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Old 03-27-07, 08:32 AM  
Join Date: Feb 2002
DH's comment on FitPrime... and a results Q

I started a FitPrime rotation this morning. Halfway through the workout, DH comes in, looks at the screen a moment, and said, "What is this, the Stepford Wives workout?"

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has had good weight loss or slimming results from doing FitPrime or KickButt? I bought both of them at a good price a month or two ago. I'm trying to do less intense workouts, hoping I'll finally start dropping some weight, and I think these might fit the bill.
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Old 03-27-07, 08:45 AM  
Nuggie's Auntie
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Stepford Wives! So True! The Fitprimes/Kickbutts are a little weird... some odd combinations of exercises, I thought. I can't say I had great results from them, but I've recently pulled them out again as I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy and can't handle anything too intense.

I do think they're pretty well-balanced in terms of incorporating a lot of different types of disciplines (weight/cardio/yoga/pilates.) Good luck with your goals!
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Old 03-27-07, 09:05 AM  
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Georgia
I like these workouts. You get a little of everything in less than an hour. The only move I find weird (and don't do) is the handstand thing in a couple of them. Oh, and the push ups with one hand on the FL is kind of weird and I usually just do straight push-ups.

As far as results, I've come to the conclusion that I could probably get pretty good results with whatever exercise I choose if I'd clean up my diet!
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Old 03-27-07, 09:27 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2005
Last year, I gave up my more intense Cathe workouts and did the FitPrime and Kickbutt rotation that is on the WHFN site. I saw great results, especially in my lower body.

I actually love these workouts.
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Old 03-27-07, 09:28 AM  
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Location: Santa Cruz Mtns, CA
If you do decide to purchase a Kickbutt workout, just wanted you to know they are available for $4.99 and the Discovery Store.
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Old 03-27-07, 09:30 AM  
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Location: Illinois
Yes, I've seen the Firm workout participants refered to as "Stepford Wives" on this forum for many years. Some of the classics especially have a very artificial/scripted stiffness about them. I think my first Firm workout (volume 6) was one of the worst in that respect.
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Old 03-27-07, 09:54 AM  
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Location: Minnesota
They are very scripted, for sure. I bought the 12 pack when they first came out and kept the ones I like-some I think have odd exercises (think duck squat?). I get a charge out of Kimberly Spreen in Fast Cheetah vs. her in her Triple Threat-she is so scripted in the WHFN!

There are a couple that are real keepers, though. I pull these out when I have time for an hour long workout-they are fun and no dread factor.

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Old 03-27-07, 11:21 AM  
Join Date: Sep 2002
The best results I get from these is that I will live to workout another day!! No injuries, no overusing one exercise-like in TJ, I love them, but!!! I get a sore back from the tuck and the punching. I like that that FP and KB give a nice balanced workout. I love the music, love Heidi, Keli, Kimberly.
I like to do these and add on a short cardio-I feel like I am maintaining a good healthy body.
The pounds- that all is in eating clean.
good luck!!

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Old 03-27-07, 11:51 AM  
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Central Jersey
Stepford Wives!

My 16 year old son saw mine and said they were "Robot Women".....

workouts?? pick a number...
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Old 03-27-07, 12:49 PM  
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Arizona
I've only tried one of these (Metaboost/Flexposture--only previewed the 2nd workout though) so far...I've never done a Firm workout. I really like Metaboost, it moves along quickly and mixes things up (great for exercise ADD people like myself), and the production values are great. The scripting is a little odd sounding at times, but I kind of enjoy the campy aspect as a change of pace.

Question...can anyone suggest some Firm workouts which are most similar to this series? I know there are about a million, LOL!
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fitprime rotation, kickbutt rotation, whfn rotation

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