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Old 09-24-21, 04:05 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: Snowman Land :) MN
Another don't wanna day but I made myself get downstairs and did a Jessica Smith Cardio Core walk and then came upstairs to do a Happy Yoga episode off the DVR. Glad I did! I'm starving though bc I never ate lunch. Fixing to make cookies, which is not smart when you're hungry!!

Karen, it just depends on the day and my energy how long I workout. Well, okay, let's be real, a lot of it depends on my time management (i.e. how much I procrastinate and waste time!).
"No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch."
"God, please help me to be the person my dog thinks I am."
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You don't have to be fast, just keep moving forward.
Note to self: You don't get to complain about things you won't work to change!
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Old 09-25-21, 06:45 AM  
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Location: Virginia
My workout yesterday was STS Total Body compound premix.

Waves to everyone. Have a good day.
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Old 09-25-21, 01:00 PM  
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Hi guys. Sorry I missed the past 2 days. The time just slid by. I am happy to report that we have had 3 days of cooler weather to brag about. The mornings have been in the low 60s and one was in the high 50s, Heaven for runners! Heather and I did 9 miles of run/walk today and Caroline joined us for the first 4.
I had the windows open a while.

Vannie I got a kick out of your remark about procrastination. Sounds like you get plenty done! Who cares how long it takes? A lot of us work too hard and donít play enough. Hey, I know youíre a baker and I want to let you know I have mastered vegan biscuits! My best batch was this morning. Do you do Halloween baking?

Jbliff holiday travel just seems too risky to me, especially if we have a bad flu season. Oh well, weíre used to staying home right? I think we may do Thanksgiving with our vaccinated neighbors across the street, who are like us and only go to necessary places.

Waves to Gibbee and Cher.
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