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Old 05-09-12, 07:55 PM  
Barbara P
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I can't either. And I've been working out 32 years and I swim daily and have a LOT of upper body endurance, but apparently - not a whole heck of a lot of strength. Add to it my age, and well things go downhill after a certain time of life.
I do them as best I can. I have the STS tower and I have my bench set up under it and there will never be a time I can pull up my body weight without my feet on the ground. But I try not to "use" them.

I can't do many pushups on my toes. I used to be able to crank out 20 or so, then I had a c-section 20 years ago. Well that sucker still hurts when I sneeze (If I don't properly prepare myself for the sneeze...) and pushups also.

What I have been trying to do lately, as I am working my way through STS (again for the 5th or so time) is do like 2 on my knees then 2 on my toes....but I don't think I'll ever get to the point where I can do them all on my toes.
Plus my freaking elbows hurt.
And I don't feel pushups in my chest. And I concentrate on the muscles being worked...but it's more my back, triceps, and WRISTS where I feel it.
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Old 05-12-12, 09:33 PM  
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Yes! You can do pull ups! Well, at least one pull up!

I am the wimpiest person ever and I never thought I could do a pull up. Actually, I can do one full chin up. To me, a pull up is where you bring your chest to the bar. I can only bring my chin just above the bar, then I go down and stay down. I did my first chin up in March, I am or was really nervous about being able to do it. It was like I didn't want to do it then I could be a wimp, but I am conquering my fears too! Don't give up! You can do a pull up! You will not regret it! When I'm up at the top, I sometimes will pulse, which is go down a little and back up. I am improving, but slowly. I only recently started back with my pull up training and I am not as scared to do them as much anymore.
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Old 05-13-12, 06:29 AM  
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I have been working on upper body strength for years, and on pullups specifically for the last 15 months. I still cannot do an unassisted pullup. My upper body has pretty defined muscular structure and I know I am strong. I can do Oly lifts with relatively heavy weights and I can do pushups pretty well.

I do think some of us have physiological shortcomings, if you will, and will have a harder time achieving our pullup goals!

So I can relate. I'm in the boat you! Do not despair. Many of us have the same types of issues.

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Old 05-13-12, 06:50 AM  
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I think pull-ups are an exercise that favors men, since men traditionally have much greater upper body strength. They seem to do these with ease, while most women have issues. I can't do them either.

Push-ups are easier for me. I have to work up to the full pushups--Ilaria's Atletica is a killer (50 push-ups--arrgh!!). I can't do 50 full push-ups--those I have to do on my knees.
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Old 05-13-12, 01:26 PM  
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I use a assisted Pull up station until I can get strong enough not to use it any more I also use this method "Walk the Plank" check out this video
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Old 05-13-12, 08:10 PM  
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I'm another who has never been able to do an unassisted pull-up. I just found this post about using the TRX to work your way up to pull-ups.

I'll try this approach when I start P90X2. You never know!
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Old 05-14-12, 03:42 AM  
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Oh thanks, I'll have to read the TRX article (along with the rest of this thread) later. Currently I have assist bands I use with my Iron Gym, mounted on my bathroom door.

Last month I attended a pull-up clinic at Pink Iron gym in LA (all girls gym with cute pink weights!) It was fun but frustrating because I can't do a pull-up either, even pulling up my wimpy 100 lbs. I'll keep trying though! I need to practice more consistently, which is the key to most things sadly!

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Old 05-14-12, 05:49 AM  
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I believe there are only two exercises that I will never be able to master
1) Unassisted Pull Ups
2) Full Bridge Exercise
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Old 05-14-12, 11:36 AM  
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Never Say Never!

I don't know any dvds that really show how to get started with pull ups, except maybe STS, Cardio Karate (from the clips I have viewed) and P90X (I don't have any BB workouts). I got most of my information from youtube videos. Pull ups aren't something most women can just do, you have to go through progressions, at least in my experience. Is there a dvd that shows women how to do pull ups? Most dvds don't show these progressions. I think these are really important exercises that have been ignored. In addition to the great ideas given here, try playing on monkey bars, rope climbing, (if you have access) and just hanging from a bar (raise your legs or knees to work your abs). Here is a video that shows pulsing Flavia is a lightweight, but myomy is not Here is a PDF that gives lots of tips on pull ups among other exercises I am really trying to help share information and ideas.

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Old 05-14-12, 12:30 PM  
Jane P.
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The assisted pull up station is a great piece of equipment, and much more realistic for most of us. However, it's hardly something we'd have at home. I got a kick out of Cathe using one in STS Meso 1, like we'd all have one of those in our exercise rooms.

However, if you belong to gym, it is one piece of equipment to be sure and use.
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chin ups, chinups, p90x, pull ups, pull-ups, pullups

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