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Cheryl, I did find this website: http://www.exercise-ball-exercises.c...-exercise.html though I'm thinking they're using the ball as a stabilizer and not as a bouncer. Sorry it's post-partum exercises, but they seem to think that's the only way someone might have stress incontinence. I can't tell you how many pages I pulled up with a search of "stress incontinence ball" that were about pregnancy... Anyway...

I also found this quote at
floor exercises. In cultures where women squat to do their work, there is a much lower incidence of incontinence. Most women don’t do much in the way of that kind of labor anymore — but we’ve got Kegel exercises! Incontinence can often be arrested or reversed with Kegel exercises alone. Named after an American ob/gyn, these simple exercises are really an adaptation of the “root lock” of kundalini yoga without the trappings. You can do them anywhere, anytime — and you should. (skipping ahead a few paragraphs)

Any kind of physical exercise that engages your core will help strengthen your pelvic muscles, but Pilates and yoga in particular are great inner toners. Both focus on building a firm core or root. They also use deep breathing and mindful movement to reconnect the brain to the body.
You might want to read the whole page before Tuesday, as it mentions something about the success rates of surgery to correct the problem.

In case I haven't already given you enough links to read, there's this:

I hope some of it is of some use to you, and that you find the best solution for you (whether it's the surgery on Tuesday, or postponing it to review your other options).

Good luck!
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