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Old 07-01-15, 08:48 AM  
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Originally Posted by Gibbee View Post
Also Cathe's Leaner Legs and Muscle Endurance have lots of leg presses.
I did Muscle Endurance full workout yesterday for the 1st time and liked a lot. I love the fact that the leg presses are incorporated between upper body rounds. There are 3 leg presses rounds (2 sets each) So, I varied my steps ups each time.

I like leaner legs too, but more due to soooo many Romanian Deadlifts...perfect
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Old 07-06-15, 12:15 AM  
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The FIRM Super Body Sculpt with Stephanie has a couple of sets of leg presses in it with one set starting from the floor and the other starting from the top of the step.
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Old 07-06-15, 03:01 AM  
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so far we've mentioned cathe, stephanie vitorino, BJ Gaddour, the Firm, WHFN as having employed leg presses on a tall box/high step in the routines.

i just thought of Michelle Dozois' The Ultimate Workout.

are there any other brands/instructors that use it? i was trying to remember if any more, like in CIA or Bodybar or others. does KCM, Tracey Staehle or Amy Bento use the high step?

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Yes. This was my first thought as well. Just did it last week. I also suggest Tough Aerobic Mix which is a compilation of all the Firm classics, except Vol. 5...don't remember seeing Lareine in it.

Originally Posted by firmbogie View Post
I don't know how much variety you can get. Volume 6 of the classics has quite a few.
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