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Old 11-29-21, 07:58 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: IL
Arrow Just The Workouts~~DECEMBER 2021~~*Everyone Is Welcome!*

December, 2021

This month I will stick with Yvette Fit, Cathe Live, Barre 3 (B3) - subscribed at the last second for the Black Friday deal!, yoga and whatever else to keep consistent during this busy month. Trying to get back to tracking my food - got away from that last month...but no tracking on Christmas Eve/Christmas day! Still staying consistent with daily meditations...

29- Yvette Fit #151 60 min. Cardio/Boot Camp/Strength Workout = 64 min.); Mady's BPR stretches
30- Yvette Fit (w/u); Barre 3 Flow With Katie (30 min.); 30 Min. Yard Work

1 - Yvette Fit #147 (60 Min. Cardio/Shoulders/Legs Blast); B3 (Stretch with Christa Joy-15 min.) Loved this Yvette! I used 8's-12's, FW band (+ I used my fabric band above knees), stability ball for cardio, core, and as a bench. Some of the stability ball moves were very creative - some I haven't seen in my 40+ years of working out! It sure makes a difference having a smaller stab. ball and my low ceilings - could do them all!! Best purchase of Cathe's! This class was definitely a shoulder burner and using both bands during the FW band segment cooked my legs. Favorited! Christa's stretch was ok..I liked the 2nd half better than the first half...during a few of the exercises that I didn't like, I did Cathe's Mobility stretches.
2 - B3 (Signature with Andrew-47 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief (BPR) Stretches; 2 hours Yard Work I was so glad to see Andrew is still with B3, but I didn't see my favorite stretch of his on the! This class didn't really seem like I did much until I went to walk up the stairs!! Great workout that hits total body but focus on the LB. It uses the B3 ball, one 3# (I could go 5#-8# next time) weight. Nice to see the modifier using a chair on those terrible wrist days of mine on all 4's. There wasn't very many today, so I didn't have to use the chair. Good to do something lighter today, as I have to pick up leaves in the back yard (that just started to fall off the tree!). At least this week has been perfect temps - close to 60* today!)
3 - Cathe's Mobility (all); YT 2 Birds Yoga (60 min. Challenging 'Wrist Free' Vinyasa Flow) Scouting around YT for wrist-free yoga, this channel popped up. I loved this class! Lots of balance and posture work then a great floor stretch around the 50 min. mark and not one DDog/plank (just Dolphin). Fiona includes an IT band stretch that I haven't seen before (felt great!). I had to get used to her voice but by the middle of the class, it almost seemed hypnotic and relaxing/calming. I subscribed to her channel as she has lots of content with various lengths of classes. Side note: my lower body has major DOMS - I'm sure b/c I did something completely different in B3!
4 - Cathe Live #366 PHA Supersets 2 (45 min.); YT 2 Birds Yoga (45 min. 'Wrist Free' Vinyasa Flow); Mady's BPR stretch; 1.75 hours Yard Work Cathe's workout is the PHA method, but 2 UB exercises followed by 2 LB exercises throughout until 1/4 of the class is left, then she does UB/core combinations. I liked the format but Cathe takes so many breaks and has downtime often, so to me, it didn't really have that "cardio effect" as most of the PHA's, but there again, I wasn't going super heavy either. (I think Cathe is playing it safe with the weights for her eye issue, and I don't blame her!) I term this a "PHA-Lite"'s still good but often, I put in fillers until she started the next exercise. I didn't like Fiona's class as well as yesterday's didn't seem as "flowy" to me with more held posture work. It had great balance work, though, but not enough floor stretching for my liking at the end so I added on Mady's stretch to really stretch out my lower back and legs. Side note: I'm still sore in I'm thinking it could not only be due to B3 but also due to these yoga classes!! I know never to say I'm done with yard work; there's still leaves on the tree but I ran the mower out of I'm done, right??
5 - Rest Day

6 - 1 Hour Yard Work (ok, now I'm done!); B3 Strength Training with Dustin (30 min.); Mady's BPR stretches Last day for leaf p/u and thank goodness, since the last of the leaves fell yesterday./I like Dustin as an instructor and this class was sweaty. It uses a med. fabric band above knees to provide more intensity while doing UB/LB combination moves with a heavier and lighter set of weights. Lots of reps so it added up! Added on Mady's stretch.
7 -
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Old 11-29-21, 08:13 AM  
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Location: The hot desert-aka AZ
I will be following Kaleigh Cohen's Fit for the Holidays 6 week program.

1. Power Ride 30 min ride; 8 min Abs
2. Rhythmic Ride 20 min; UB Push & Core
3. Legs
4. ride #63 45 min
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Old 11-29-21, 09:20 AM  
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Location: Connecticut
~~~ DECEMBER ~~~

“As we look to the new year, hold on to what is good. Let go of what is bad. It really is that simple.”
Mandy Hale

1 - YWK Morning Yoga Movement Day 5 - Best Yoga to Wake Up; 5,057 steps.

2 - yes2next 10 Minute Indoor Walking Workout for Seniors; LWR's new Winter Wonderland Workout; LWR 7 Minute Lower Body Workout; Yoga With Bird Yoga for Lower Back Pain; 7,542 steps.

3 - LWR Advent Calendar Day 1, 15 Minute Walking Workout; Yoga With Bird Challenge Day 1, Everyday Morning Yoga Stretch; 5,697 steps.

4 - LWR Advent Day 2, 7 Minute Toned Arms; GYM for 60 minutes mashup of weight machines, recumbent and arc trainer; Yoga With Bird Challenge Day 2, 15 Minute Every Day Yoga for Beginners; 7,455 steps.

5 - GYM for 20/10 of treadmill and recumbent; YWK 45 Full Body Yin With Bolster; 5,261 steps.

6 - YWK Morning Yoga Movement Day 6 - Sunrise Yoga for Energy;
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Old 11-29-21, 09:35 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2015
Location: British Columbia
December 2021

2 Lift with Cee Plateau Buster Glutes-Hams & Abs, used warm-up of Cathe ICE BootCamp
3 Neighbourhood Walk; lots of dynamic Stretches
4 Lift with Cee Plateau Buster Back-Shoulders, used warm-up of Cathe Ramped Up ub; long Walk
5 Long Walk outside; Yard work + housework which completely drained me
10 Happy bDay 2 me
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Old 11-29-21, 11:23 AM  
Tammie M
Join Date: Nov 2001

1 - Tracie Long Stronger Longer Vol. 2
3 - Tracie Long Focus: Break Through + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1229
4 - Linda Stejskal Barlates Gentle Home Workout: Combinations
5 - Gary Kraftsow Viniyoga for the Low Back, Sacrum and Hips - Low Back Therapy and Hips Therapy
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Old 11-29-21, 12:33 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2002
~ December ~

~ Get Ripped
~ Taebo
~ Burpee Girl
~ Qigong With Kseny

1. GR - slim & lean

2. Burpee Girl - 20 Min Punching Cardio Workout; CS 1001 Waist Slenderizing

3. Burpee Girl - 12 MIN STANDING ABS WORKOUT ; raking leaves - 2hrs

4. ~ 2.5 mile walk

5. GR - slim & lean; 2 mile walk

6. Taebo - Get Down; Qigong with Kseny - Qi By The Sea - 10 Minute Morning Qigong

7. Burpee Girl - 20 min steady state cardio & 12 min standing abs

8. GR - slim & lean

9. Burpee Girl -

10. Taebo

11. Rest

12. GR - slim & lean

13. Burpee Girl -

14. Taebo -

15. GR - slim & lean

16. Burpee Girl -

17. Taebo -

18. rest
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Location: TX Panhandle

1 Walk - 30 minutes; Trifecta Pilates - Lower Body Pilates Flow - 15 minutes
2 Unplanned Rest Day - worked late
3 Unplanned Rest Day
4 Jessica Smith - Walk Strong - Total Body - 30 minutes; Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mixed Format with Stacey Lei 12/1/21 - 30 minutes
5 Trifecta Pilates - Morning Pilates Flow - 20 minutes, Standing Posture Flow - 10 minutes, Evening Unwind Pilates - 15 minutes & Back Mobility Routine - 15 minutes

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A Month of Ellen

December 1 - Quick Cardio
December 2 - Sleek Side Body
December 3
December 4 - Power Express

December 5 - Cardio Core
December 6
December 7
December 8
December 9
December 10
December 11

December 12
December 13
December 14
December 15
December 16
December 17
December 18 - Christmas Break

December 19
December 20
December 21
December 22
December 23
December 24
December 25 - Christmas Day

December 26
December 27
December 28
December 29
December 30
December 31 - New Year's Eve
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Old 11-29-21, 11:08 PM  
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December already! Hoping to be a bit more consistent this month.

01- Nada. Busy day.
02- Essentrics: Barre Workout (~virgin 64 min.). I have tried the 15 min. workouts they posted for free on YouTube, and I loved them, I am glad to own the DVD finally and be able to do the whole routine, I also love that it has some nice pre-mixes!
03- Classical Stretch: Core Workout (~virgin 56 min.). This one is rated advanced, and I agree, but I loved it, nice workout and $7 well spent, I wasn't planning to buy anything during the Black Friday, but their prices were so low I couldn't pass them on, I hope it doesn't mean they will discontinue them, there are still some others I'd love to pick up maybe next sale. My quads are a bit sore from yesterday's workout.
04- DWTS: Cardio Dance (~virgin, all segments minus the challenge 50 min.) + CSS10: 1029 Deep Full Body Stretch. I liked Cardio Dance, specially the Paso Doble section, with so many lunges is disguised, I didn't love it, I thought the music was a bit boring, but overall it was a decent workout. I like that the DVD are programmable.
05- A.M. & P.M. Stretch: P.M. Stretch (35 min.).
06- Essentrics: Strength & Stretch in Motion (~virgin 50 min.). Both strength workouts Full Body, and Core & Legs. Nice! I enjoyed both workouts, C&L was more challenging than FB, it is incredible how you feel the burn with so few reps.
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Old 11-30-21, 09:51 AM  
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Location: Maryland, USA

1 - Ellen - Total Body Tune Up; Jessica Valent - Hips and Legs on the mat; dog walk, CS 1217

2 - Angie Fitness TV - Holiday Power Walk, Jessica Valent - Hip Pain Routine, Yoga w/ Bird 30 Day Challenge Day # 1; Annie Pilates PT - Piriformis Workout w/ Resistance Band

3 - Essentrics - Toning for Beginners - Standing & Barre

4 - Lucy Wyndham Read - Winter Wonderland Workout; 2021 Advent Challenge Days 1 and 2 (15 min Walk and 7 min arms), Yoga w/ BIrd - 30 Day Challenge Day 2, Annie Pilates PT - Piriformis workout w band

5 - Jessica Valent - 12-12-12 Workout; Scoliosis Routine

6 - Rest - COVID booster side effects

7 -
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just the workouts

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