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Old 10-07-21, 02:05 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2015
Location: UK
Hi everyone!

Today was:
- Beth's Lunchtime Yoga #2. A great short practice with unusual moves and balance challenges. I thought 'blowing out the candles' while turning the neck from side to side was very innovative. I liked your cute yoga pants Beth.
- Karin & Mumu Slings: A Happy gut feeling on and off the mat. It started off slowly but picked up when we were lying prone on the massage ball. I felt my hamstrings quite strongly. My hips/pelvis felt great afterwards.
- Essentrics Strength & Stretch - Shoulders, Upper Back & Hamstrings aka 'the one with the birds'. Thank you Sandra. I'd forgotten how nice the music is too.

Paine - I'm glad to hear your daughter and DH like their hybrid. The government here are saying that from 2030, no more brand new petrol cars will be sold here in the UK. We're definitely being encouraged to buy electric with tax incentives etc. Of course, governments change, so who knows? Nice practices for you today. Jane Adams has such a relaxed gentle manner about her.

Pat - You sound all blissed out. What a great way to start the day with being serenaded and a visit from your pet squirrel.

Waves to all! Enjoy the rest of your day.

"Practice makes progress" ~ Sandra Hanna
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Old 10-07-21, 02:24 PM  
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Margot, so glad you liked that practice - I'm already thinking about a #2. And really glad you liked the last move since I totally made it up (although I borrowed from Raviana's Breath Like a Teapot, and I do teach my clients an extended exhale).

RE my pants, they are actually a more tailored, woven style, so despite the pattern (and comfort!), I officially consider them to be be work pants.

I will have to try that "gut" practice! And that reminds me, yesterday I did a foam rolling practice that I loved; it has a bit of Pilates thrown in:
Beth aka Toaster

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Old 10-07-21, 07:04 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Arizona
After doing Jessica’s Strength Workout set on Walk Off Belly Fat dvd on Tuesday, I tried a new Sarah Beth for neck and shoulders. I liked it, but it wasn’t quite what I expected. I knew it would be all standing, but I found that it worked the sides with bending and twisting and just a little for neck and shoulders. So, it was a nice stretch session, but if I really need N & S stretching, I’d recommend her one from about a year ago which is done seated and gives some good all around neck stretches.

This morning I did Workout #1 from KCM’s Circuit Burn. Lauren was my go-to gal as I wanted/needed to modify several moves. I am thinking of pre-ordering the two new dvds that Kelly will be filming later this month. They sound interesting to me and it has been ages, literally over a year, since I purchased a new exercise dvd. I also did the Warm-up set from Raviana Kundalini Yoga Transformer dvd. I love the spinal flexing in this one!

I recently picked up a new seasoning mix from Trader Joe’s: Green Goddess which is primarily onion, salt, garlic, black pepper, and green herbs. So far I've tried it sprinkled on veggies, salads, and potatoes, and both DH and I like it. (He is picky about herbs and spices; I can't use thyme in anything or he complains.)

I never attended very many rock concerts; my claim to fame (at least with cyana) is having seen Leonid & Friends in concert a few years ago.

Paine: I’m glad you were able to get your booster. I was able to get mine last Friday. I felt fine all day and evening Friday, but woke up very fatigued on Saturday and felt low energy all day and fell asleep on the couch in the evening. Thankfully, I was feeling back to normal on Sunday morning and interestingly, while my arm was sore, it didn’t feel as sore as it did for the first two.

Margot: Electric cars are getting more popular here in Arizona. I see a lot of Tesla cars around and DH has cousin and also a friend of his who both just purchased the Tesla, Model Y. We plan to wait a few years for more options to become available and for prices to come down a bit. Plus, we are still enjoying our 2018 Subaru Forester which will be good for a number of years as we haven't put that many miles on it. Thanks for sharing your Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal; it looks and sounds delicious!

cyana: Since it is still in the 80’s and 90’s here in AZ, I haven’t been craving traditional fall foods, but I have been enjoying apples and putting TJ’s pumpkin butter on my toast. Last week we had a gray, rainy day and we got some bean burritos with some spicy hot sauce from a favorite local Mexican restaurant. Hope your work becomes more manageable until retirement time arrives.

Beth: Yoga for Healthy Aging training sounds like a great topic! I hope you can schedule a booster when you’re ready. I planned mine on a Friday so that I could just laze around on Saturday which was the case. But Sunday I was back to normal. LOL at the “Precious Little Diary” for the Gym. That foam rolling practice looks like a good one. I'll bookmark it to use whenever I add a roller to my collection.

Pat: We are going to nickname you “The Bird Lady!” I also love watching wildlife, be it birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc. We have a family of quail who often visit our backyard and several rabbits who do our mowing for us. I hope your hip flexor is feeling better now. Sweet potato and black bean stew sounds yummy. I think we have seen Rain, but then we’ve seen several Beatles’ tribute bands and I can’t remember if we’ve seen them.

Sandra: Hope your library job is going well. Are you back to getting more patrons? Sorry that Life got in the way of a workout for you on Tuesday; that happened to me on Wednesday. But I was back today.
“Anyday we can get up and move is a Great Day!” Jessica Smith
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Old 10-07-21, 08:47 PM  
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More replies:

Pat, I enjoyed your bird tales too as well as your photos on FB. Yinned, meditationed, and pumpkin spiced sounds like a good way to be!

Carolyn, I wound up scheduling my booster for the last Saturday of the month; hopefully Sunday will be enough of a recovery, although I took Monday morning off just in case.

Margot, I did that "Slings" practice and enjoyed it! That channel looks interesting; I subscribed and started following them on IG too. Thanks for the carrot cake baked oats recipe! I've been meaning to make a recipe I have for carrot cake cupcakes made with baby food - no need to shred the carrots, LOL.

Paine, glad you enjoyed #2 too! If I keep up the series (I will at least do #3), my plan is to keep each one all standing and have each include a little breath, an little strength, and a little balance.

Waving to Sandra, cyana, and anyone else who is around this week!

ETA: Here's an interesting video from Kristina of Bendy Body on the humble clamshell exercise.
Beth aka Toaster

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Old 10-07-21, 09:08 PM  
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Location: Sacramento, CA

Today's Workout: Lower Body Sculpt from Jessica Smith's original Walk Strong set.

Paine: My little grandniece lost her first baby tooth! Her mama was trying to find a silver dollar for the Tooth Fairy to leave tonight, but I don't think she had any success. I'll suggest the $2 bill idea.

Carolyn: That TJ Green Goddess seasoning sounds yum! I do think the number of library patrons at our branch is continuing to increase. Once in a while I kind of squint and it almost looks like the old pre-Covid days LOL.

Waving to all!

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson
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Old 10-08-21, 08:31 AM  
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Good morning ladies, TGIF! Yesterday I accomplished:

~ YWK 20 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Full Body Stretch (with Cleo) plus affirmations
~ 40 minute walk around neighborhood with two hill challenges
~ My own yoga in bed
~ 7,920 steps

Such a nice evening for walking. I had some hill challenges and a nice stroll by the river.

Sandra, aww, how sweet that your grandniece lost her first tooth, too. They grow so fast.

Carolyn, that earlier Sarah Beth for neck and shoulders is a winner. I like her Deep Stretch series. Let us know how it goes if you order the upcoming Kellys.

Happy Friday everyone! Make it a wonderful day!
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Old 10-08-21, 10:21 AM  
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Jari Ripped & Chiseled (Upper Body selections 20 minutes)
Mirabai Fabulous Forever Stretch Level 2 (Floor Stretch)

Mirabai's Fabulous Forever Level 2 was new and I bought it used on Amazon for $5.11 which I thought was a great deal. Pat, I know you were wondering about this one. I've only tried the Floor Stretch so far. I liked it and it seems similar to the Floor Stretch in Level one but Level 2 is 2 minutes longer and has a brief dog-point and brief runner's lunge stretch.

Carolyn, If you buy the new Kelly DVDs, I'll be interested in hearing what you think about them.
A dear friend of mine owns a Tesla and she loves it (her husband loves it too!). I never saw so many Teslas until we moved to California! I see a lot of them here in southern CA.
My husband and I only have one vehicle which is a Subaru Forester that is 6 years old. It still works great and it might end up being the last car we own.
I'll have to look for that Trader Joe’s Green Goddess seasoning--thank you for mentioning it.

Beth, thanks for the Fit & Bendy link. I didn't know Kristina had a YouTube channel.

Sandra, it's really sweet to see the smiles of children who lost baby teeth.
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Old 10-08-21, 12:33 PM  
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Location: Rochester NY area
Just finished the first morning of my YfHA training. I am enjoying so far! We are following along with the book, but there a lot of little extra tidbits, and we ended the morning session with a very nice 45-minute practice.

Paine, I love Kristina's personality! I had about 230k miles on my Forester before we traded it for my current CrossTrek.
Beth aka Toaster

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And yes, I am Reviewer Dr. Beth on Amazon.

DISCLOSURE: I've had professional relationships with vendors; see my profile for details.
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Old 10-08-21, 11:47 PM  
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Location: West coast of Canada, eh. ;)
Hello mat mavens!

I am still alive, lol, just haven’t been online much this week….

Here’s where I left off….

~Taught Essentrics - I’m having fun making up my own classes & music playlists. This was new one, a standing/barre/chair combo
~PT exercises
~Flow With Mira: Posture Series Day 2

~Taught Essentrics on zoom
~PT exercises
~Flow With Mira: Posture Series Day 3
~Yin yoga on my own…..forward bends, twists, hip openers, finishing with supported fish

~My friend’s Essentrics class

~Jenny Ford MAA: Vermont
~Essentrics TV: Dyan D’s live, first 20 min
~PT exercises
~Flow With Mira: Posture Series Day 4
~MFML: Restorative Yoga For Gut Health: Find Calm

Hope everyone is well! Sorry for the lack of personals, I’ll catch up in a day or two. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving weekend so have DS2 & DIL here tomorrow for 2 nights. Looking forward to it!

Waves to all!

Certified Level 4 Essentrics Instructor - March 2021

Hatha YTT - 2011

Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down.....

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
Jim Rohn

"It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” - Tony Robbins

Check out my Instagram account, @fitness.ficti0n.inspirati0n
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Old 10-09-21, 04:44 AM  
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Location: UK
Happy Weekend everyone!

We're leaving for vacation in a couple of hours, so thought I'd do a quick fly-by. I somehow injured my big toe nail and was hunting around yesterday for some shoes that wouldn't put pressure on the toe! Great timing, as we plan to do lots of hiking this week!

Luckily, all of my workouts now are barefoot. Yesterday was:
- Ellen B Power & Balance with light weights *
- Bendy Body Clamshell *
- Foam Roller with Naha *
- ETV Amanda Spine & Mobility (Oct 7 class)

Thank you Beth for sharing the links to these classes.* Both were excellent.

This morning was:
- HealthBarre - Online Group Class

I have still loads to do, so sorry for not doing personals. I'll try to catch up while we're away.

Happy Thanksgiving Pam. Hope you and your family have a great holiday.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

"Practice makes progress" ~ Sandra Hanna
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