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Old 12-22-03, 03:29 PM  
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Red face Jackie Chan endorsed Cableflex at Sports Authority for under $20 and I like it.

I would never buy directly from the infomercial since it was pretty expensive (approx. $100 not including shipping) and I'm weary of "infomercial customer service". However, this week the Cableflex is on sale at Sports Authority for only $19.99. Actually I got it for only $10 since I had a $10 coupon! Even if I didn't have the coupon, $20 is still a great buy. I believe this is only available instore and not online. It's the standard set with the unit, handles, ankle attachments, and a 50min total body workout video with JB Berns.

I read reviews on the unit and quite a few people claimed it was a piece of junk and had very little resistance.
When I first attached the handles, I kind of felt the same way. On the highest resistance, the pulley system was a little jerky and I didn't think there was enough resistance. Then I popped in the videotape. I soon found my self decreasing and decreasing the resistance during the course of the workout. My arms were definitely feeling the burn fro the high repetitions. Geez, by the end of the upperbody workout, I was on the lightest resistance. Keep in mind that I've had all the Cathe dvds at one point, Slim Series, various Callanetics, Lotte Berk, etc.

The video fried my arms but the ab and lowerbody work was kind of lacking. No problem though, I'll just create my own.

Overall, this is an excellent buy for $10 or $20. The coupon might have expired but it doesn't hurt to ask the cashier. Say you received a recording on your machine with a $10 off $20 purchase last week and if it is still valid.

When I bought mine, there were only 2 units left on the shelf. You might want to call your store first if they still have them in stock.
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Old 12-22-03, 05:03 PM  
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Thumbs up I really like this system

I got the whole system plus the str8 bar and 3 vids on a trade and really like the system. I love the full range of motion available with this system and like all of the workout vids and it fits perfectly into my lower intensity focus

Barb S
who thinks the intensity has to be on the light side to allow the full range of motion for the shoulders and the handles can be doubled up to work one side harder if more intensity is needed
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Old 12-22-03, 07:45 PM  
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I had one . . .

I had a Cableflex and started out thinking it was going to be a nice way to get a quick, lite workout. But after a few uses, the cables started going completely haywire -- binding up in one spot, creating too much resistance, then suddenly "breaking loose" with NO resistance! It got progressively worse, so I sent it back and got a refund. I hope you don't run into any problems with yours, because it is a fun way to work out. Keep us posted, okay? I'd be curious to know if the one I had was just an exception.
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cable flex

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