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Old 05-08-21, 12:32 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: USA
Happy Saturday

Today- I did Cathe Perfect Pump- Lower Body. I added the leg bonus and also did the Perfect Pump core segment.
Yesterday – I did Cathe Perfect Pump- Low Impact and Butts and Guts Ab segment
Thursday – I did Cathe PHA 3 and the BBW

Chel-I am sending a special hug your way! What a wonderful tradition and Isabella is smiling in heaven. I know you will have a fabulous family gathering. I absolutely love rainbows. I always feel inspired and hopeful when I see one. Other people often do not notice them but I always do.

Kate- great job on the pullups. Practice makes perfect. The P90X Plus workouts are good but I think that I prefer Tony’s One on One workouts. Have you ever done Diamond Delts? That is one of my favorite shoulder workouts.

Linda- I often sub a high step for the full step. I remember those firm workouts with the constant changing of the step position. I haven’t done any in quite a while though.

Kittybug- CTX is a nice addition to your Cathe collection. Most people call the Leaner Legs workout on CTX “Meaner Legs” and if you have never done it, you will soon find out why. My legs tremble just thinking about that workout.

Cataddict- congrats on the bean sprouts. I am sure that they are responding so nicely because of your singing. Do you sing alto or soprano?

Bee- how is your house full of dogs going? Is everyone adjusting?

Mickey- how is your Grand Jury experience going?

Everyone- enjoy your day today.
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Old 05-08-21, 03:37 PM  
Join Date: May 2018
Score for Kittybug with CTX!! YAY! I have mixed parts of CTX with 4DS and they work well together. Might do cardio from one and weights from the other. I've also done both kickbox workouts back to back since they're each about 30 minutes. Nice variety and longer workout. Have fun playing!

Fanofladyvols I've added that same warmup from Tracie's SS #1 as a stretch to other workouts. That's the mobility warm up, correct? Or is that SS #2? Whichever one has the mobility moves as the warm up I have added to the end of other workouts for the stretch. I have used the high step instead of the full step with PHA 3. I've used both during the same workout so I don't have to take the step on and off the risers. I like doing push ups on the full step, but the lower body moves work well with the high step. It does have The Firm feel!

ChelePA I hope you have a great time with your family! How can you not? I know there will be lots of hugging and eating and laughing! So glad you are all getting together! We hosted our Lifegroup a couple of weeks ago and had the best time! Nothing replaces being in person.

Cataddict LOL about you singing to your beans! That is EXACTLY why the are sprouting so much! Yay you for doing ALL 200 walking lunges! WOOT! WOOT! That Rev'd Up Rumble premix is my favorite and go-to workout. I didn't do that premix this week, but when I have done RUR in the past, this is the premix I do. I think it's a great premix! Love the calorie crush at the beginning and the end, with kickbox in the middle.

Kate TT and other green thumbs, I have a question for ya. I have some daffodils that need to be moved. They aren't blooming any longer, but still have their green leaves. When should I move the bulbs? Fall when they're dormant or can I move them now, even with green leaves?

So last week when I was looking at this rotation, I thought I was supposed to pick ONE BBW move, so I did and thought, "What's the big deal? I can do 2 sets of 15 rep deadlifts...." Well after reading ya'lls posts and looking at the rotation again, it finally dawned on me that I was supposed to do ALL of the exercises listed for BBW. So I did them all today, and it made a difference! Why in the world would I think Cathe, of all people, would say "pick one"?

Yesterday I was thinking about either a LIVE or IMax 4, so I decided to combine the two and I did Cathe LIVE IMax #17 and it was a GREAT sweaty workout. It was not as fun (mainly music), or as long, as IMax 2, but that is the gold standard, so it would be hard to compete with IM2. It was definitely worth doing and had some of the same moves and feel as IM2. I followed with Yin Yoga for Hips & Shoulders Lauren Eckstrom, which was good, but nothing special.

Today I did Perfect Pump Lower Body + Lower Body Bonus + BBW (ALL OF THEM) + Extended Stretch. My lower body is FEE-LING it!! I got a great lower body workout! BBW worked great with PPLB + bonus. I wish there was a premix that included the main workout + bonus + core + extended stretch, but there isn't. I didn't do abs since I had done them earlier this week. I finished with 30-Minute Strength & Stretch Flow with Action Jacquelyn Alo Yoga, which was ok, but not really what I was looking for after Cathe's workout. I needed more of a stretchy workout, but at least it was a slow flow.

Oh, I was thinking of a sub for Lower Body Blast since it's in the rotation twice and I thought about Great Glutes. What do ya'll think? Or maybe Butts and Guts? Really I guess any lower body workout would work.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY (tomorrow) MY FIERCE WATULAN FRIENDS!! I hope you feel loved by your family and are able to see them!
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Old 05-08-21, 05:42 PM  
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Happy Saturday, Watulans!

So today was Low Impact HiiT and core. I did the premix that added the Pyramid bonus with the step. I also tried the ab stacker workout with my makeshift risers with mixed results lol. I used the two adjustable risers from my Reebok step plus two 5 pound weights as a substitute for the other 2 risers. Mostly it worked okay except the plank move where the "risers" are moved from one side to the other. I made it through half of it then just held the plank for the rest of it. Cathe mentioned that the use of the risers was a distraction from the work and that was partially true. This was a solid core workout.

manley, LOL that you thought Cathe would want us to "pick one" of the BBW exercises!! This from the woman who included 200 walking lunges as an add on???

horusosiris, I am definitely an alto. As an aside, my father had a wonderful tenor singing voice. I get teary eyed even 10 years after his passing when I hear a tenor voice. My plants would do even better if he was signing to them.

Chele and Kim, enjoy your time with family! Kim, we haven't had the best growing seasons either the last few years but we are hoping that the change from tomatoes to beans will work well for us. Hope springs eternal!

Happy Mother's Day and waves to all!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

Watula, Cheeto, Charli, Lux, Merlin, Rudy, Finley, Hobbes and Winston Fan Girl!
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Old 05-09-21, 09:11 AM  
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Location: Quťbec City (Canada)
Happy Sunday everyone,

Today, I started working out again after a 2 week break because of the new job, the vaccin and life that gets in the way!

I decided to go easier by doing Live 233 LB Hiit with abs. The format is similar to RWH Lift it Hit it Legs but it's easier. I added some segments from Fit tower legs. Just what I needed. A warning though: that Live has the crazy-smiling woman that someone (can rememer who) mentionned some time ago. And she's just behind Cathe! So I guess it's better to avoid that one if you didn't like her! !

We're having beautiful weather these days. I bought a couple of perennials yesterday but I will wait a couple of weeks for the annuals as the nights are still cool here for them. I'll wash windows instead and clean the winter boots!

Happy Mother's day to the mothers out there!
Enjoy your Sunday!
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Old 05-09-21, 12:09 PM  
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Happy Mother's Day!

Everyone is doing so great with the workouts! lavna, you cracked me up with the crazy smiling woman warning.

manleym, I do not know anything about plants! I'm lucky I can get things to grow. My friend gives me starts and I go from there but have no green brains myself. Good luck! That was funny that you thought it was "pick one". I must confess that I've not done that bonus work!! Even without having done that, I have been feeling my lower body more this last week. I think the way she combined lower body strength with the types of cardio we had. It's a good rotation! I'm really enjoying it. Oh, and the Lower Body Blast she has "twice" this week isn't the same thing. One is the orange cover with blue top where some people commented on her eyebrows and the other is from ICE. Do you have both of those? If not.... yes, probably any lower body from Cathe!

Nice to hear people are getting out to see family.

The dogs seem to have adjusted pretty well to having Shelia (the new one) with us. cataddict, you're right, Hobbes will adjust eventually. I think I may need to move his food to our bedroom. He spends a lot of time there and he seems a bit afraid of getting on his tree for food. The four dogs all running around together is pretty cute, I have to admit.

Kim, that Purify practice was tough -- I also am not a fan of twists. I always try to avoid those practices as long as I can.

I guess I told you guys I did PHA -- I still need to try that ab stacker add on -- seems like people are having fun with it. I did Perfect Hiit low impact on Friday I guess? And a walk with my friend. Saturday I did the straight Perfect Pump Lower body, which I love! I really like lifting heavy for lower body -- not so much for upper. Because of toastmasters I had no time for add ons. Today I had looked ahead at the rotation and saw Tabatacise coming up. I don't know what got into me, but I wanted to do it. I did #1, paused the video and then somehow skipped #2, then did #3 and #4 and decided I was done. I think that's the most of Tabatacise that I have ever done in one fell swoop. Followed by a Udaya practice from Eddie. It was a bit odd. He talks a lot -- not in a bad way but it seemed like there wasn't a whole lot of yoga there in the end.

Waves to all -- hope you are enjoying the day!!
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 05-09-21, 12:26 PM  
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Happy Mother's Day to everyone including those with fur babies!

Also, thinking of those who lost a mother, who lost a child, and who long to be a mom. This can be a difficult day for so many. Sending lots of love

I wanted to say how wonderful it was to see my family last night. The cousins missed each other so much. We laughed and laughed playing games all night. Just what this heart needed.

This morning I started off with a 60 minute Feel Good Cycling Class. Awesome music and the intensity slowly climbed. Not sure what possessed me but I was searching for a stretch when I noticed a Live Mother's Day ride that was starting in 5 minutes. I jumped into that class and thought if I get tired I could always stop. It was being led by 2 of my favorite instructors so the time flew by. Before I knew it, I had cycled 40 miles today. I then finished with a 20 minute Mother's Day yoga flow and 10 minute meditation. All the special classes had such powerful music honoring moms. I've been experimenting with the meditation classes and this one was perfect to end the session.

I really like the Peloton App. It's similar to Cathe Live where you can do the classes with the instructors or watch an encore presentation. I am going to mix a variety of other classes into my rotation next month. They have strength, cardio, core, stretching, yoga, pilates, running, walking, cycling, traditional boot camps but also those that include the treadmill and bike as well as audio only outdoor classes. If it's not live, you can look at the summary of the class including what music will be playing. You can also filter the classes by length, type, instructor, etc. It's a deal at 13 dollars per month.

Also, without realizing it, I hit my century cycling class. 100 sounds like a lot but they include every class even if it's only 5 minutes. They send a free t-shirt for this milestone.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Old 05-10-21, 07:09 AM  
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ChelePA how fun that you get a free tshirt for 100 cycling classes. I’m glad you’re enjoying the new spin bike and Peleton app.

This morning I did Cathe’s Rev’d Up Rumble. It was a good length for the morning and I liked the music. It seemed to change with different sections and fit the moves.

Start of week two of jury duty. I am enjoying trying different places for lunch each day. Usually I just bring leftovers for my lunch. Hope every has a great day.
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Old 05-10-21, 08:21 AM  
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Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
ChelePA how fun that you get a free tshirt for 100 cycling classes. Iím glad youíre enjoying the new spin bike and Peleton app.

This morning I did Catheís Revíd Up Rumble. It was a good length for the morning and I liked the music. It seemed to change with different sections and fit the moves.

Start of week two of jury duty. I am enjoying trying different places for lunch each day. Usually I just bring leftovers for my lunch. Hope every has a great day.
Wow...longer trial. Enjoy those lunches...local businesses will be so happy. I thought the music became very motivating partway through one of the first upper body segments. It had a great beat.

So I wasnít sure how tired my legs would be after my marathon cycling session yesterday. Didnít realize Tabatacise was on the schedule for today. I really need to look ahead. Especially with Cathe. So in my brain I always think the trampoline will make it a lighter workout. However, itís less impact but definitely not less intensity. Some moves I find a little bit easier versus the floor and some more difficult. Definitely balances out. This workout was perfect for rebounding. I have a larger trampoline so Iím able to move around it. Only had to modify once. I used the step for the recovery periods. I added on bonus core #1 at the end.

Bee... congrats on finishing more segments than usual! it does have a nice variety if you want to mix and match or if youíre short on time.

Funny story. Early this morning I take Winston out for a potty break and waddling through our yard is a duck. Very unusual! We have had lots and lots of rain and flooding locally. Curious if that is the reason he was in the area. Winston was fascinated by him but the duck didnít like us invading his territory so he flew away to the neighbors pool.
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Old 05-10-21, 10:58 AM  
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Happy Monday to All.

Today I did Tabatacize and a CS segment.

Fill in the Blank. You know you have too many exercise DVDs when__________________

1. You read the "request the wealth" thread and you have 99% of what people are requesting.
2. You can not think of a single DVD that you want
3. You think of a DVD that you want to purchase and you realize that you already own it.

Chel- I am glad that you are enjoying your Peleton and the classes. 10 classes completed- that is an accomplishment. Be proud!

Mickey- good luck with week two of jury duty! I think that I am allergic to jury duty - LOL.
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Old 05-10-21, 01:45 PM  
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horusosiris, all of the above! Though not the third option very often anymore.... there's just nothing much I want. Kind of crazy.

Chele, that's funny about the duck! Good that he didn't try to chase it. I can see how Tabatacise might be fun on the rebounder. I always forget to try things that way! Yeah, Tabatacise has always equated with dread in my mind but after yesterday I think I may pull it out once in a while. Not sure if it's that I'm in better shape now or somehow mentally I can just handle it. I dunno!

Kim, at least there is some silver lining in the jury duty -- change of pace, change of venue, maybe a new place to eat lunch.

Since I did Tabatacise yesterday, I decided to do the Detox Yin practice again -- I really like that one. Whenever I do yin I think I should do it once a week and then I never do. But occasionally.....

I'm looking forward to more leg work tomorrow! Happy Monday, all!
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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watulan check-in

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