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View Poll Results: How many hours do you sleep at night on average?
Less than 4 hours 1 2.33%
5-6 Hours 15 34.88%
6-8 hours 19 44.19%
8+ hours 8 18.60%
Voters: 43. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 05-06-22, 01:08 PM  
Vintage VFer
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How many hours do you sleep at night on average?

More than a few of us on VF suffer with insomnia. Either periodically or chronically.

I'm in the chronically camp. On a good night, I will get maybe 6 hours. Never in a row though. I always wake up at about 1:30 am. Sometimes I get back to sleep. Sometimes I get to lie there and entertain the ruminating thoughts for hours. Sometimes that's all she wrote.

Back in the day, I used to sleep like a log. That changed in my early 40's.

While regularly working out is helpful for sleep issues, it has not cured my insomnia.
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Old 05-06-22, 02:03 PM  
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I've never been a good sleeper. I remember being in my 20's and even then falling asleep fine, then waking up middle of the night and up for hours. I always worried how I would do at work the next day, however I fell asleep and got in a few more hours.

I think it got worse in my 40's though. Now I am reading and listening to podcasts about how important sleep is, and I am on a new mission to try to get more sleep. It's hard to figure out why I don't sleep though! I mean, if you're awake, you're just.... awake. No amount of trying seems to help!
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Old 05-06-22, 04:41 PM  
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My sleep is actually better than it's been my whole adult life, but it's very tied to how I eat and what I avoid. If I don't sleep well, I can usually point to something I ate that I shouldn't have.
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Old 05-06-22, 04:55 PM  
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WHO are the lucky duckies who sleep more than 8 hours !!??

I'm so jealous 😭
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Old 05-06-22, 05:03 PM  
Erica H.
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I've struggled with insomnia for at least 8 years. It's awful and affects my quality of life. It's really hard to travel and share a hotel room too since I'm up so much at night while everyone else is asleep.

The only time I've slept well during that time was when I had a concussion. That made me sleep all the time but then I was still tired anyway. But it was weird how much I slept after I hit my head. DH was freaked out for a while.

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Old 05-06-22, 06:16 PM  
Laura S.
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I needed a 7 - 8.5 hour range. I've always slept pretty well, a genetic inheritance from my mother. This year, I started on a medication for my osteoarthritis that has a side effect of making you tired and it's as much a sleep medicine for me as it is a great medication for my joints. So, I sleep deeply even longer.

I'm sorry for everyone who has insomnia. It has to be frustrating and hard physically and mentally.

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Old 05-06-22, 06:43 PM  
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Originally Posted by fanofladyvols View Post
WHO are the lucky duckies who sleep more than 8 hours !!??

I'm so jealous 😭
I know you're only joking but for what it's worth, the opposite side of the coin (hypersomnia) has its own drawbacks. I have had varying degrees of hypersomnia the last decade. I currently sleep 9-10 hours a night. Makes life a bit more frustrating since you get less hours in the days compared to everyone else to get things done. But it's better now. There was a few years I was sleeping 12 hours a night. I've slept more than 12 hours a night too. Had a sleep study and all kinds of testing. Have taken (prescribed) stimulants too in the past to try to help.

My whole life I've always required about 9 hours of sleep to feel fully rested. My dad was similar and used to sleep 8-9 hours a night. I'm admittedly jealous of people like my mom who can get by on 4-6 hours if needed and require generally only 7 hours or so to feel rested and normal. For me, 8 hours is like the bare minimum to be able to function during the day. If I get 7 hours or less, I can't function very well during the day (and the less sleep, the less functional).
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Old 05-06-22, 07:19 PM  
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My new sleep habits involve making sure I'm in bed, resting for at least eight hours a night. If I wake up, I listen to an audio book or guided meditation. If I wake up way too early, I put on a soft eye mask and meditate again.

The meditation thing began as a way to sneak a meditation habit into my life when I was too sleepy to talk myself out of it. It also seems to help me feel better rested.

As others have said, though, my food intake does play a role, but so does being either too hot or too cold.

Winter was great this year, because I got a down duvet insert that's very light, so not too heavy for this climate. In warmer weather I can fold it down and just tuck my feet under it (sleeping otherwise under a single sheet).

Another part of my new routine involves making a deliberate effort not to stress too much about exactly how many moments of actual sleep I get. If I'm in bed between 10:30 and 8 o'clock, that's good enough.

Dozing off to a familiar audio book is a nice habit.
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Old 05-06-22, 07:25 PM  
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Originally Posted by fanofladyvols View Post
WHO are the lucky duckies who sleep more than 8 hours !!??

I'm so jealous 😭
Me! For years I averaged 6-7 hours a night and slept late on weekends to catch up. Six months ago I retired! Now I get up when it feels good, and that’s often between 8 and 9 hours after bedtime. ☺️
- Laura

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Old 05-06-22, 08:20 PM  
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Prior to having a child I slept through the night and didn't understand how people got up in the night to go to the bathroom. Then I got mommy ears...

Now I have to have the room cool like 65 degrees. I get up in the middle of the night and listen to rainfall sounds on YouTube.

Its easier to exercise and eat healthy than get a real good night's sleep
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insomnia, sleep disorders

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