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Old 08-01-23, 06:24 PM  
Joni O
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Osteoporosis - Again

I know this has been discussed before, but Database Error isn't exactly what I was trying to search for.

Alta, I seem to recall you've looked for info on this? I had a DXA scan this morning, and have had several, and I've had osteopenia in a hip for a while. My doc sent me the results, along with a bunch of obviously cut-and-pasted info - other than his own recommendation that I might want to start resistance training, preferably with a personal trainer who could help me get the hang of it. I almost choked when I read that. Ummm. Did ya ever think that years and years of resistance training might just be the reason my bones are as good as they are?

Anyway, I'm looking for a book or books on diet (Yes, I said the forbidden word but who's here to slap my hand?). Foods to fight osteopenia/osteoporosis. The doc mentioned higher protein, for example. There are so many books on Amazon. Any suggestions on good, comprehensive bone density books? Thanks!
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Old 08-01-23, 06:50 PM  
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I also had a bone density scan this morning. Along with a mammogram and a scan of my thyroid nodule. I got it over at once. I’ve lost two inches over the years, so not looking forward to the results.

You got your results really fast. I think I have to wait a week. I had to snort when he advised you to start resistance training. Doctors ask me if I exercise, and I answer yes and how often. Then they seem to ignore it and not mention it again. It’s almost as if they have so many patients who don’t exercise, they don’t know what to say when you do.

That’s interesting about protein. I knew it was important for muscles, but didn’t think about bones.
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Old 08-01-23, 10:04 PM  
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If weíre headed into the dreaded ďdietĒ landÖ

Iíve heard that vitamin K2 is responsible for taking calcium in the blood and bringing it back to bone. Otherwise, and especially if you supplement calcium and vitamin D3, the calcium never makes it to its destination. Calcification of arteries and calcific tendinitis are possible results along with osteoporosis/osteopenia.

You can get a supplement that has D3 and K2 which is helpful. The process is much more complicated than I described, but thatís it very simplified.

K2 occurs naturally in grass fed cheese, butter, cream. Itís also in Natto, but I donít think I could eat that.

Itís something to research, anyway.

Years ago I was diagnosed as being D3 deficient. I supplemented but didnít know about K2. I felt like I was slowly stiffening up over time, and had lots of pain. I did research, changed my d**t. The changes Iíve made have been so helpful. I dropped 27 lbs and although Iím definitely feeling age, I donít feel that overall flu-like stiffness anymore. Hope this helps. Research, research. We all have to figure out what works for our individual bodies.

You have to make a mess, sometimes, to clean it up.

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Old 08-02-23, 04:11 AM  
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They found I had osteopenia by accident four years ago. My doctor just said to continue what I am doing exercise wise and to take one Caltrate a day. My bone density has been gradually increasing and now I am osteopenic only in the left hip. I added some little plyo jumps to my exercise routine.

Low bone density does not always equal easy bone break.
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Old 08-02-23, 07:19 AM  
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I am just starting to delve into this but I am learning that Creatine has bone building benefits. Might be worth checking out.
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Old 08-02-23, 11:25 AM  
Gale K.
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There is some good nutritional info in this book--other good info as well::
Healthy Bones Healthy You

I also find good, reliable and researched information from this YouTube channel:
Optimal Bone Health
Gale K.

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Old 08-02-23, 12:30 PM  
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My doctor’s office just called. I have normal bone density! Yay! I suppose my part time job at the school helps, I’m walking and standing for three hours, five days a week. And my strength training of course. I have also increased my fruit and veggie intake.

I also had my mammogram and thyroid nodule scan, along with doing Colonguard. One down, three to go.
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Old 08-02-23, 12:58 PM  
Jane P.
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I've had osteopenia for 4 years. Fortunately it has not progressed. I get an injection of Denosumab (Prolia) every 6 months. I'm about to have another bone scan later this month. Fingers crossed it will be okay

PS I did lots of weight training for years, and still had problems. I had a bad fall in February and did not break anything.
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Old 08-02-23, 01:35 PM  
Vintage VFer
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Joni, here is a link to my recent thread. It has links to some books I recommend. Also other links from VFers with information. Margaret Martin is a good source.

Osteoporosis Medications: Experiences and Opinions?

As for diet, the newer studies don't say to load up on calcium. In Japan, Vitamin K2 MK-4 is used as a treatment for bone loss. There have even been studies about prunes having nutrients that benefit bones. I like prunes, but don't start out with 6 a day right away, LOL!

Eating 6 Prunes a Day Prevents Bone Loss in Patients With Osteoporosis

There are also lists online of foods that are not great for bones. The usual suspects: Caffeine, sodas, alcohol, etc

(My new GYN is on board with me trying BHRT again. That worked well for me before along with weight-training.We'll see how that goes...)

Good luck and hugs!
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Old 08-02-23, 01:44 PM  
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Magnesium is also needed for bone density. I use a magnesium spray and lotion every day to optimize my vitamin D levels, which in turn regulates all other critical mineral levels.
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bone building, bone loss, heel drops, osteopenia, osteoporosis, prunes

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