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Old 02-22-11, 07:00 PM  
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Originally Posted by AKatF View Post
crazy.... never know what a torrent was. I am surprised that these torrent sites and such aren't shut down by the powers that be.

I have to admit- years ago I purchased a winsor pilates DVD. The seller on Ebay said- Winsor pilates power sculpting series- 4 workouts on 1 dvd. Nothing else stated. This person had perfect feedback in the thousands... I bough the DVD only to discover that it was a bootled/burned DVD where she had put all 4 of the workouts on 1 DVD, not what I thought I was buying at all. This person sold hundered and hundreds after me, but was shut down at some point.
They do get shut down sometimes. Either the owners migrate to another server and domain or someone new starts the whole thing up again. For copyright holders, it's a losing battle. It's like the drug trade. Take one organization down, another pops up in its place.

Ebay has a staggering number of bootlegs being sold there. They know about it, but insist on the Ebay community policing auctions rather than doing it themselves.
Life is not about who you once were. It is about who you are right now and the person you have the potential to become.
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Old 02-22-11, 07:25 PM  
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Originally Posted by AKatF View Post
when I search for beacybody torrent things pop up- never knew what they were and I was always too scared to find out! So this thread has educated me on different types of piracy, lol.
And remember movies are out there on the torrent sites, dvd quality at that. And most of these torrent sites are run outside of the United States, hard to shut them down.
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Old 02-22-11, 10:21 PM  
spotted zebra
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Originally Posted by kiwichick View Post
My take on that statement was that if the guy lived in the US where the DVDs were readily and legitimately available, THEN this would be about his greed. I don't believe it was being implied that people who live in the US are innately greedy - but hey, that's just how I read that statement.
You're right kiwichick, that's what I meant. I believed I made it clear that it's about dvds not being available in other parts of the world. Why Betsy/earn531 chose to put that spin on it is beyond me when I made a point of talking about the region issue... which is why where someone lives might indeed be relevant in this case.

ETA: For the record, I do NOT believe people living in the US are innately greedy. I find that to be such a ridiculous statement that if I *thought* someone here was saying that, I'd reread their posts and then tell myself I must be mistaken because why on earth would anyone make such a sweeping and gross generalization as that.
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Old 02-22-11, 10:35 PM  
spotted zebra
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Originally Posted by pumptmuscle View Post
Huh?? If it wasn't a matter of greed, he wouldn't be making a profit from it. If someone isn't able to get a workout in their part of the world or if "extortionate" prices are a factor, c'est la vie. There are some workouts I'd like that aren't available in ntsc format and I deal with it. This guy is egregiously breaking the law with absolutely no concerns at all about doing it.

I think it's really sad that you mock that we're pointing fingers but that's exactly what's called for here. Oh, maybe I should remind you about the counterfeit Chinese products we've spoken about before. The same reasoning can be used to say "well yeah they're counterfeits...but they're saving people a lot of money." It's laughable and so conceited.

Oh btw, he also has a listing for counterfeit Lotte Berk sets, too as well as a relisting of the Tracy Anderson set. Knowing this guy's callousness, it looks like he'll be making up plenty more counterfeit sets in the future. Wow, what a really great guy! Gimme a break.
You're making quite a lot of assumptions about someone you don't know. If this seller was as obsessed with money as you're so quick to want to believe, he could have asked for more and gotten more quite easily. If you want to get up on your soapbox about something, why don't you take up a bigger cause - like human trafficking, animal abuse and cruelty, pedophilia... there are lots of issues that require people's attention worldwide that truly are sad. The only arrogance I've seen is in your posts. I'm not saying he's "a really great guy", just that your moral indignation and outrage might be better channelled elsewhere.
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