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Old 07-11-22, 02:03 PM  
monterey vidiot
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Keep it Up DVD

Beachbody on Demand eliminated Keep it Up from its online collection. I'm glad I have it on DVD.

IIRC, a while ago some VFers were looking for this. If anyone is, has several copies listed in the Weekly Specials.
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Old 07-11-22, 03:20 PM  
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That's such a great workout! I'm just getting back into workouts after a looooooong hiatus and this is on my "to do" list this week. I just need Slim in 6 in general, I forget how great and effective Debbie's workouts are.
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Old 07-11-22, 04:59 PM  
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Originally Posted by monterey vidiot View Post
Beachbody on Demand eliminated Keep it Up from its online collection. I'm glad I have it on DVD.

I wonder why
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Old 07-12-22, 11:49 AM  
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I still see it on there on my Apple iPhone App. Sometimes there are discrepancies between apps. I did not yet check Roku or Apple TV App. I remember in the past noticing that they removed Turbo Jam (another older program) from some of the platforms. They also recently took over another App and added their programs like Xtend Barre, etc.
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Old 07-12-22, 06:02 PM  
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Thanks for enabling, just picked it up! 😊

You have to make a mess, sometimes, to clean it up.

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Old 07-14-22, 03:16 PM  
Vintage VFer
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Keep It Up is a good workout. I thought I had it, but can't find it. A few of my faves got lost during my move.
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Old 07-14-22, 05:00 PM  
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I have it, I use the bonus stretch on that the DVD quite a bit! It is one of my favorites KIU is a good workout, I think I have only done it twice at most, one of the repeated moves (I think it was lunge to kick?) bothered my right hip flexor, I am scared to do it again, I liked the workout though.
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beachbody, debbie seibers, keep it up

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