorite of the 3 flows (as well as the most advanced) since it's the most pure yoga of them all and fits good in my usual practice, it has a lot of standing balances including eagle pose and a whole lot of side plank variations which I like, the minus for me is that you never really hold the standing poses very long. The 5 min core awakening segment includes nauli kriya and such, familliar to me from my ashtanga classes that I used to take but which I never really liked, especially because I can't do all those weird belly things (-:. Body mandala 108 was definitely fitness oriented practice including 12 reps of every move, though I did notice Shiva didn't really do 12 reps everytime... the pushups followed by variations of forearm side plank were definitely challenging but the rest of the practice not so much, but it's a nice warm up, though I think I will get bored doing reps of every move.BTW the volume on this segment was lower for some reason than the other segments which I find annoying. Shakti flow was definitely refreshing, it's a mix of fluid power and a little bit of trance dance starting with some free form dance moves and flowing standing poses, bow and side bow which I liked, finishing with short alternate nostril breathing. The bonus segment that is also in the matrix is heart salutation from the radiant heart dvd which is a good bargain if you don't have it because it's pretty much the whole DVD since the other 2 segments from it are short redundant moving meditations, that DVD was never a favorite of mine either but it's a nice flow of backbends and side opening. The Shavasana on this dvd is 6 minutes which is the longest of all her dvd's which is good but I didn't like the chanting in the song which was loud and distracting for me, she closes this segment sitting with some mudra. Unlike Jenny I don't see myself do this DVD over and over unfortunately since I don't feel it will add much to my regular practice except vira flow which adds some challenge. I wish she would make some more advanced practices in the future that builds up to a certain culminating pose which vira flow came close to. Overall a nice addition if you want something different and definitely nice practices for the morning.. or evening if you're not a morning person like me.
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Old 06-01-11, 08:56 AM  
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Originally Posted by Pat58 View Post
I'm very disappointed in the clip. I recently saw another Acacia offering, a QiGong or TaiChi program, that was filmed indoors in front of the same mottled brown curtain. [negative comment deleted]

I can't wrap my mind around a Shiva Rea practice filmed in front of that dismal curtain. She's the all American outdoor girl, her routines have always been filmed outdoors. Not interested.
Well I came back to eat crow ... because I now own it! Thanks to Kitty and Yoni's reviews, I added it to my Amazon cart in order to get free shipping. Kitty's review made me go look at the clips in detail and I liked what I saw. This morning I tried the short awakening meditation with the uddiana bandha and loved it - felt like the equivalent of that morning splash of cold water to the face, only all through my center. I can't wait to play with the rest of it! Shiva is so gorgeous I don't even really notice the curtain.
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am energy, nauli, shiva rea

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