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Old 03-18-22, 07:47 PM  
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Originally Posted by bfit View Post
I am also struck by how many gluten free foods there are in comparison to low sodium foods. It seems like there must be just as many people who need low salt as there are who need no gluten.
I think the gluten free thing has a sort of trendiness that gets more marketing and shelf space.

OTOH, there is way more low-sodium stuff available now than there used to be.
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A couple of other tips, from someone who cooks so low-sodium that I, too, can taste what little salt is in something:

- Lemon juice is your friend; a little added dash of lemon to things just before serving will really jazz it up!

- Pepper is still okay, and since these two go hand-in-hand so often, be more free with it. Get really good quality pepper, too!

- Figure out what about the salty taste it is you enjoy. Is it that little zip? Or is it actually something peripheral to high-salt foods, like actually sugar? Experiment by actually taking a variety of spices out and sitting with a dot on your tongue to figure out what flavor you actually crave/enjoy. Or is it the sensation of what happens when you eat salty foods, like the crunch of chips? Raw veggies and low-sodium crackers are crunchy, too!

- Pure mustard seed without it being prepared in high-sodium liquid mustard can be ground up and added to things to give it a similar zip that table salt does.

- Try meal kits, because most of them are completely adaptable to cooking with very little or no sodium. Yes, some of the steps may be prepackaged (e.g., sour cream, beef stock, tomato paste), but so many of their cooking steps are just over and over "add salt and pepper" to various steps, and you can either completely eliminate that or swap out with Mrs. Dash/similar substitutes.

I found that it took about three months for me to get used to cooking without salt, and that was a few years ago. Now it's not like I mind the taste of something high-sodium, but I can completely tell, and I prefer things with less or no extra salt.
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Old 03-21-22, 12:08 PM  
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I've been on reduced sodium since the late '90s because of an inner ear problem. If you use stock/broth a lot, check into the Better Than Bouillon range of concentrated flavoring instead of prepackaged. I end of using about 1/3-1/2 of the recommended amount and still get a lot of flavor, and they have several varieties. There's another brand that is similar but I can't think of the name offhand.

At the end of the day, cooking for myself and using far fewer prepacked products is what made the biggest difference and my taste really did change.

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