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Arrow Just The Workouts~~OCTOBER 2021~~*Everyone is Welcome!*

October 2021

I enjoyed Cathe's Sept. rotation so much, I'm going to follow that format again but inserting different instructors besides Cathe, some YT workouts and YOGA for October. I got away from just my yoga days and I am finding I NEED them! Format includes: 3 Toning days (that includes 1 band workout); 1 Metabolic day; 1 easier cardio day; 2 stretch/yoga days (maybe as add-ons); & 1 rest day. Daily meditation and daily MFP logging. Doing well on my eating...maybe not losing so many pounds, but I definitely am noticing my clothes fitting looser!

27- RwH Plyo HiiT One (Premix 3 - first 1/2 of PH One & last half of PH Two=27 min.); RwH Bonus Abs 2; Stretch; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches
28- Step Boss PHA 3; Extended Lying Stretch .
29- Boss Loops: Glutes & Core (Mish Mosh Premix 4: Double Standing Lower Body Strength with Low Impact Cardio (minus stretch); Five Parks Yoga (Quick & Deep Stretch Relaxation Yoga Class - 17 min.)
30- ICE Chiseled Upper Body (Mish Mosh Scrambled #2--mixes in core work from Icy Core 1=52 min.); Five Parks Yoga (12 min. Low Back Stress Release Yoga Class)

1 - Olivia Lawson (30 min. Fat Burning Standing HiiT Workout//No Equipment//Burn 300 Calories - actually 36 min.); Cathe Perfect Flow (23 min. minus sun sals); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I LOVE how Olivia creates these all standing HiiT workouts!!! This one was fabulous and about halfway, there is a nasty leg burn-out session!!! But she's good about including recovery moves throughout too but my HR was up the whole workout. Not many repeats either. I did a few of the high impact moves on my rebounder. Great class! This was the first time I tried Cathe's PF without a premix. Eh, if she'd just call the poses what they're titled, it'd be so much easier to follow. Also there is quite a few exercises on all-4's which was what I want to stay away from. All in all, this enforced that I'm not a fan of her yoga workouts. Mady to the rescue!
2 - Yoga30For30 (Even Flow); Perfect 30 (Mobility) Even Flow felt so awesome to me today and even though my wrists were painful with the 'on all 4 moves'/DDog and my 3 mat layers, it still felt so nice to practice a "real" yoga workout (vs. a stretch)! It's been some time since I did half moon and a flow; I'm going to try to build up to 30 min. this month with my wrist limitations. Y30F30 is perfect for this and a series I use(d) a glad I bought the D/L's.
3 - Rest Day

4 - Yvette Fit #139 (45 min. Cardio/Light Weight Combos); Mady's Back Pain Release Stretch; ETA: 2 hours Mow Max/Yard Work High/low, weighted and unweighted k/b exercises, & traditional weight work (12 reps w/ 5's, 8's, & 10's mostly working shoulders, bi's, & tri's) make this a fantastic, FUN, metabolic workout with great music (better than usual). Yvette states that this isn't as intense of a workout, but I thought I got worked plenty! Loved this one for the lighter weights used and still a total body workout with the combination moves for a great cardio effect. 423 cal burn Favorited!
5- Cathe Perfect Pump (Lower Body/Lower Body Bonus, no stretches=39 min.); YT (30 Min. Yin Yoga "Gentle Twists" with Travis Since it's cooler out, I decided to try my weighted vest again for PP LB. I had 14.80# on it today (and including both wrist weights), and I only used 15's for my heaviest, minus 25# for calf raises. It makes such a difference when my hands don't have to hold those heavies. Keeping it safe, I used really light weights for D/L's and I only went to knee level. I wasn't sure if wearing the vest was a great idea for my lower back issue but I was careful. During the LB Bonus for the hydrant exercises w/ a DB behind the knee, I used Cathe's medium fabric band instead...that put a spin on things! Burner! I stretched it out with a newer one from Travis that is filmed on his back porch. As far as Yin classes go, this one was superb since the holds were only 1:45-2:00 minutes. Deer twists and Side Twist in Cow Face Pose and knowing I accomplished some detoxing made this one excellent for me...don't see those poses often in classes and really helped to stretch my lower back. You're mostly sitting up this whole class except when in forward fold. I did need to add lying twists and Happy Baby at the end, as they just seemed to go there...Great workout today!
6 - Olivia Lawson (30 Min. Wrist Friendly All Standing HiiT Workout-No Repeat & No Jumping/Calorie Burn = actually 36 min.); Olivia (10 Min. Savage Ab Workout/11 Line Abs/No Repeats/No Equipment); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I did not want to w/o today! But I remembered I liked Olivia's workout with the format :50/:10 intervals and knowing it was all standing and to have no dread factor. Rang true again today + very sweaty! Her Savage Abs is all done lying on your back (exception of one side plank), so this one has little dread too. So glad to hang with Olivia today!
7 - Cathe Live #363 Boss Bands & Loops Metabolic Workout (57 min.); Step Boss PHA3 (Ext. Lying Stretch) *You can see my review here*: It's a winner!!
8 - Yoga30For30 (Backbends); Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility) Love Backbends! Great flow with 1/2 Moon, Dancer's Pose, Wild Thing Pose and lots of backbends throughout. My balance wasn't so great today esp. on my sore foot - need to get back to balance work!
9 - LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper (Mish Mosh Scrambled #2: Mixes in abs after each 3 rounds=45 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches Love this premix to get those abs in and allowing arms and abs some rest time. Wore my wrist weights so added 4# to each weight total I picked up. Great workout but I do wish she'd slow down on that first round! Getting ready to go over to DS' to cut back some plants. He'll be helping me today. :0)
10- Rest Day

(Tweaked back from yard work)
11- Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches - 3x throughout the day; in PM, YT 30 Min. Yin Yoga "Lower Back" with Travis Mady's stretches and icing felt so good and done at different times throughout the day. Travis' class really got in that lower back fascia as the poses were held a little longer than his other class I did the other day.
12- Olivia Lawson (25 min. No Jumping Full Body HiiT At Home/No Equipment/Apt. Friendly w/o - 40 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I wanted to do something but did have to modify for my back. :40/:10 interval format. It wasn't possible for me to rest/ice at home, since I was over at DS' from 9:30-5:15 while his new A/C unit was installed. So, instead of sitting around there bored as heck, I did his laundry, towels/bedding, cleaned his place from top to bottom (even organizing drawers, etc). Now his place is sparkling both inside and outside. (DS was very grateful and said I made his week!!) I had a very restful night's sleep after all that!
13- Cathe LITE Pyramid Pump (TS Pyramid UB-Pyramid Down Only=30 min.); stretch Surprisingly, my back felt pretty good this morning (even after that cleaning frenzy yesterday and being on my feet all day!). This premix is just straight forward lifting - I didn't want any creative moves to aggravate my back. But I did change up the format and used my heavier weights 2x then my medium weights 1x for the 3 sets. I didn't want to have to get up/down so much and I stood for the bi's and some of the other exercises she does using the ball... i.e., no incline work. By the time that last set of shoulders came around, I had to drop to 8's - my arms were fried by then! Used (1) 20, 15's, 12's, 10's, but mostly 15's & 12's. Am going to try to do Mady's stretch later today. Have to drop off parents' groceries and run errands for us both yet; trying to beat the storm that's a'comin'!
14- Cathe X-10 (w/u; Low Impact); Bar Method (Fat Free - legs/back) I had this Bar Method set many moons ago but got rid of them. I saw/purchased a very reasonable used, like-new set on Amazon for less than $7. (Can't believe how $$$ these are on e-bay and other places!). I decided to work the smaller muscles somewhat to help strengthen my lower back and thought I'd train again with The Master, Burr. My form was rusty - very thankful for my mirror in my workout area! I forgot how I shake during these segments. I have a feeling I will be sore tomorrow from doing something totally different.//Had a dermatologist appt. this morning...all's well skin-wise but after she told me happy birthday in a few days, I happened to mention how my arthritic flare-up from the shots has been wreaking havoc on my life! She concurred she has patients with the same dilemma and doesn't know what to tell them to help them (besides to offer pain relievers which I'm not getting). Guess we have to just ride it out. I'm getting impatient!
15- XT Supercuts; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches+IT band stretches My lower body is so sore today--I called it! Last time I did Supercuts was 11/16!!! So fun today (but I did change up some of the exercises for my back). The camera is still fixated on Amanda, but it didn't bother me as much today since she doesn't have any cleavage showing! Evidently, it makes a difference, LOL. Anyway, a great metabolic, easier workout that was perfect for what I was wanting today. Back is improving daily.
16- Booty is still sore! Yoga Short & Sweet #3 (Travis); Perfect 30 (Mobility - Mobility Basics Stretch=20 min. Premix) S&S was so good but hard since I haven't done it for so long and my wrists aren't great today. Love the flow sequence - so sweaty! I was reminded by Travis that I need to give gratitude to my body for what it CAN do which I forget, it seems. Loved the Mobility premix!!! I felt I covered the strength poses during Travis' class and could omit the strength exercises and just do the, I need to remember this premix when short on time or just adding on a mobility stretch. Superb! Yard Work: 5.50 hours at my house and parents’. I’m pooped!
17- Rest Day

18- Yvette Fit #140 60 Min. BOSU Cardio/Tricep Blast; Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches What a great Monday morning calorie blaster!! This is definitely correctly titled and a BOSU Blast!! Loved all the balance work…my legs are thoroughly worked – as well as triceps - lots of overhead triceps and k/b's. Thankfully, there were recovery moves after all those hundreds of burpees, LOL! I was thinking about quitting at the water break (40 min.) but I kept going and glad I did, as the hardest cardio aspect was in the first half. Great endurance class! 480 cal burn
19- Rest Day Early hair appt....yeah, nada.
20- LIS Afterburn (Double Trouble Premix); Yoga Short & Sweet (Lauren) I wanted another good calorie blaster and this fits the bill! T2B, I agree, this premix is the only way to do this workout--no dread whatsoever! I used my BOSU for the front lunges (no dixie cups) and my paper plates this time on my carpet! Great, FUN workout...last time was 1/19....gotta get to these dust bunnies sooner! Lauren's class is perfection! She fits soo much in 30 min. and so many balance challenges in a super flow. Last time for this one was in 8/20. 491 cal (afterburn, yes, indeed!).
21- S&S Total Body Giants Sets (TS#3 Premix-No Round 5=43 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I loved this premix as it omits a lower body round (but I got worked plenty!). Doing those forward lunges on the BOSU, I noticed my glutes are still sore from Afterburn yesterday...that w/o is really good for glute DOMS, yes? Every time!//Nice shocker: my friend from Seattle was in town so she dropped by this morning with my b-day present. Soooo great to see her!!! I wished we could've done lunch, but I had an eye exam and she had plans later, darn it!
22- Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility-TS 20 min. basic stretch); Bar Method Designer Sculpting (Legs, Abs, Seat, Stretch=32 min.) Wow, working each of these muscle groups, really gets in there - I haven't done the pretzel in years!
23- Yvette Fit (10 min w/u); YT Penny Barnshaw (20 Min. Booty Cardio/No Repeat Booty Band HiiT W/O at Home); YT Amy's Beach Fitness (Band Breaker 20 Min. Full Body W/O); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches I loved Penny's class! Format is :45/:15 and uses a fabric loop above knees. I used my pink medium fabric band which was the right resistance. I'm sure this is a tame w/o for Penny and I would rate it low intermediate but perfect to fit my criteria of light cardio with band work to include in my week. There was maybe one burpee type move and some plank jacks which I used my step. The bear hovers at the end were great! I was glad I did Yvette's w/u beforehand, though, as she goes right into the band work. Not sure how she keeps that full smile on the whole workout but this was easy for her, I'm sure! Great w/o!//Search for "band w/o" also brought up Amy's w/o too and thought I'd try her. I liked her as an instructor (she cues/no music which I don't prefer) but the workout in itself was pretty good using the stretchie band. I used Cathe's blue stretchie and had to keep choking up on it to make it more challenging. I'd rate this one low intermediate as well and she works UB while doing LB barre-ish moves. She works shoulders, tri's, bi's and back indirectly then a few core exercises using the band on the floor. Her band breaks not once, but twice throughout the workout, LOL, and that explains why this workout is titled as such! I have to give her credit for being creative using the band and the moves seemed new and fresh while simultaneously doing barre-type moves. Liked these two new instructors!
24- Rest Day

25- Yvette Fit #118 70 Min. Legs/BOSU/Boxing Workout (54 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches; Michelle's Yin Yoga Having done this Yvette before, I found a spot (around 15 min.) where I could water break (40 min.) where she grabs weights and does a few weighted exercises, more cardio and bodyweight work (turning BOSU upside down/picking it up, etc). I FF'd to her FW band segment and put my medium fabric band above my knees and my heavy FW band around my ankles...that was brutal! But now I may be paying for lower back is now tight but could also be b/c I didn't rest after my workout and went right ahead and started cleaning my house. But had a blast with Y's workout and one I had favorited...this is how I love working legs and wore my 2# wrist weights so my UB got plenty worked too. Ended with a 420 cal burn. Fun workout!
26- XT Chest, Back & Shoulders; Bar Method Designer Sculpting (UB only); LIS Turbo Barre (UB conditioning) Great strength workout today. Using lighter weights (+2# wrist weights) for CB&S than Cathe, it was easy to do extra reps. I had to slow down the rear delt raises though - man, she goes fast! (So, not many extra reps for those, if at all!). Thought I would add on an UB finisher...there aren't very many reps in DS so it didn't seem like much - even using 5#'s. I added on TB which I didn't even have listed when done last, which makes me believe it was before 2016!! I used 5's & 8's and was a much better UB finisher. Might have to stick that one in my rotation for the LB work. Great to revisit these oldies but goodies!
27- Boss Loops: Glutes & Core (minus stretch=46 min.); Perfect 30 (Mobility 20 min. Premix stretch) Using my 2# wrist weights and my pink medium loop for all, I really enjoyed this today (as is - no Premix 4 today). Standing floor cardio and floor work has just enough reps to not create that dread factor for me when other workouts have the reps that go on and on... Cathe makes the floor work so much more enjoyable for me than Burr (and more challenging!). One of these days, I am going to try Cathe's medium green band for this workout to see if it makes a big difference. I have to say using the orange band for the floor work wouldn't work me hard enough especially since there aren't thousands of reps, so my pink band is good and allows for ROM, whereas the blue band doesn't (when I tried it last month).... 305 cal burn and this workout hit two (actually three) birds with one stone: easier cardio day, band workout day, and mobility day! Love it when it works out like that! :0)
28- XT Bi's & Tri's; Yoga30For30 (Gentle) Another good strength day and mostly used 10's, 12's, & 15's with wrist weights. I do like Beast Arms better than this one, though, as I don't like using the stability ball so much. I am so pleased I am hanging in there with these yoga classes using my wrist. I'm thinking I need to strengthen it more even if painful. Love these classes so much...30 min. must be my sweet spot (and wrist tolerance time). The best thing about this class is the supported bridge pose.
29- KCM TLC (w/u; Boxing Combos); Will Power & Grace (Stacey Lei Krauss - all); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches Well, this was sort of a wild card day - so it was very old workouts! WP&G I acquired from STW. I didn't really know what to expect from this one, as I (very quickly) previewed the clip and saw balance work (and lots of head wraps, LOL). Well, there was probably 2 min. of balance work, haha, but I did enjoy it for something totally different than what I normally do. I called it a "BUTI-light" workout - lots of flowy fusion type stuff. Didn't really enjoy the core segment but the cardio and flowy stretch were nice but not a relaxing stretch done on the floor which are my favorite.
30- Yvette Fit #72 60 Min. Spooktacular Cardio & Legs Mash Up This one is appropriate today and has a fun appearance by Mr. Yvette dressed up like a ghoul scaring the class participants (one got a HUGE scare!). I had to take my cat to the vet early so I had to cut the class short...I skipped most of the weight segments and just did the cardio, a few core exercises, and the stretch = 45 min. The class was fun and used gliders in one spot and I held a 10# weight doing those and also used a 25# weight doing sumo pick-ups. So I did get in a couple weighted exercises, I guess. I love how I can make her workouts work for my timeframe and my ailments!
31- Rest Day
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My absolute favorite month!

1 Trifecta Pilates - Morning Pilates Flow - 20 minutes
2 Trifecta Pilates - Slow Pilates Fusion - 25 minutes
3 Trifecta Pilates - Day 8 - Center Connection Flow - 30 minutes; Dog Walk - 25 minutes
4 Trifecta Pilates - Day 9 - Lower & Upper Body Routine - 30 minutes
5 Trifecta Pilates - Day 10 - Full Total Body Class - 30 minutes
6 Walk At Home - Beginner Classic 2 Mile with Bands/ Steel City Series DLCC2 - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Day 11 - Center Connection Flow - 30 minutes
7 Trifecta Pilates - Day 12 - Lower & Upper Body Routine - 30 minutes
8 Senior Shape - Upper Body Strength (one dumbbell) - 23 minutes & Lower Body Strength - 23 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Feel Good Pilates Flow - 10 minutes
9 Rest Day
10 Senior Shape - Ballet Body - 34 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Unwind with Pilates Stretches - 10 minutes
11 Trifecta Pilates - Day 13 - Full Total Body Class - 30 minutes & Day 14 - Pilates Stretch - 15 minutes
12 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Penny - 7/26/2021 - 30 Minutes & Intermediate Flexibility & Balance - 30 minutes
13 Silver & Fit - Advanced Mixed Format with Keli - 10/11/2021 - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pialtes - Day 16 - Core Connection Class - 15 minutes
14 Trifecta Pilates - Unwind Miniball Routine - 17 minutes; Ballet Based Movement - 30 Day Ballet Experience - Day 1 - 38 minutes
15 Trifecta Pilates - Abs & Back Workout - 15 minutes; Ballet Based Movement - 30 Day Ballet Experience - Day 2 - 32 minutes; Walk At Home - Men's Beginner Walk - 30 minutes
16 Trifecta Pilates - Day 12 - Lower & Upper Body Routine - 30 minutes; Ballet Based Movement - 30 Day Ballet Experience - Day 3 - 20 minutes
17 Senior Shape - Cardio Barre - 25 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Primary Pilates Flow - 25 minutes
18 Kaleigh Cohen - Fit for You Fifteen Series: 15 Minute Total Upper Body Workout; Senior Shape - Gentle Exercises for Back Pain Relief - 16 minutes
19 Barlates - Gentle Home Workouts - Walking - 27 minutes; Ballet Based Movement - 30 Day Ballet Experience - Day 4 - 28 minutes
20 Walk - 40 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Vertical Pilates Routine - 25 minutes
21 Trifecta Pilates - Chair June Live Workout - 40 minutes
22 Walk At Home - 1 Mile Beginner's Walk with Bands - 16 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Reach Band Class - 20 minutes
23 Club Pilates - Introductory Class - 30 minutes; Walk - 20 minutes
24 Trifecta Pilates - Level 1 Short Chair Workout - 15 minutes
25 Barre Fitness - Challenge - Day 1 - Arms - 10 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Level 1 Lower Body Strength - 40 minutes
26 Trifecta Pilates - Inside Out Pilates - 20 minutes; Barre Fitness - Challenge - Day 2 - Legs - 15 minutes
27 Trifecta Pilates - 5 & 5 Workout (Beginner Level) - 28 minutes, Basic Pilates Workout (Beginner Level) - 11 minutes & Simple Stretches for Hamstrings (Beginner Level) - 7 minutes
28 Ballet Based Movement - 30 Day Ballet Experience - Day 5 - 19 minutes & 30 Day Ballet Experience - Day 6 - 28 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Level 1 Fusion Reset Class - 17 minutes
29 Senior Shape - Strength & Cardio Workout - 35 minutes; Caroline Jordan - Exercises to Help High Hamstring Tendonitis - 15 minutes
30 Rest Day
31 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mixed Format with Stacey - 10/27/21 - 30 minutes

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~~~ OCTOBER ~~~

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers" – L.M. Montgomery

1 - Yoga With Kassandra 10 Minute Morning Yoga for Hips & Lower Back; Lee Holden Qigong for More Energy; 5,611 steps.

2 - Beach walk; YWK 15 Minute Sleep Yoga - Yin Yoga for Sore Muscles; 7,706 steps.

3 - Rest/nothing formal; 3,763 steps.

4 - Lee Holden Qigong for Healthy Joints and Bones; 2,822 steps.

5 - YWK morning affirmations meditation; 30 minute walk around neighborhood; YWK Bedtime Yin Yoga; 8,643 steps.

6 - YWK Morning Yin Yoga Full Body Stretch plus morning affirmations; 20 minute lunch walk; GYM for 10 minutes recumbent and 35 minutes incline presses, leg presses, seated rows, leg extensions, 50 box climbs and various tricep extensions; 7,237 steps.

7 - YWK 20 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Full Body Stretch (with Cleo) plus affirmations; 40 minute walk around neighborhood with two hill challenges; my own yoga in bed; 7,920 steps.

8 - YWK Morning Yin Yoga Stretch - No Props, plus affirmations; 25 minute lunch walk; Get Fit With Rick, 1,500 Steps / 10 Minute Workout Low Impact; Unplugged 1901; 7,475 steps.

9 - YWK Yin Yoga & Affirmations for Intuition plus morning affirmations; 5,694 steps.

10 - Garden cleanup; YWK Sunday Morning Full Body Yin (in the evening); 5,150 steps.

11 - YWK 10 Minute Morning Yoga for Hips & Lower Back plus affirmations; 25 minute lunch walk; 20 minute walk after work; 6,210 steps.

12 - 20 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Stretch; Breethe 5 Minute Kindness Meditation; beach walk; 6,514 steps.

13 - 30 minute lunch walk; my own yoga in bed from memory of Kassandra's practices; 6,953 steps.

14 - YWK 15 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Stretch plus affirmations; Shakti Warrior Open and Receive - Letting the Heart Expand; Winsor Power Sculpting Buns & Thighs; 5,910 steps.

15 - YWK 20 Minute Morning Yin Yoga Stretch plus affirmations; 20 minute lunch walk; 5,622 steps.

16 - Nothing formal; 3,222 steps.

17 - Nothing formal; 2,322 steps.

18 - Winsor Pilates Power Sculpting; YWK 10 Minutes Hands Free Morning Yoga; 4,324 steps.

19 - YWK 15 Minute Morning Yin plus affirmations; Jane Fonda Firm & Burn, Doo-Wop; 6,674 steps.

20 - YWK chakra meditation plus affirmations; my own yoga in bed; 3,479 steps.

21 - YWK 20 Minute Yin Yoga Full Body Stretch plus affirmations; YogiBethC Today's Special Lunchtime Yoga #2; LWR 10 Minute Standing Abs Workout; 25 butt bridges plus 25 plies; Unplugged 1902; 5,548 steps.

22 - YWK Morning Yoga Movement #1 - 10 Minute Morning Stretch for Beginners plus MYM affirmations; Yoga With Bird Evening Yoga in Bed; 4,753 steps.

23 - YWK Heart Chakra Yin Yoga for Love and Compassion plus Guided Chakra Affirmation Meditation; GYM for 10 minutes recumbent and 40 minutes light weights, full body; 6,325 steps.

24 - Slow and easy beach combing stroll at the beach; YWK Bedtime Yoga in Bed for Beginners plus evening affirmations; 4,731 steps.

25 - YWK Morning Yoga Movement #2 - 10 Minute WAKE UP Full Body Yoga Stretch; YWK 30 Minute Hips & Lower Back Deep Stretch plus bedtime affirmations; 3,900 steps.

26 - Trudy Styler Cardio Dance Flow; Ellen's Pick Your Spot Pilates - abs; 5,362 steps.

27 - My own a.m. candlelight yin practice; Shakti Warrior Express Your Truth; Tracey Mallet Pilates Super Sculpt - Total Body Challenge and Flexibility; 5,855 steps.

28 - YBB Live Light & Easy; foam rolling for upper back and shoulders; 5,160 steps.

29 - Ellen's Bikini Ready Fast; Jane Fonda Easy Going Workout, cooldown stretch only; my own lower body quick yin practice; YWK Relaxing Yin Yoga for Stress Relief - Full Body Calming Stretch; 4,917 steps.

30 - YWK Yin Yoga for Digestion plus guided chakra affirmations meditation; otherwise a rest day; 2,083 steps.

31 - Half mile stroll at beach; YWK Bedtime Yin Yoga; 4,460 steps.
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1. Pahla B - August Play List - Day 7 - Firming Core; Annie Pilates Physical Therapy -SI Joint Dysfunction; Exercises; Lunch Break Walk w/ Golden

2 - Jessica Valent - Long & Lean Pilates; Outdoor walk; dog walk

3- Suzanne Deason - Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss, Dog walk

4 - Lively Ladies - Happy Walking Workout; Senior Shape w/ Lauren - Lower Body Strength Workout on the Mat; very short dog walk, Suzanne Deason - PM yoga for Weight Loss

5- Faithful Workouts - Low Impact Cardio & Barre; Intermediate Kickboxing; Unshaken Yoga - Gentle Morning Flow; dog walk in the evening

6 - Ellen - Power & Balance, Ky/Blessful Body - Finding Your Core Series - Day 1 (TA)

7 - Yoga for Stress Relief - Barbara Benagh - Hip/SI Joint practice; Outdoor walk, Ellen - Pilates Mix

8- Back Care Yoga - Barbara Benagh - Revitalizing Practice

9 - Outdoor walk, Suzanne Deason A.M. Yoga for Weight Loss; Jessica Valent - PT for SI Joint; dog walk

10 - Jenny Ford - March Across America - Massachusetts; Barbara Benagh - Yoga for Stress Relief - SI Joint Pain Practice; outdoor walk

11- Classical Stretch - Aging Backwards Pain Relief, Margaret Richard - My Body of Work, Volume 1, Program A; outdoor walk

12 - Classical Stretch - Aging Backwards Posture, Margaret Richard - My Body of Work, Volume 2, Program B, dog walk

13 - Classical Stretch - Aging Backwards Mobility, Jessica Valent - Seated Arms, 5 Min Shoulders, Booty Burner Workout; dog walk

14- Classical Stretch - Aging Backwards Bone Strengthening, Trifecta Pilates- Morning Pilates Flow; dog walk

15 - Classical Stretch/Essentrics - Full Body Pain Relief w/ Sahra; short dog walk

16 - Classical Stretch - Aging Backwards - Posture, Caroline Sandry 30 Days to Flat Abs Pilates - Day 1

17 - CS - 1215, dog walk, Caroline Sandry - 30 Days to Flat Abs Pilates - Day 2

18 - Ellen - Barre Conditioning, Jessica Valent - Pilates for Scoliosis, Sciatica Practice, Dog walk

19 - Ellen - Prayer Flow, Jessica Valent - Pilates for Scoliosis 2, Sciatic Practice, dog walk

20 - Ellen - Upper Body Blast, Jessica Valent - Pilates for Scoliosis 2, Sciatica Practice; 2 dog walks

21 - Leslie - 20 Min Walk - Walk Off Fat Fast; Jessica Valent - Hip Mobility Routine and Hip Pain Routine, dog walk

22 - Ellen - Super Fast Body Blast; Jessica Valent - Hip Pain Routine; dog walk

23 - Outdoor Walk, Ellen - Pilates Mix, Jessica Valent - PT for SI Joint

24 - Outdoor Walk, Jessica Valent - Hip Moblity and Hip Pain Routines, dog walk, Ellen - Serene Strength

25 - Ellen - 4 Elements Flow; Dog walk

26 - Ellen - Power & Balance, Jessica Valent - Scoliosis Routine, Sarah Beth - Sciatica stretches; dog walk, Sarah Beth - 20 Min evening practice for lower back/sciatica

27 - Ellen - Fusion Floor; outdoor walk

28 - Ellen - Walk Refresh & Yogini Sculpt

29 - Jessica Smith - Build Balance & Inner Strength - Balance & Agility; Gentle Stretch - Floor Stretch

30 - out of town

31 - Happy Halloween! - Dog Walk
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01- Rebound Fitness: High Intensity Interval Rebound Workout (25 min. -virgin). This one start with high energy from the beginning, it has run interval, twists, kicks, a killer leg circuit (some moves included: squats, leg in out while on squat position, lunge, one leg on the rebounder the other on the floor, one leg jumps... Ouch!) I def. felt the burn, then core work and a nice 5 minutes stretch to conclude the workout.
02- Kathy Smith's Cardio Knockout: Kickboxing workout (50 min. - virgin) + Tai Chi: Deep Stretch. I don't know why I didn't try this workout before, I really enjoyed it, it was fun and sweaty, I used 1 lb soft walking dumbells, I have done the Tai Chi segment before, I need to try the one with Michael as well. And I didn't realized, it was Keli Roberts the women with red hair, until almost the end of the workout when I think Kathy called by her name.
03- Kathy Smith's Cardio Knockout: The whole Tai Chi segment (Energize and Deep Stretch).
04- Kari Anderson's Go Step + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex. Go Step was even more fun this time around.
05- Kathy Smith's Lift Weights To lose Weights: Upper, Lower & Core + Power Walk For Weight Lose: Cool Down Strech. Great combo!
06- Debra Mazda's Let's Get Stepping. Nice workout! At some point I felt like she was doing a lot of basic step without changing lead, so I changed legs on my own. But apart of that, I really liked it.
07- Rest day.
08- Kathy Smith's Super Slimdown Circuit: Secrets to a Great Upper Body Workout. Great workout, two set of 12 reps for each exercise, I felt it and I loved it. I stretched a bit on my own at the end. I used 3s, 5s, 8s, 12s and 15.
09- Kathy Smith's Super Slimdown Circuit: Secrets to a Great Lower Body Workout. Another great workout, most of the exercises had 16 reps, and then 8 reps of three pulses, a couple were 12 reps. My legs were burning, I used 12s, 15s and 5s ankle weights. Again stretched a bit on my own at the end, since the stretch for each workout is so short.
10- Let's Get Stepping + Si6: Slim & Limber. I enjoyed LGS even more today, I alternated leads and I always ended on the good food for the next combo, so I will keep doing it like this. She does alternate at the beginning of the workout, so I don't know why she doesn't keep doing it. Still a nice and a sweaty workout, with easy to follow choreography and nice music.
11- Karine Larose's Raffermissement Total (35 min.). I don't know if I have tried this one before, if so I don't remember. I liked it, it was challenging and sweaty, it has some compound moves and some isolation, good total body workout.
12- Unplanned rest day. Super tired, took a three hours nap
13- KCM's Cardio Pump: Workout 2 (virgin) + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex. Great workout and very challenging. It is an interesting 'pyramid' workout, you start with your heaviest weight, then medium and then your lightest, each exercise is different but target the same muscle, each exercise is done for 1 minute, and there are three exercises for each muscle group, except for the lower body that get hit twice interspersed in the workout (3 exercises the first round, and another three different exercises for the second round). Kelly used 20s, 15s, and 10s. I used 15s, 12s, and 8s.
14- Off. Memorial service.
15- Rejuvenation Walk & Stretch: Indoor Walking Workout (30 min.) + Stretch & Flex. So happy I found a brand new DVD copy for cheap, for some reason I had a hard time keeping on bit with the YouTube version, but not with this one. I love this workout, and it made me sweat, it's def. more intense than most Leslie's workouts.
16- Karine Larose's Raffermissement Total.
17- Active rest day. Outdoor walk.
18- KCM's Cardio Pump: Workout 2 + Si6: Slim & Limber.
19- KCM's Cardio Pump: Workout 1 (virgin) + Si6: Slim & Limber. Great workout, I used 1lb soft hand weights, and found it challenging. Cardio Pump was a great buy, I found it for CAD $8.50 used on Amazon (shipping included!), I like both workouts.
20- Rejuvenation: Total Firm & Fit + Si6: Slim & Limber. The first time I did TFF I thought it was too easy, I liked it better today, I used my Workout 180 for the upper body segment and I found it challenging, I used a heavy resistance loop and the W180 for the lower body segment and I felt it, and a flat band for the last segment, I got quite sweaty! With the right resistance, it is a nice workout.
21- Rest day.
22- Kathy Smith's Super Slimdown Circuit: Secrets to a Great Upper Body Workout.
23- Kathy Smith's Super Slimdown Circuit: Secrets to a Great Lower Body Workout.
24- Rest day.
25- Katami Bar: Kore Katami (24 min. ~virgin) + Power Walk For Weight Lose: Walk Segment II (13 min.) & Cool Down Strech (10 min.). KK was the perfect workout for a low energy day, I almost skipped it, but glad I did something, I then ended adding in a 13 minute walk.
26- Jenny Ford: Toning with Weights (52 min. ~virgin). TWW is labeled Beginner/ Intermediate but with 4 set of almost everything at about 16 reps or so each, it didn't feel beginner at all, I loved it! I used 12s for shoulder presses, 8s for shoulder lateral extensions and tricep kickbacks, and 15s for everything else. Push ups only got two rounds, but there were 4 rounds of chest presses, both shoulder exercises got two sets as well, both triceps exercises got one set each, with more reps than usual, that was a bit odd, but overall, I really enjoyed it, and I definitely felt it.
27- Jenny Ford: Hi Lo Cardio (35 min. ~virgin). This was a fun workout! It consisted of three combos, after the warm up, you do the first combo, then combo two, and put those together, then combo three, and at the end you do all three combos together, then cool down. It went by quickly!
28- Audrey Krafft's Deep Full Body Stretch (YouTube ~28 min.). I am a bit sore today, so this felt really good. She doesn't mentioned it, but this class is based on Classical Stretches, I wonder if she is a Classical Stretch instructor, she has other classes as well, most are 30 min. long. I'd love to give them a try soon.
29- Rest day.
30- Unplanned rest day.
31- Active rest day. Outdoor Halloween Candy Walk with the family, it was a rainy day, but we had fun, and my DD got a lot of candies.
"There are seven days in the week and someday isn't one of them!"

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Sonríe a la vida y ella te sonreíra siempre!
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Tammie M
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1 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Clever Yoga Fusion: Yoga Wheel Stretch and Strengthen
2 - Tracey Rich Total Yoga The Flow Series: Earth
3 - X-Factor:ST - Week 2 + J.J. Gormley Yoga For Every Body - Beginners Shoulders Wrists & Hands
4 - Gilad Step and Tone
5 - Shape Bikini Body All Year-Round: Toning - all zones
6 - Zumba Advanced
7 - X-Factor:ST - Week 2 + X-Factor:ST - Yoga
8 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Clever Yoga Fusion: Stability Ball Total Body
9 - Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up: QuickFix Rx - Lower Body Series
10 - X-Factor:ST - Week 3 + J.J. Gormley Yoga For Every Body - Beginners Open & Strong Heart
11 - Jenny Ford Coast to Coast: New York
12 - KCM Bootcamp- Strength Session Premix & Bonus Stretch
13 - KCM Bootcamp- Cardio Session Premix + Emily Kligerman Yoga Therapy for Back Pain - Sciatic Pain
14 - X-Factor:ST - Week 3 + Emily Kligerman Yoga Therapy for Back Pain - Sacroiliac Joint Pain
15 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Clever Yoga Fusion: Balance Pad Strength and Stability + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1217
17 - X-Factor:ST - Week 4
18 - Jenny Ford Coast to Coast: San Francisco + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1224
19 - Karen Voight Slim Toning on a Ball + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1203
20 - Karen Voight Strong & Smooth Moves - Cardio + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1211
21 - Karen Voight Strong & Smooth Moves - Weights + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1218
22 - Karen Voight Streamlined Fitness
23 - Karen Voight Ultimate Circuit Training - Just Cardio + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1225
24 - Karen Voight Ultimate Circuit Training - Just Strength + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1204
26 - Karen Voight Ultimate Circuit Training - Upper Body & Just Abs + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1212
27 - Karen Voight Ultimate Circuit Training - Lower Body + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1219
28 - Karen Voight Sleek Physique - Yoga Strength + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1226
29 - Karen Voight Sleek Physique - Lower & Upper Body + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1205
30 - Karen Voight Sleek Physique - Cardio, Abs & Yoga Stretch
31 - Tracey Mallett Booty Barre Plus Abs & Arms - Booty Barre & Abs + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1213
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Look Great in 8 - Week 1: Circuits
29. ZUMBA COUNTRY: Crazy Country + Burn It Up
30. INTENSITY SERIES: Cardio & Weights (dust bunny)

october 2021…

1. I decided to do Lee Holden’s Qi Gong 30 Day Challenge again. LH Qi Gong - Day 1 + A.M. Yoga for your week w/Rodney Yee - Hip Openers (dust bunny)
2. Cathe Live #94: PHAT 2 + Jessica Smith Walk Strong 3: Cardio Hit! (virgin) + LH Qi Gong - Day 2. Last time I did CL#94 was Jan 2020. I enjoyed it and sweated a lot. 12 reps, 6 exercises, 3 rounds and then a second set of 6 exercises, 3 rounds.
3. LITE: Cardio Party Mish Mosh Double It Premix + LH Qi Gong - Day 3
4. CATHE LIVE: PHAT 3 + KEONI: Walking Workout #57 (virgin) + LH Qi Gong - Day 4
5. LH Qi Gong - Day 5 + CIA2803: Tap-Less Step More (virgin, 15 mins) + Cathe’s Low Impact Step + Tap-Less and Step More (20 mins) + Cathe’s Total Body Stretching: Workout 1. My goal is to learn Tap-Less and Step More. The first time through was lots of rewinding. I started from the warm up the 2nd time through and could make it through the first 20 minutes before my brain was scrambled. This one is going to require a preview and learning in increments. I have to get used to Deidre’s cueing style and her name for the step moves. Lots of fun so far though, and great music.
6. recovery day… LH Qi Gong - DAY 6 + Attempt #3 - Tap Less and Step More (w/u, C 1-4, 26 mins). Lots of twirling and acrobatics - jumping over the step, say what, lol)…

LGI8 Week 2 - Heavy
7. XTRAIN: Burn Sets - w/u, Back & Biceps, cd (37mins) + CIZE: Full Out (35mins) P.M. ROCKIN’ BODY: Mark, Move & Groove (15mins) + ROCKIN’ BODY: Party Express (virgin, 25 mins) + LH Gi Gong - Day 7. Cize was a lot of fun. Rockin’ Body was interesting; filmed on a stage, before a live audience, and just ok music on the 2 workouts that I tried today. Great for boosting step count. I’d love to know the story behind Rockin’ Body. Was it filmed during one of BB’s annual summits?
8. INTENSITY SERIES: Pyramid Lower Body (w/u, standing, down only, stretch, 28 mins ) + KAREN VOIGHT Yoga & Sculpting: YogaFlow (dust bunny, 25 mins) + Attempt #4 - Tap-Less and Step More (44mins) + LH Qi Gong - Day 8. PLB - kept it to 10 reps for each exercise. YogaFlow, I actually enjoyed it and with Karen’s cueing, I could get in the poses better. My 4th attempt at TLSM was even better than the last time. I definitely have combo’s 1 -4 down and was able to catch most of combos 5 - 7 but it wasn’t pretty. P.M. LITE: Cardio Party Mish Mosh #4. I wanted to hear the bom, bom song!
9. XTRAIN: Burn Sets Chest & Triceps (35mins) + CIZE: Livin’ in the 8s (virgin, 51mins) + LH Qi Gong - Day 9. Doing chest & triceps together is harder than doing a push/pull set. I reached failure really fast during the triceps set and had to drop my weights during the chest sets and still was struggling at 10 reps. My biceps/forearms were already sore from my workout 2 days ago.. Livin’ in the 8s is another winner. I felt like a bad@$$ back up dancer when done!
10. PERFECT 30: Low Impact Hiit + KATHY SMITH: Tummy Trimmers - Standing Abs + LH Qi Gong - Day 10. P.M. Attempt # 5 Tap-Less Step More (warm-up, combos 1 -7). I used the chapters menu and worked on getting the extra twirls and spins in combos 1 & 2. This is going to be so much fun once I really get the choreography down.
11. XTRAIN: Cardio Leg Blast Timesaver (Strength only) + XTRAIN: Burn Sets Shoulders + KIMBERLY SPREEN Triple Threat - Go with the Flow (virgin) + LH Gi Gong - Day 11. Kept CLB at 10 reps per exercise. I bought the Kimberly workout from Collage awhile ago. The DVD has three workouts, 30 minutes each. A Kickbox, a functional fitness routine and the flow routine. I think these originated pre Kimberly’s CIA days. Anyway, Go with the Flow started with a rhythmic warm up and then flowing flexibility movements and balance challenges. I enjoyed it a lot.
12. CIZE: All Out + LH Qi Gong - Day 12

LGI8 Week 3 - High Reps
13. rest day…
14. CTX Upper Body Split - Back & Triceps + LH Qi Gong - Day 13. P.M. LH Qi Gong - Day 14 + Yv2: MYB. It’s been almost 2 months since I did my beloved Youv2’s.
15. RWH: LIHI Legs (Strength Only) + CTX UBS - Shoulders + LH Qi Gong - Day 15. Mid-day: Yv2: SS + P.M. CIZE: Crazy 8’s . LIHI Legs are 20 & 16 reps. I’m gearing up to focus on my eating. I haven’t been tracking anything for the last 4 months, but still keeping a food journal, and have gained from 3 to 6 pounds, depending on what I ate the day before!
16. CTX UBS: Chest & Biceps + CIZE: You Got This + 8 Count Abs + KS: Rejuvenation Stretch & Flex. My legs were sore and I felt stiff and tight so had to do some extra stretching. Each segment of CTX UBS isn’t very long but it burns like crazy due to rep speed and the high volume of reps. I had to drop my weights this morning ‘cause of the burn. You Got This is a lot of fun and great music to go with the choreography.
17. XTRAIN: Legs (w/u + Barre) + BOSS LOOPS: floorwork & stretch + CTX UBS: Shoulders + CIZE: In the Pocket P.M. CIZE: Go For It + LH Qi Gong - Day 16
18 - 19. rest days…. Busy, office days.
20. CTX UBS: Chest, Back, Triceps & Biceps + CIZE: Crazy 8’s. Had to do 2 days of workouts in order to finish Week 3. Week 4 starts with a flexibility workout so will do that later today.

LGI8 Week 4 - Supersets
20. P.M. LH Qi Gong - Day 17, Day 18, Day 19, Day 20
21. STRONG & SWEATY: Giant Sets (lower body only premix) + LIS: Yoga Relax (Timesaver #1) + LH Qi Gong - Day 21. I did 12 reps during Giant Sets LB. The exercise reps are 12, 16, 20 and a couple of 24 reps. I was glad I could stop early, after my 12 reps, and write down the # of reps for each exercise for future reference. Already sore.
22. BODY BLAST: Supersets (w/u, Shoulders/Biceps & Triceps and Core, c/d) + CIZE: In the Pocket + LH Qi Gong - Day 22. I had forgotten that the Body Blast series has the Workout Blender option which came in handy this morning. I picked Rounds 3 & Rounds 4 + w/u & c/d and skipped the leg segments. This was not enough as is so the next round of LGI8, I think I’ll use Giant Sets. Although I liked the music, next time I’ll choose the music off option. The music overpowers Cathe’s voice and is just too much for a weight session. P.M. Yv2: SS. Since I’ve had my wireless earphones connected to my Blu-ray DVD player, I’ve only recently realized how much the ladies in Yv2 whoop it up and verbalize their happiness (I can hear everything clearly). I love their energy but I may have to go back to muting Yv2 and playing my own music. Met my daily step goal though!
23. CIZE: Living in the 8’s. First time at the theatre since the pandemic, saw the new James Bond movie. Interesting, not my favorite but enjoyable. I won’t spoil anything.
24. X10: Hi/Lo + LH Qi Gong - Day 23, Day 24 & Day 25 P.M. Carlos Cardio Explosion, 15mins + ZUMBA: Activate
25. BODY BLAST: Supersets R1/R2 (w/u back, chest, shoulders, core) + ZUMBA: Rush. I was surprised to see that BB Supersets doesn’t have a music off option. I thought Cathe provided that option around the release of the Intensity Series. Supersets was good for a Monday morning but still not enough as is. Maybe 2 or 3 times through but I didn’t feel like working that hard this morning.
26. WW Ultimate Dance Party: Easy Grooves

LGI8 Week 5 - Circuits
27. KRISTIN DOWELL: Hi/Lo Recharge. The schedule called for 60 mins of recreational cardio. I would have gone for a walk outside but too windy, kind of chilly and lots of ragweed flying around.
28. WW Ultimate Dance: Cardio Club + Perfect Flow: Yoga Strength w/u & sun sals + Mobility Basics Strength Timesaver premix. I love the Yoga Strength warmup but can only take 2 sun salutations before I get bored. Decided to pick a shorter premix. Mid-afternoon: LH Qi Gong - Day 26 & Day 27. Wore my new workout shoes today. Happy feet, happy knees.
29. rest day…
30. ICE: Bootcamp Circuit (Timesaver #4, no abs, 35mins) + LH Qi Gong - Day 28, Day 29 & Day 30 + CHRISTI TAYLOR: Totally Hot Cardio + Bonus Cardio. The bonus cardio is all the combos together for 3 or 4 rounds. I may use this as an add on going forward.
31. KATINA HUNTER: Circuit Party (virgin) + STEP BOSS: Extended Stretch

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
- Motivational Sticker
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October 2021

Nikki Carlson Hype and Tone with walking or steady state cardio

1. Hype and Tone 9/30 5 and 2 pound weights (I used 4 and 2), bala ring, firewalker loop, ankle weights (I used 1lb) and a small step that looked like the exact size of the bottom half of the Fanny lifter. I also used my rebounder for the cardio since my foot is just starting to feel better and I’m not ready to jump barefoot. The rebounder worked out better than I expected. I’m not going to put pressure on myself to match all those ankle weights and I’ll just make it enjoyable. These workouts will definitely get me stronger if I’m consistent.
2. 3 mile walk + PBL Spring into Summer Core Heat and Fit in 15 flexibility + Micro-workout
3. Hype & Tone 10/1 + PBL Central Park Stretch + Micro-workout x2 I stumbled on a podcast episode that talked about “micro-workouts”, which is simply doing a few minutes of activity or exertion at random times during the day. The episode also espoused mostly moderate training with occasional intensity bursts. It really gave me a lot to think about. Here it is if anyone wants a listen It’s about exertion and performance without beating up your body. I know I usually do scary workouts during October but this month I’m going to add in at least one micro-workout during the day, lthis morning I did 20 deep bodyweight squats and 20 pushups. Tonight it was 5 Sun As and 20 pushups. I have a ton of ideas and I’ll probably do them in pairs like 20 kB deadlifts and 20 swings or 10 burpees and 20 leg lowers. I like the idea!
4. 3 mile walk + PBL Resistance Plus Ab workout and stress free stretch + micro-workout x2
5. Hype & Tone 9/20 + IDTV Yin Renew Renew was mostly upper body work, I had just picked it randomly but it was good. I didn’t use the rebounder for H&P today and my foot felt fine. I’m only using my 1lb ankle weights for these workouts. Nikki and class double up and use 3lbs. I probably could have used 2 lbs today because the mat work was slower and very deliberate but I’m still feeling it with my wimpy weights!
5. Hype & Tone 9/20 + IDTV Yin Renew Renew was mostly upper body work, I had just picked it randomly but it was good. I’m going to try to do one of these Yins after my work days, they’re only a half an hour. I didn’t use the rebounder for H&P today and my foot felt fine. I’m only using my 1lb ankle weights for these workouts. Nikki and class double up and use 3lbs. I probably could have used 2 lbs today because the mat work was slower and very deliberate but I’m still feeling it with my wimpy weights!
6-7. Rest
8. Hype &Tone 10/1 + IDTV Bedtime Yin Series: Stars (PM)
9. 3 mile walk + PBL Ab crunching workout with ankle weights + IDTV Yin Serenity (PM)
10. Hype & Tone 10/8 + IDTV Yin Space(PM) Travis’ Yin practice is great but I now just associate it with pain Nothing makes me feel old like getting out of those poses! I think that’s how I know it works.
11. Grow with Jo Kickboxing + PBL Live Express 45A Low energy morning. I found this channel on YouTube and the instructor is super cute and upbeat. There’s no talking and a timer. I would describe this as a walking workout with kickboxing moves. 40/20 with marching done in the rest periods. I did a boxer shuffle instead. There’s nothing bad I can say about this except it felt like it was never going to end (it was only 40 minutes) but I think that was because I really made myself do something this morning.
12. Rest Early hair appointment and I wasn’t going to mess it up.
13. Rest I thought about taking a walk after work but it’s starting to get dark early now. I baked my first two sourdough baguettes (using my starter) instead!
14. 3 mile walk Plus I did extra walking at work. We have a very big property and I have a 10-15 min loop that I try to do a couple times on my office days.
15. 3 mile run + Barlates No excuses Sculpt This was an easier and shorter Barlates (25 min) but it was a quick way to get a little extra in and get a little stretch. The music in this was different than the usual and actually not horrible. I dreamt about running last night and the weather is absolutely perfect too. Just took a couple of short walking breaks at the mile marks to keep it enjoyable.
16. 3 mile run + Barlates No excuses Mat I absolutely had a harder time running this morning and I took a couple of breaks during the third mile but I got there. My legs now are sore in places that I totally forgot about.
17. Barlates Bosu Upper body and Mix and Match Upper 80/10 I wanted to give my legs a little break but Linda actually uses them in both of these workouts. The Bosu one is only 22 minutes and mix and match is 30 so it adds up. Bosu includes some thrusters too. In 80/10 Linda engages the lower body in almost every exercise. I ended up sweatier than I thought I would.
18. 3 mile walk I had a really busy day!!
19. Naomi Joy Fitness 60 min trampoline workout/ lower body sculpt + 2 mile walk Fantastic you tube workout from a new to me instructor even though I’ve been subscribed to her channel for a while. Naomi starts with an off the rebounder warm up then three separate circuits of rebounding and bodyweight lower body work. Each cardio section was three moves 50/10 that are repeated for 6 minutes of cardio. The strength moves are done 50/10 too but no repeats. She includes standing and mat work. I considered adding ankle weights to the last segment but I’m glad I didn’t. The first cardio segment is a little easier but each one got harder. I got nice and sweaty from this and it really flew by!! Her workouts are done Heather Robertson style but Naomi does do some voiceovers for instruction and form. Two thumbs way up for this.
20-21. rest
22. 3 mile walk + Callanetics Countdown level 1
23. Romney Studios Bounce 10/18 I’m on the hunt for more rebounder workouts that are easy to follow so I’m doing a Romney 7 day trial. The problem is their workouts tend to feel repetitive. There’s plenty of classes but they all feel the same. I looked at Lekfit-that was a hard no, and bounce society but that one looks dancy. I might resubscribe to Montana Method. I did like it and it was easy to follow with good music but in my mind I associate it with working overnights.
24. Hamelin Inch Loss 1.3 I have Inch loss course 1 and I should definitely use it more. It doesn’t kill me but it feels good and in sort of meditative.
25. Naomi Joy Low Impact HiiT Cardio and Feel Good bounce & flow I loved both of these workouts. The first one was 45/15 with the exercises but I just kept going or changed to the next exercise. The moves are simple and easy to follow. The bounce and flow workout was really an interesting circuit workout, Naomi does less intensity with the cardio sections alternating with unweighted exercises off the trampoline. There’s some balance work, core, and even some push-ups but it has a stretch factor to it. My husband and I spent the night away (only 40 minutes) and had a great time walking around, having afternoon margaritas and a fancy fantastic dinner. Tons of steps today! I’m really looking forward to going on a real vacation again soon.
26.45 min walk + Tons of walking in the morning before coming home, taking a nap and going to a fun and delicious party!
27-29. Nothing Crazy busy day at work Wednesday. Almost 15k steps on my phone for an office day. Thursday was the opposite! And Friday morning I was just tired. I went to dinner with friends p after work Thursday and even though I was home early I was just tired Friday morning.
30. Hillard Studio Method streaming live 212 Remember these DVDs? They have streaming and I thought I would try the 7 day trial. I enjoyed the live class, challenging but not as hard as I remembered that one dvd being with the plank sequence. This was pretty upper body focused, lots of planks, some pushups and almost the whole workout used the resistance band of light weights. I actually enjoyed it and felt challenged but not overworked. It would be nice to pair these with walking or rebounding. The music was good and the participants looked fit, no skeleton arms!
31. Naomi Joy 30 min low impact HiiT cardio + HSM 20 min burn 1 I just use Naomi’s workout like a steady state without the rest times. Her low impact means no high kicks which I’m terrible at anyway. 20 min burn really was hard! This isn’t a live class it’s just the mom and daughter, with mom instructing. They use an 8lb weight but I had to drop down to 5lb for the bicep section. Every exercise is upper and lower body. No dedicated Abs in this.

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I will be doing Sydney Cummings (YT) Strong program. This 30 day program is designed as 5 strength w/o's per week. I will add cardio as well.

1. Total Body
2. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness #62 20 min ride (used as a w/up); Glutes
3. 3 mile hike
4. Back and Bi's
5. nothing
6. Legs
7. Full Body Hiit
8. Joe Alvarado 3,2,1 Hiit 25 min ride
9. Full Body Strength
10. Spin with Lars #13 55 min ride Struggled today
11. nothing
12. Glutes and Abs
13. UB and Abs
14. nothing
15. RIID The Mountain 40 min ride
16. Arms and Abs
17. nothing
18. Total Body
19. Glutes and Abs
20. nothing
21. UB
22. Cyber Cycle Mountains 25 min ride
23. Glutes
24. UB
25. nothing
26. Total Body
27. Arms and Abs
"It's time to burn off some ice cream"-Coach Sean

C25K graduate 10/10

CLX grad 12/09
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just the workouts

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