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Old 06-19-22, 09:59 AM  
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Her awkward response appears that she wasn't listening when you explained to her what happened. Imagine her enjoying the locket and your thoughtfulness.

If she asks again you can tell that the photo you used worked with the locket the best.
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Old 06-19-22, 12:58 PM  
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Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
This. I would try to forget it.
I agree. Let it go. You did a lovely gesture. Leave it at that.
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Old 06-19-22, 01:14 PM  
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I'm sorry that she was clueless. You did a really thoughtful thing.

You have NO reason to feel bad!
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Old 06-19-22, 05:15 PM  
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Wow. I can't believe her response. You did something very kind for her. Don't worry about it and move on.
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Old 06-19-22, 05:27 PM  
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Please don't feel bad. Your friend is free to put whatever picture she wants in the locket. You gave her a nice, thoughtful gift.
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Old 06-19-22, 05:50 PM  
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I agree with everyone else, it's not you. If I had a friend do this for me, I would be grateful and giving you the pictures would not be an imposition to me.
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Old 06-19-22, 07:22 PM  
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I agree with everyone else. It was a nice gesture, and you have nothing to apologize for. I'm wondering though if it's possible that she didn't understand why you didn't use the photos she sent? Maybe somehow she missed that part about how those photos didn't work as well, and she was puzzled why you had asked for them. It's beside the point now though. Since you're not sure why she reacted the way she did I would just let it go at this point.
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Old 06-21-22, 08:22 AM  
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Originally Posted by Gams View Post
I have a long necklace with a locket that has my dog’s picture in it. I uploaded a photo and the company I got the necklace from put the photo in the locket. It turned out really nice and a friend of mine has always admired it. She got married last fall and I thought I would take one of the wedding photos of her and the groom and surprise her with a locket of her own. She never sent me any wedding photos as promised so I asked if she would send me a couple. It took her awhile but I finally got them. Unfortunately, the ones she sent didn’t work well for what I wanted to do with them. I had a card she sent out after the wedding to all her wedding guests and it had a couple photos of her and the groom. I tried using one of those for the locket and it turned out really well. When she called to thank me for the locket, she said it now made sense why I had asked for photos. I explained that they didn’t work well in the locket and that’s why I used the other picture. She said that was fine, but then she said, “But why would you ask for pictures and not use them?” so I now know she’s annoyed with me. I told her the company I got the locket from has a retail store in her city and she could take it and have them switch photos, but I can tell she’s unhappy. Part of me feels bad that she’s disappointed and part of me thinks it’s a gift she didn’t even know she was getting, so she should just be happy - she must like the photo I DID use because she had it on the cards she sent to all the guests. Do you guys think I have any reason to feel bad?
You did something super nice and put a lot of effort into it. Your friend sounds like she could use lessons in kindness and manners. I hope she shows consideration to you that makes the friendship worthwhile.
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Old 06-21-22, 11:59 PM  
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I’m thinking perhaps maybe it cost her for the photos to be made and that’s why it took a while to get them?? Whatever the reason, your gesture was truly lovely and thoughtful and she should be absolutely thrilled to have the locket, for you to have the photos and to have a friend like you,
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Old 06-22-22, 05:38 AM  
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No, she never did send any regular photos. When I asked for photos, she took pictures of two photos with her cell phone and texted them to
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