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Old 02-26-21, 11:12 AM  
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Hey Watulans!!!! I skip one day and wow, tons of posts!

Yesterday was my husband's and step mom's Covid vaccines (first dose) so I didn't get to log on at all. We left the house right after work didn't get home until close to bedtime. They both got the Pfizer vaccine. So I guess that's good based on Cataddict's mention of the recent study. They had a selfie wall set up at the facility so I was sure to take a photo of the two of them to circulate to our family.

ChelePA I also hate doing pushups on dumbbells, or holding plank. It feels very uncomfortable on my wrists and I never do them. I was really interested in reading about your mother-in-law being a cloistered nun. I had no idea how strict it is. I'm really glad your husband got to visit with her.

Horusosirus if you've also got the Ingrid Romero workouts, we should definitely all plan on doing them together when Kittybug and I get ours from Mary. It seems like quite a few of us have them.

Kittybug thanks for the recommendation on Travis' Humble Warrior practice. I don't usually do yoga for that long, but I love Travis so I might have to give it a go. Maybe over the weekend.

Garrie! Glad to see you posting and congrats on your first Covid shot.

I will be doing the Kat step workout later today for Fun Friday. I'll pop in later.
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Old 02-26-21, 11:51 AM  
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I have recently gone to doing planks on my forearms with my hands clenched in fists. My lats are super engaged.

Also splash this in as's tough to lower your pelvis before your feet! Go to 2 min mark
Mini plank hold Elise Badone

My pushups are all on raised surfaces now. Or I do the plank on forearms.

If I never make it to the floor before I croak then I wasn't made to, lol.

(Having my hands on dumbbells or anything like that just hurts my hands not my wrists. )
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Old 02-26-21, 01:50 PM  
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Drive by post. TGIF!

Yesterday I did Les Mills Body Combat 43. I bought this off eBay ages ago and has to be one of my favorite workouts of all time. Very high fun factor.
Yoga was from Gaia, a little Yin with Bernie Exploration of Existence. Ahhhh.

Today I really went for it. Did the last Katami 4x4 I Am Hero 2 workout and close to the hardest. Lots of up/down, planks, burpees etc. Definitely many compound moves. And I had to keep my weights pretty light. 10s, 15s.
Then I just felt like more true strength work so I did Cathe Perfect 30 Upper + Core. I was tired but I needed the "pump" I guess.

March rotation is going to include MetaShred Extreme. It has been two years since I've done them and I LOVE this set!!!! One of my favs of all.
Then I'll layer in some Cathe Cardio and then I'll have to fill in some more blanks. Maybe good time to add in some Kbell?

Have a great weekend!!
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Old 02-26-21, 04:08 PM  
Garrie A.
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Happy Friday Watulans!

Last night before I went to bed my right shoulder started to hurt (that's where I got my shot since I'm a lefty), and I started to have some chills. This morning when I woke up I felt like $hit. My right shoulder was stiff and I felt low on energy (all of the above are side effects from the shot). But once I got going this morning I started to feel like my old self again. My energy is back but my shoulder is still slightly stiff. Initially my plan was to do P90X Legs & Back, but I've had to change my plans. Speaking of which...

I'm rebelling against my P90X rotation, for several reasons. First, I'm needing more variety than what the program offers--particularly for cardio. I have a spin bike that's been gathering dust for months, and I'm missing step. Plus, while I love Tony, I'm missing the comfort of my favorite trainers.
So I re-wrote my March plans (don't judge me), and here is my template.

Sunday: Yoga/Flexibility/Mobility
Monday: Total Body Heavy Weights
Tuesday: Spin Bike (Peloton ride; signed up for the free trial)
Wednesday: Upper Body
Thursday: Lower Body (glute focused)
Friday: Cardio (step, kickbox, or another spin class if I so choose)
Saturday: Total Body Light/Medium Weights or Circuit

I plan on throwing in a 3-day split week (probably Cathe's Ripped with Hiit since I've only done them once) somewhere.

Today is my first try at a Peloton ride. I'll be back with my thoughts and to chat more.
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Old 02-26-21, 07:04 PM  
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Happy Fun Friday! I really enjoyed the Kat step workout! I'll be honest, when I first started it felt like it was going to be very repetitive and it sort of was, but I got into that zen zone and ended up really enjoying it! Thanks, Chele!

Hey, speaking of step.... I think I get what the tapless one is but what is double step?! Never heard of it!!

Oh, after the Kat video, I searched for "post step workout stretch" on youtube and came across a new to me instructor. I liked her stretch ok, not great, but ok and I see she has a bunch of other videos but I haven't yet checked out any. Her channel is CDornerFitness if anyone is interested.

Been meaning to comment that I have heard from a nurse (through a friend) that they see less problems on the second vaccine when people are really hydrated, so go into it having drunk a lot of water (for those of us who haven't yet had it).

Garrie, I never made it through all 90 days of P90-X but I made it through a bunch -- definitely subbed in cardio to mix it up a bit.

I'm another who cannot put my hands on weights for pushups -- I put them next to my hands, and I also often go onto fists instead of flat palms.

I want to try Humble Warrior, too. I doubt I will have enough time tomorrow but if I do, that's what's on tap.

Yes, Chele, that was fascinating about the cloistered nun! That's your MIL? Interesting.

cage fighting..... !!

This day has really gotten away from me!! Waves!
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 02-26-21, 07:58 PM  
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Hi All!

Hope everyone is doing well! I started this post days ago but wasn't able to finish because work and life have been busy the past few days. So if my comments are "so yesterday" or "so 2-3 days ago" that's why. Feel like I'm treading water and just trying to catch up.

ChelePA sorry I'm just now responding about the Growing Annanas workout. It was released on Aug 21, 2020. She's wearing an orange top and blue shorts. I used 8's-20's depending on the move. 20's for deadlifts, 15's for overhead presses and lunges/compound lower body, 12's for total body compound, 8's & 10's for upper body. It really depended on the move. I'm glad you liked it! I thought it was a great workout! How is your MIL? I hope she is recovering well.

Bee the caffeine in green tea is much "weaker" than caffeine in black tea. It doesn't bother me. And black tea may not bother me any longer either. I was just too scared of insomnia to try. And, I found a yoga stretch workout that I thought was really good. I remember you looking for one. It's Yoga with Kassandra 45 min Slow Flow Deep Stretch Yoga For Flexibility - Stretch & Relax. I LOVED it!! Felt so good afterwards and it was definitely more stretch focused than yoga. She does a chant of “om” at the end, which I skipped because just not my thing, but it may be yours. I'm not an "om"er and skip them, but you make like it. 5 Parks Yoga also has some really good yoga stretch workouts on Youtube. Glad your Fit Tower found a good home. I know she appreciated your generosity.

Cataddict, your husband’s comment was HILARIOUS! My response would have been, “YES! A HUGE dessert and a BIG glass of wine!” Sorry your knee/leg is still bothersome. Glad shot #1 went well, other than having to walk to the north 40. Hope your knee/leg heals soon.

Horusosiris Cathe Live 336 wasn't my favorite either. Not one I would revisit.

Garrie I have P90X but have never done one single workout. Found it cheap at HPB. That seems to be my MO with BB programs. Might do one workout and never revisit. Don't know why I haven't really connected with any of them. And totally fine to adjust your rotation. A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do!

Kittybug thanks for the Travis rec. It sounds familiar so I don't know if I've done it or just seen it on Youtube. I will definitely check it out!

KateTT I've heard of MetaShred but don't have it. Does it compare to any other programs? Should I have FOMO and obsessively track it down?

FOLV yay for the pushup progress! You are rockin' it!

Kim are you waiting to see how your hubby and stepmom react to the shot before getting yours? Curious because hubby has suggested we get ours on different days in case one of us has a reaction. The other one can take care of the sick one. He doesn't think it's a good idea for us to both be down and out.

I went rouge today and did Christi Taylor Still Steppin’ instead of Kat's workout. Sorry gals. Gotta say, Still Steppin' is FUN!!! Just what I need today after a crazy busy work week.

Fight night at Bee's! Who are ya'll placing your money on??

Have a great Friday evening all!
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Old 02-26-21, 08:24 PM  
Garrie A.
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I did my first Peloton ride--a 45 minute 90's Country ride. OMG--I loved it! So much better than the indoor cycling DVDs I've done (Cathe, Mindy Mylrea, Spinning). Mainly because of the music. It featured the original songs sung by the original artists. When I was able to catch my breath I found myself singing along (in my head 'cause once my voice cracked my singing $ucked big time ). And the trainer (Hannah Corbin) was adorable and encouraging throughout. Since I don't have a Peloton I ignored her numbered resistance and cadence cues, and just increased/decreased resistance when called for and pedaled to the beat of the music. I finished with one of the many 5 minute post-ride stretches.

ManleyM: I can see throwing the P90X workouts in as a 3-day split week but not as an actual program. When it comes to long programs, STS has spoiled me unfortunately. I might do Body Beast one day since the workouts change from Build to Bulk. Still Steppin' is one of my favorite Christi workouts. (Step Heaven is my favorite.)

ChelePA: Double step uses two steps. Here's an example:
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"Be good out there. If you can't be good, be careful."-Denis Morton

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Old 02-26-21, 08:31 PM  
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You guys totally crack me up! I just love reading all the posts; I'm giggling to myself left and right. Thanks everyone for the inspiration, friendship and laughs. It definitely brightens my day.

Garrie good for you for changing your mind about your proposed rotation. Do what you love and enjoy it. That's pretty much my motto. I don't like rotations because I find them too rigid. Most days I don't have a plan for my workout and I just do what I feel like when it's time to exercise. Now, I don't have any specific goals for muscle gains, fat loss, etc, so I can understand why that might not work for others.

Oh, and sorry to hear you had a reaction to the vaccine. What you experienced sounds pretty routine from what I've heard. I'm glad you didn't have any side effects that lasted a long time.

ManleyM I didn't get my Covid shot yet because I'm too young. My husband has coronary artery disease so he qualified to get it in the first round. Hopefully you and your husband won't have side effect that are too bad, but I guess it's not a bad idea to stagger the injections. Oh, and your Christie Taylor step choice was an excellent one. I love all her workouts.

ChelePA I did the Kat hip hop step for Fun Friday. It was really fun and I loved the music even though I only recognized the Tina Turner song and the very last song during the stretch. I can see how the music might not agree with everyone though. Did you like the music? I'm pretty flexible with music as long as there is a good beat, I'm happy.

Cataddict I hope your knee is getting better. I was remembering when ChelePA broke her foot and did a lot of those upper body and/or chair workouts. Maybe you can get creative and do some of those type of workouts until you feel better.

Finley is rubbing his chin on my toes as I'm typing. OMG, he makes me laugh so hard sometimes. And Rudy is snoring on the couch next to me.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Old 02-26-21, 08:54 PM  
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Garrie, I love your rotation plan! Literally, that is something I would put together and I feel like I need to join you! Also, I had planned another RWH rotation in the spring...may have to join you then, but then again, so many workouts, so little time, arg! You're making me miss my spin class so much. Can I come over and borrow your bike, hah? Glad you're feeling better from the shot side effects.

Speaking of which...Watulans, I woke up today feeling sore, achy, exhausted, run down, and realized this was one of those days a workout would do more harm than good, so I skipped the entire thing. I'm 99.2% positive it's a hormonal thing as I haven't slept well all week and have been very stressed to boot, but I figured an unplanned rest day was in order. UG, hope to feel better tomorrow.

Manleym, your vaccine plan is awesome and really smart!! Thanks for that idea! We aren't eligible any time soon like ChelePA, but to be quite honest (and I'm NOT anti-vaccines) I'm extremely wary of this particular one, partly because of a history of terrible reactions. It might just not be in the cards for me after all, not until I have more information, anyway.

KateTT, I love your workouts! You're always enabling and don't even know it because I go look up stuff you've mentioned and add it to my 'get' list, dang it!

FOLV ROCKING the push-ups!!! Can we get a round of cowbells for her, Fierce Watulans??

Bee, so glad you enjoyed Kat! She's so much fun, I really need to try more of her workouts.

Kim, OMG on Finley!!!! I'm just picturing the love-bug goodness!!! And Rudy snoring! Just sub them for Cheeto love-bugging and Lux snoring, which he does SO loudly, and it's like our house, hah! Speaking of...Cheeto got into the vet and got some eye medicine and is on the mend, and Lux finished his round of antibiotics for his latest upper respiratory infection and is also on the mend, which takes a lot of stress off this cat mom's mind!!

Waves all the way around! Warmer weather on the way!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Stay fierce, Watulans!!
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

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Old 02-27-21, 12:21 AM  
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Hi Watulans!

So I'm two days out from the Covid shot and no side effects at all! My arm didn't even get sore. Garrie, I'm so sorry you had issues with it---I feel pretty lucky. So FN1, you may or may not have a bad reaction. I definitely was well hydrated that day and moved my arm a lot so that might have helped? Bottom line everyone is different. Each state varies and I qualify for a shot in the current group due to a pre-existing condition (high blood pressure---family thing where every single adult over the age of 30 has it) so even people younger than 65 are eligible here. My DH also qualifies and he hasn't gotten the "invitation" yet. We had already decided that even if we could get them at the same time that we would not, since one of us needed to be able to take care of the other if there were bad side effects. DH didn't react well to the second Shingrix shot so it's good that it didn't really bother me much since we did get it at the same time. Anyhow, I'm hoping that the second dose doesn't hit me like a ton of bricks just to make up for the easy peasy first dose.

The leg really does seem to be getting better now. I'm not at 100% but it is definitely improving. I can actually go up and down the stairs more easily which was a problem. Yesterday I did the latest Cathe Live and I agree that it was "easier" than some she has done, but it was good for me since I'm trying to take it slow. Today I was inspired by our resident cage fighter, bee, to do Afterburn. I did do a bit of modifying since deep squats and lunges aren't the best for the knee/leg right now, but didn't have to modify a lot. It's my favorite of the Low Impact series, and was just the ticket since I'm not ready for step yet. So I also went rogue today and didn't do the Fun Friday workout with Kat. I've been very good at taking it easy and not doing any high impact or modifying immediately if a move doesn't feel right. I don't want to hinder my progress at healing or go backwards.

Kate, I remember wanting MetaShred and couldn't find it anywhere. It definitely appealed to me. I'm glad you are enjoying it!

Kim, lol on Rudy's snoring! Big Orange is currently snoring and he can get so loud that his "brother" goes over to him and gives him a lick then bites him.

Chele, hmmm what sort of "clubs" did you go to that had people dancing in cages? Seems to me that kind of place was/is called a "strip club." Do you have something interesting and fun to tell us?

manleym, I've taken so long to post tonight that it's past midnight EST so I get to be the first Watulan to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Waves to all!!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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watulan check-in

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