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Old 11-11-10, 03:19 PM  
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FitPrime vs Kickbutt


I am thinking of ordering either the FP set or the KB set from Anna's son's website. Which of the two sets would you recommend, and why? Is one set more challenging and/or more effective? Which has better music and production?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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Old 11-11-10, 03:40 PM  
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Hi Loleen,

I have and love both the WFHN FitPrime and KickButt workouts, but if I had to choose just one set it would be the KickButts. They are a little harder and I like the overall selection of workouts better (Push Pull, Steamin' Cardio, Crunch Time, and Strong Bear are particulary good). The FitPrimes are great too although I thought Lower Body was a dud and I don't use Upper Body or Flex Posture on a regular basis.

They all have the same very high production values and the same set (a "new Firm" mansion-like set). Every workout has great music, very similar to the Anna Benson-era Firms, in fact some tunes are recognizable from those.

Hope that helps!

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Old 11-11-10, 03:53 PM  
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I have both and they're both really good. I did the FitPrime rotation that comes with the set earlier this year and built an amazing amount of core strength really quickly and lost an inch off my waist. I haven't done the KickButt rotation yet, but am planning to do one next year.

If I had to pick only one set to get, it would probably be the KickButts, because they are a little tougher. Also, like Emily, I'm not a huge fan of the FitPrime Lower Body Burn; I think it's a weak workout in an otherwise pretty great bunch. There is no corresponding weak spot in the KickButt set - they're all really solid.
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Old 11-12-10, 02:57 PM  
Jane P.
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Definitely go with Kickbutt. I think you can still get the complete set for less money through Collage. However, postage may be a consideration since you're in Canada.

You might also consider the older Fitprime workouts since they were a little harder than the Kickbutt set. The production values weren't that great, but they're good workouts.
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Old 11-13-10, 10:03 AM  
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Thanks so much, ladies!
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Old 11-13-10, 10:46 AM  
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One thing to keep in mind tho, is that the kickbutts are remakes of her original Fitprime series. So if you have any those, then the footage will look familiar, along with the music.
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