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Old 05-16-22, 08:37 PM  
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Originally Posted by edensmom View Post
I listen to that podcast too! I love Jordan.
Jordan is great! I found him through Susan Niebergal. Love both their podcasts
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Old 05-16-22, 08:48 PM  
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For awhile now, I have been following a rotation of doing one day strength or combined strength and cardio, one day cardio, one day yin yoga.

I started this because of feeling like i was overtrained and this has worked wonders.

Right now I am doing an Cathe ICE rotation in this manner, trying to build up some strength.
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Old 05-17-22, 01:16 PM  
Vintage VFer
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I've been doing roughly the same rotation for 3.5 years. I plug in the workouts I want to follow the theme for the day. It has built in rest/recovery days where I can just do some mobility work or stretching. It works fairly well for me:

Sunday: Stretch, Mobility and/or Balance
Monday: Interval Cardio
Tuesday: Upper Body Strength/Abs
Wednesday: Steady State Cardio, Mobility or Balance
Thursday: Lower Body Strength/Abs
Friday: Stretch, Mobility or Balance
Saturday: Total Body Strength

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Old 05-17-22, 01:30 PM  
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Tuesday (Tracie Long) and Friday (Cathe Live) are strength workouts (meaning using dumbbells or bodyweight, not for more than 45 mins)
M, W, Th are Leslie, Ellen, Jessica, usually 30 mins if I'm doing a CS/Ess after, 45 mins if not but I generally keep these really light
Saturday sometimes if I have time I do a 30 min walk and a CS/Ess stretch
Sunday is another Ellen day, but this one is a 15 or 20 min one (which I use to not even consider but now I really enjoy these, they are more than they appear!)

A few weeks ago I overdid it and added more workout time/intensity and haven't lost any weight and felt really wiped out. You think I'd learn by now that overdoing it just isn't what I need right now! Old habits...

Someone asked me recently how I stay motivated, I simply said that "I just keep going." I love consistency and never really feel burned out. Lately I pick a "key word" for the week (usually at the start of he month) so May has been "Five" "Four" "Three" etc. Each workout each week either has a "Five" in the title or is the 5th in a series or has the number 5 in it. These types of ideas makes planning workouts fun because I do a lot of different workouts that I haven't done in forever or possibly ever. In June, I'm picking "Six" for the sixth month, "camp" for summer (lots of "bootcamp" workouts), "legs" for wearing shorts, etc. July will have weeks of "blasts" or "super" or "fire" or etc. Sometimes I pick a word that I've read recently and that becomes the word of the week. Keeps me from doing the same workouts over and over!
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Old 05-17-22, 02:00 PM  
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I've also been floundering without much of a plan, so my workouts have been hit/miss. I like to make a plan for 4 weeks at a time. I've done that for a few months, but haven't followed through on doing them. I want to do 3 total body weights (not metabolic as I've decided I do not like those), 3 cardio days (steady state like a 5 mile walk, kickboxing, and rebounder) and include with 2 yoga, 1 pilates on cardio days. I just haven't been able to make myself do it. Part of the reason is I have so many new to me dvds that I feel like I should either try them first, or just get rid of them and stick to what I know. Analysis paralysis I guess. I'm giving myself until the end of next week to get something together!!
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Old 05-17-22, 02:14 PM  
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No specific workout plans for me.

Lately my cardio has either been Brian Szuki walks or Burpee Girl stuff. If I want to amp either of them up a bit, I add in 1 to 2 lb hand weights.

I do some Caroline Girvan weight stuff, Sydney Cummings, Lift with Cee etc.

Really into Movement with Nicole for Pilates workouts. Kind of lost at sea with yoga right now - I try to do some yoga like twice a week but havenít really found Iím clicking with anyone on YouTube lately.
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Old 05-19-22, 08:26 AM  
Gale K.
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I'm in week 7 of Debra Atkinson's Stronger program. Trying to build up some muscle and its working! Supplementing with walking and rebounding.
Gale K.

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