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Old 06-24-03, 06:23 AM  
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Spain, Europe (but Im Maltese)
Can't stand it.

I used to work out in the openplan living room mostly which was like a pathway for everyone. Hated people pasing over my prone body. Then we got another tv set which we put in my mother's room - so I started using that - which made such a difference. I like to wear junk when I'm working out. I also like to focus. I once found my ex-brother in law perched on the sofa watching me doing pelvic tilts, and felt SO uncomfortable. So I stopped. I also hate people commenting about how I am doing or should be doing exercises. Bunch of couch potatoes commenting on the my exertion!

Actually, it was one of the reasons I first tried out yoga CDs - to be able to do them in my bedroom - which has a door! Only to discover that I liked them above all else In fact, if the situation hadn't changed somewhat here I would probably tape my favourite workouts to be able to do them alone in my room.

Gyms here in Malta are probably the same as in France - poser's paradise. :rolleyes:
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Old 06-29-03, 06:41 AM  
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Location: Australia
I don't like it either and when I first started to workout at home, I worked out in an open plan living room too. I'm not sure which was worse, the advice on how to do exercises from Captain Couchpotato on the sofa or the daft so-and-so's in my family who would crash into me while I was working my way around the step!

Now the room where I workout is downstairs and opposite the front door and while it's private in that I can shut the door and draw the curtains... I know I can be overheard :rolleyes: I'm slowly getting over that but it still drives me nuts when we have guests round - not just because they can hear me (I also have a hang up about following instructions from the TV) working out but unless they've been guided into the living room and out of visual distance, they can clearly see me climbing the stairs in post-workout condition to go and have my shower

Still it's better than going to the gym where the voyeurs and the posers hang out en masse (at least that's how it seems in the gyms I've been to)
- Lisa
"They have worlds out there people, that you wouldn't believe. But they do not have chocolate."
-John Crichton in A Human Reaction, Farscape
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