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Old 01-05-22, 02:08 PM  
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Chakra yoga/meditation series

Any good recommendations on Chakra yoga and meditation series? Thanks!!
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Old 01-05-22, 02:29 PM  
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Yoga with Kassandra has a playlist of chakra yoga practices and meditations. I'm glad you asked, I keep meaning to start it:

Kassandra Chakra Yoga Playlist
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Old 01-06-22, 09:08 AM  
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I really like Jen Hilman's yoga. I have several favorites I tend to pick from now (mostly pain relief yoga, morning yoga, or meditations), but I've noticed she has a lot of chakra yoga as well. She has a 7-day Chakra Series that looks good, and I found a chakra meditation, too. I haven't done them yet, but I thought I'd suggest them as an option.

Jen Hilman YouTube channel (she also has videos on other channels: YOGATX, PsycheTruth, Cole Chance Yoga)

Jen Hilman: Chakra Series playlist

Jen Hilman 7 Chakra Beginner Friendly Meditation

I really don't know much about the chakras; I've only done a few chakra yoga videos (on Yoga with Adriene). I like Yoga with Kassandra, too. I'll be watching this thread for more options since it's something I would like to explore.

ETA: Jen Hilman also has a chakra series called Journey Through the Chakras. You can find those videos in her Unlisted Videos playlist.

Jen Hilman: Unlisted Videos playlist
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Old 01-06-22, 09:29 AM  
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Take a look at Brett Larkin. I'm a bit over her right now but that might change.
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Old 01-06-22, 10:26 AM  
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Yoga Ranger has some:
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Old 01-06-22, 05:55 PM  
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I love the Kundalini Yoga: A Journey Through the Chakras series with Maya Fiennes I found one on YouTube Courage Chakra
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chakra, meditation

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