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Old 04-20-05, 03:07 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2004
Combined Kickbutt/Fitprime Rotation?

I bought the 12 pack and have done the first week of the Kickbutt Rotation included with the workouts. Has anyone come up with one that uses all 12 workouts? I was thinking I'd due a month of Kickbutt then a month of Fitprime, however I now think I'd rather mix them all up together. If anyone has come up with anything and would like to share I'd really appreciate it! I'm bad at coming up with them myself. I either follow the reccommended or just do whatever I feel like doing at the moment (which probably doesn't result in the most balanced workout schedule). Thanks!
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Old 04-20-05, 05:12 PM  
Debbie S.
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Hi Bella. Carol posted a rotation combining the two, so check out the rotation forum.

I just finished 4 weeks combining both sets and loved it. I really didn't have a set plan. The workouts just kind of fell into place.

Here's a thread where I posted my last two weeks:
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Old 04-20-05, 08:49 PM  
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Thank you...

I don't know how I missed these ... Well, probably by just skimming. Like many, I have the dvd's, just don't know how to put them together. Now they are printed out and maybe I'll try sticking to them.

Now, if I order the NEW Firms (BSS4) will there be a rotation for me????

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Old 04-20-05, 09:38 PM  
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Oh how fun. I need a rotation to follow. Once I get all the props, I am going to try out my FlexPosture/Metaboost gift!!!! I wish I could try a rotation with all of them. How fun! Enjoy!

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Old 04-21-05, 08:16 AM  
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Jammin (Robin) came up with this GREAT rotation that I'm using; we are using the Fusion Freaks check-in at WHFN. I love it because I can easily work in Low Max, IMAX2, and Callanetics (instead of Pilates):

Robin's Rotation:

Strong Bear
Fast Cheetah
Cardio or Pilates
Flex Posture
Cardio or Pilates

Crunch Time
Floor Burn
Cardio or Pilates
Upper Body Burn
Lower Body Burn
Cardio or Pilates

Push Pull
Steaminí Cardio
Cardio or Pilates
Cardio or Pilates
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fitprime rotation, kickbutt rotation, whfn rotation

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