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Originally Posted by T2B View Post
I like the FT workouts, however, I suffer from VF syndrome, too many workouts, not enough hours/days.

I did a rotation in 2019 so I went back to look at my previous notes, copied & pasted below. Total Body is the winner and was my favorite. I need to revisit soon. I categorized these as intermediate/low advanced.

FIT TOWER ADVANCED (FTA): Boot Camp. I wasnít sure about this going in but I really enjoyed it. I did a lot of improvising, using my tubing pull-up door attachment, the club step with lots of risers and a sturdy chair. Challenging but not crazy hard.
FTA: Legs, Glutes & Core. Somehow I missed the core part of this title. More core than I wanted to do but then I channeled Jane & AnMrsDe and got it done. Not a bad workout, may have been more challenging if I had a Fit Tower? Still undecided if I want a Fit Tower. Other than a few workouts to complement the Fit Tower (with moves that have been done without a Fit Tower), how often would I really use this piece of equipment?
FTA: Total Body. I liked this one a lot. It moves quickly. I had to rewind a couple of times because I wasnít expecting Cathe to get right into the next set so quickly. So wishy/washy: I think I want the Fit Tower again. Maybe if Cathe has a great Black Friday deal.
FTA: Advanced Total Body. Love!
FTA: Bootcamp. I appreciate that this is an easier workout compared to Catheís other bootcamp workouts.
FTA: Legs, Glutes & Core - I did the full workout. Pat on the back for doing core. I feel like Iím not really doing anything when doing this workout but I feel it in those tiny muscles in the areas that need it most. The back of my legs are great, the front of my legs need some fine tuning. What I like about the core work is that Cathe doesnít go super fast or does a gazillion reps like she tends to do sometimes.
Oh, this is great! Thank you for the reviews!

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The Fit Tower user guide is a good resource as well.

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