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Old 04-29-21, 12:44 PM  
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Oh brother! I did the wrong workout yesterday! Yes, I did Ramped -- which I love, but doh! I was so wiped out from it that I could not face Boot Camp today. I am in the midst of declutter/clean max. Taking a break right now. I see Ramped is actually included this month, so I will do Perfect Pump that day and see how short the stretch is.

Interesting to hear that most of our husbands are not super active. Kind of sad. I think about those couples who really enjoy working out together..... well that will never be me. Oh well. In college my husband had a job as a tree worker -- very physical, and since he was 6'2" and not even 150 pounds (which is probably why they hired him), he was the one who had to climb the trees all the time. He tells a story about the day he had a chainsaw tied to his waist and had to do a one arm pull up to save himself. That is why he thinks workouts are silly and movement should be functional. But see where that's got him?! At any rate, I like Linda's philosophy that it should be fun -- even the death march around the neighborhood. Stop and smell the roses.

lavna, thanks for the pointer to Julie's youtube channels -- interesting that she does yoga, too.

Oh, all the walking lunges.... I'm not sure I'll make that. Linda is not the only intermediate Rock Bottoms rep here! But it reminds me of when I did an in person program with Mindy Mylrea. There were maybe 20 of us in this program? And we normally went to a sort of warehouse for the workouts (it was workouts and nutrition) but one day we met at her house for some reason. She had all of us doing walking lunges up and down the hills of her neighborhood. I'm sure the neighbors wondered what the heck was happening.

kittybug and Kate, so sorry that work has you swamped! Hope it lets up soon. And a forklift drove over his foot?! My husband has a bunch of screws in his ankle/foot but I don't even think that's the worst of his foot problems.

Oh! The preorder!! I haven't looked at it yet. I got busy yesterday -- need to go check that out.
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Old 04-29-21, 02:48 PM  
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Bee your posts make me laugh out loud! I love reading them.

So what's this? You worked out with Mindy Mylrea? WOW! SO COOL!!!! I like her enthusiasm and zest for life but her workouts are just so-so for me. I don't know why.

Nathalie congratulations on your new job. I hope it's great!!!

ChelePA to answer your original question, my husband never was very active except for golfing. He would also go on walks with me which we did semi-regularly. In the summer of 2019 he was diagnosed with coronary artery disease and had 3 stents placed. His doctor wanted him to start regular exercise so he joined a gym and except for about 2 months last spring when it was closed due to Covid, he has been a regular, faithful exerciser. He does cardio and weights 3 times a week. I'm very, very proud of him because he doesn't really enjoy it, but he wants to keep himself as healthy as possible. I have had fun buying him lots of new shorts, pants and shirts for the gym. He gets the vote for best dressed at his gym, IMO.

Yesterday I did an old Charlene Prickett hi/lo workout. It was a good old blast from the past. I didn't finish it though, because we lost power from a fast-moving, rip-roaring storm that came through the area causing lots of downed trees with the high wind. Crazy, wasn't it, ChelePA? Although I saw that some areas didn't really get hit at all. Hope you were unscathed. Our power didn't come back on until today, mid morning. Not too terrible considering the property damage some people had.

Have a great night, everyone.
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Old 04-29-21, 06:05 PM  
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Nathalie I forgot to post about your mention of Julie Montague’s YouTube channel. I will definitely check it out because I loved the show she did.

Edited to add: Kittybug I forgot to post about your awesome score of 30 lb dumbbells. That was so very sweet of your husband. My heaviest weights are 25 lbs and that's more than plenty for me.

Tonight I decided to take the lead from Bee and I did Cathe's Strong and Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body. I really like this one because she changes up the exercises a lot for each body part. I mean, instead of doing 4 sets of the same exercise or something like that which would definitely bore me to death. I don't mind a lot of equipment changes. We used tons of different weights but part of that strategy was giving a rest between each body part to put away the weights and get the new group needed for the next body part. I even wore a similarly colored purple top to Cathe's.
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Old 04-29-21, 10:14 PM  
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Kim ramped up is one of my favorite upper body workouts. How fun you matched!

bee you don't have to do all the walking lunges at once..spread them out over the day. I think that's what I'm going to do. Us Intermediates have to stick together!!

So today was one of the subs bc I knew I would not feel like doing a bootcamp in this stage of the rotation. I had a blast with Tracie Long Power up and Stephanie steele knockout workout aerobic challenge. About to do yoga while my mind wanders thinking about what I will include in my Cathe pre-order

Have a wonderful FriYay all you Fierce Folks and Rock Bottom Girls!!
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Old 04-30-21, 07:29 AM  
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Kim...the wind was crazy. We are lucky our wires are underground...but my sister lost power for 24 hours. You made me smile about your husband being the best dressed at the gym. My daughter was always embarrassed when my husband would show up to softball practice with his workout clothes. She eventually bought him new stuff and we secretly donated the old man clothes (gotta love kids).

Nathalie...congratulations on your new job!!!! pound dumbbells! Some of you ladies are strong! My heaviest is 25 pounds and I rarely use them. Cross Train Xpress was an add on for me for a past presale. My daughter actually bought it as a gift. I love the combos of workouts on this DVD. I think I say that for almost everything Cathe produces...haha. The only drawback is the lack of premixes. You can mix and match yourself by going to each section separately. There are 2 premixes that include all upper body and all the ab routines. The cardio is fun and the leg workout is excellent. She hits an upper body part daily or you can use the premix.

Bee...I was also looking to the future and hoping my husband would be more active especially when our daughter goes off to college. She is my walking/hiking partner.

Fanofladyvols...good idea about spacing out lunges if too much at one time. I'll play it by ear when the day arrives.

Kate...just like never a miss a workout despite the craziness! P90X was my neighbor's favorite workout. I have never tried it.

I still haven't ordered Cathe's new series. You ladies have me thinking of possibly adding RWH Lift It HIIT It Legs. What did you think of the lower body circuit or low impact routines in this series? I have Plyo 1 and 2 plus the Upper Body Circuit.

Today was Rock'm Sock'm. I added on the Blizzard Blast plus Icy Core #1. I used 2 pound hand weights for the warm-up and all the punching combos. I always find this one a little more intense than expected for intermediate. I really enjoy it! And the music too! I tried to mix things up by doing the blast on my trampoline. It wasn't the best choice since some of the moves were difficult at a faster pace. I just modified as needed. Headed out for my second vaccine. Hoping for minimal side effects.

Happy Friday!
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Old 04-30-21, 08:18 AM  
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Cataddict...I keep meaning to thank you for the cycling DVD. It's been a nice add on here and there. Less intense which is perfect!
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Old 04-30-21, 10:05 AM  
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ChelePA, you just totally made me get off the fence about Cross Train Xpress and now I'm eagerly waiting for it to be a daily deal! Oh, and YES, my goodness, you NEED RWL Lift It Hiit It Legs! One of my faves! That whole RWH series is excellent, so if you're missing should get them.

Yesterday I revisited ICE and did Low Impact Sweat, workouts 1 and 2 plus the Blizzard Blast and core. I could not believe how sweaty I was, all without the dread of tons of high impact! Love that series. Today will be a new-to-me instructor on Inner D, Byron or someone I think. And then I'm going to have to figure out where to put Ramped Up into my rotation next week because of you all!

Kim, I just love your story about your husband being the best dressed at the gym!!! And I applaud his commitment. Stents must have been so incredibly scary for you all!

Bee worked out with Mindy??? OMG! WOW!

Okay, gotta run, happy Friday Watulans!!
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

Also apparently Fiercely NUTS?!!

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Old 04-30-21, 05:55 PM  
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Thursday, I did Strong and Sweaty Bootcamp and the Ab segment
Today I did Cathe’s Rock’m Sock’m Kickbox and a Core1 from Core Max

Since I inadvertently did some of the workouts from Rock Bottoms 2 without realizing that some of you were doing the rotation, I just continued on with it.

I am going to order Cathe’s new DVDs. I do not really need the bands but I am a softy when it comes to Cathe so I will see.

Congrats on your new job. I hope that you enjoy it!

t- I agree with your assessment about how endless analyzation of a novel can kill all of the joy in reading it. I love gardening. I will come over to help you.

Chel- My husband and I exercise together about 50% of the time. He is an avid exerciser. He and his friends would use our gym (before Covid) or they would go to the gym together. Exercising is part of their socialization time. Maybe if his friends exercised with him, he would be more willing?

Chel- RWH Lift It – Hiit It Legs is a good routine. CTX is a good series. 4DS was made to be a remake of CTX. I like them both but I prefer 4DS,

Kitty- congrats on acquiring 30Lb dumbbells. Your husband’s foot was run over by a forklift! Oh My!

- good job on Perfect Pump Upper

I have not done any Tracie Long in so long. She was my one of my favorite Firm instructors/.
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Old 04-30-21, 08:09 PM  
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horusosiris yayyy you're a Rock bottom Girl, too! And I missed Tracie so I love plugging her workouts in this rotation as much as I can. Her workouts leave me feeling the way kettlebells do. I'm all like hooahhh and ready to do running chest bumps. Sometimes my husband obliges but mostly I get ready to run and he says," No, Linda. " Heh.

ChelePA I guess these Watulans have us convinced to add RWH legs to our order, huh? That is..if I can keep waiting...

manley what did you decide to do? I'm ordering Cathe's. I think Bret contreras' loops are too expensive. Also...I love the orange and blue

kittybug can you go wrong with a Cathe set??

Kim I love that you make sure your husband is on fire for the gym. You dress that show pony UP, honey!!

Today was yard maintenance but I managed to get my workout done first. I did mobility, get up practice and push pull swing challenge day #11.

Weekend Woot woot to Kate, Garrie, Bee, Lavna, and cataddict.
Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

Never give up on your body!-- Miranda Esmonde-White

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Old 05-01-21, 03:41 PM  
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Cataddict sounds like you have a nice little veggie/flower garden going! Keep us posted on the Great Pole Bean Experiment. Green beans? Glad your hubby had a good PT session. I did some foam rolling yesterday and I think it made all the difference. So good to really get deep into those muscles. Does he use a tennis ball to roll out the bottom of his foot?

Kittybug score on the 30 lb bells! Go Mr. Kittybyg! Yay you for needing 30 lb bells! You're up there with Kate TT. It's nice that that equipment is starting to become available again. Sorry that stress is still hanging around. I had a super stressful day yesterday, and it was no fun. Hope things get easier for you next week my friend.

Bee you're just ahead of us, doing Ramped Up this week. It makes me look forward to doing it! Your hubby's younger days reminds me of mine. When my hubby graduated high school he was 5'11" and weighted 140 lbs. That is a CRAZY (and SCARY) story about the chainsaw! SO glad nothing bad happened!

FOLV good idea about spreading out the lunges throughout the day. I think I'll just do what I can. I don't want to be so wiped out from them that I can't (don't want to) work out the rest of the week. Kinda too bad they're at the beginning of the week. And YES on the colors of Cathe's bands! Hubby would approve! GO GATORS!

I haven't ordered Cathe's new workouts yet either. I might check Amazon for bands, but might not want to spend the time researching, so I'll probably just order Cathe's. Seems like there aren't any on Amazon that are any better than Cathe's and I know what I'm getting if I order from her.

ChelePA how are you feeling today? I like all of RWH, so you can't go wrong. I like Lower Body Circuit and am glad I have it, (it's worth having) but Legs is my fav! Lower Body Circuit is probably more similar to XTrain Cardio Legs than RWH Legs is.

Horusosiris what a happy accident that you were doing some of the same workouts! Sounds like you'll be joining us for more (hopefully). I also like 4DS better than CTX, but am glad to have both. I've actually combined workouts from both and they complement each other well. I wanted a longer kickboxing workout so I did both kickbox workouts from each series, creating my own premix. I also did the cardio form CTX, then the weights from 4DS, just for variety. They work well together.

Now on the to workouts:

Thursday: I was going to do Rock'm Sock'm, but wanted to do a LIVE workout, so I did Cathe LIVE Rock It Sock It #82, which is the LIVE version of Rock’m Sock’m. I read on 2Lazy's and FMS blogs that they liked the LIVE workout better than the dvd. It's similar to the dvd since it has cardio at the end. I LOVED it! Lots of FUN! I actually think I like Cathe's LIVE kickbox workouts better than the dvds because of the energy - hers and the class.

Friday I was SPENT - long, hard, mentally draining day. I was going to do S&S Bootcamp + abs, but was just too tired. Plus the weather was drippy, gray, and gross. So I did Metabolic Blast instead and it was a good call. Usually I do the premix that doubles the standing section and I use heavier weights, but I was so tired yesterday I did workout “as is”. No premixes and used light weights. I added BBW barbell deadlifts (2 sets of 15 reps - slow & heavy) + foam rolling, and was done. Enough for me on Friday. And it was the perfect workout for me that day.

Today I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp + abs, and it was GREAT for today! Last time I did it I remember not really liking it, but today it felt really good! And the icing on the cake was the 60 Minute Deep Stretch Yoga Class - Five Parks Yoga I did afterwards. Now THAT felt GREAT. Just what my body needed after a week of Cathe.

Hugs and waves all! We've got the Derby on and are looking at all the hats. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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watulan check-in

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