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Old 06-05-15, 07:29 PM  
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Callanetics for Hips and Behind will give you 'a nice peach' shape and it really works that specific area.
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Old 06-05-15, 11:38 PM  
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Thanks everyone!

PrairieGem I am/was a big fan of Brazil Butt Lift but nope, squats and lunges are out for now. But in the past squats worked really well for me; I would always recommend BBL to anyone with good knees.

Videofit Thanks; I really do like Margaret Richard and have all her DVDs/downloads but I just don't feel much of a burn. My endurance is pretty good from years of floorwork etc. and I use heavy leg weights with Margaret, to not much effect. I have tried stringing together her glute sections (I have the downloads) and although her upper body work makes me cry the lower stuff just isn't enough any more (for me.)

LaCatrina yes that might have to be my strategy - an hour of Thighmatics is a bit much especially with doing cardio, P57 etc. But I do like lower body work every day, so splitting it would work.

primrosecat Callanetics! I haven't done that for a long time. I remember it tweaking my back but I may be stronger now.

I might try and cycle through all of these in a week as add-ons and see what happens. Thanks!
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glutes, hairpin, pretzel

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