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Old 12-06-21, 07:38 AM  
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Originally Posted by momofcha View Post
I keep wanting to try this, but Iím afraid the pace will be too slow. Iím starting Job1 on Monday. That will get me through the holidays with 20 minute workouts! Iíll revisit this in January. I did do two of the mobility days and did enjoy those, but the pace was slow so Iím not sure how that would work for me in the actual workouts
I tried getting into Job1 but the workout would not open. Will try again tomorrow. Maybe it is a certain time today as I was trying to open at 3:30am EST. I wanted to see what it was like. 20 minutes seems like a good length of time.
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Old 12-06-21, 12:05 PM  
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So I've done the first two workouts. I am really enjoying this so far. My thoughts:

1) Is this a slower pace? Sure is. But I can tell you, having done 2 rounds of The Work, I need something slower. However, Amoila has said more than once, that for the 15-rep moves, you should be struggling to get #10-15 completed (paraphrasing of course). Those last reps should really be challenging. I lifted as heavy as I could without compromising form and I worked up a sweat in both workouts. As a result, I felt like I got a great workout and I definitely felt challenged.

2) Is there a lot of talking in between moves? I didn't find it excessive but it is more noticeable compared to The Work. But with the weights I'm lifting, I'm happy for the short recovery.

Overall, I am happy with the program so far and look forward to the increased intensity in the coming weeks.
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Old 12-07-21, 07:58 AM  
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i agree that the pace is slower but after coming off of Epic Heat and Control Freak, I think it's what I need. The breaks and talking are what's needed especially if going heavier.
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